Description: There's no question the Porsche 911 is one of the finest all-around sports cars ever built. Many will argue that it's the best hands down. While everyone is entitled to their opinion (some s...
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Justin Chavez Jan 22, 2012
And btw it is in GT5
No Pistons Jan 20, 2012
Race slicks solve all my problems haha
Heath Clayton Cudiamat Jan 20, 2012
@Richard-Aaron yeah I know, I just slapped some super sticky racing tires on it and it was all good haha.
Richard-Aaron Parker Jan 20, 2012
This car is hard as hell to drive in gran turismo, but it's fun to try!
Heath Clayton Cudiamat Jan 19, 2012
@No Pistons I agree completely. Although I'm a HUGE GT5 fan, I'm not oblivious to the fact that Forza is a great game. Both have faults and strengths.
Brandon Lidy Jan 19, 2012
Mario kart 64. Hands down. Best physics EVER
No Pistons Jan 19, 2012
Exactly I have both and jump between the too, ones weakness is the others strong suit. Even though we are agreeing get ready for the 250+ comments by the end of the day
Joel Hayes Jan 19, 2012
Yeah Forza and GT5 are both good driving games.
Nick Sti Jan 19, 2012
@lee yeah but that's just my opinion. I thinks it's more fun because of the depth in the game, but let's not do a gt5 vs forza comment war. It's not like we would accomplish anything
Lyomp Jan 19, 2012
@lee. Dont bring that up on here. Cause gt5 will be the last gt to have it until ea stops trying to hoard every manufacturers game rights
Lee Cascio Jan 19, 2012
Gran turismo too ;) thought forza was better?
Matthew Malyapa Jan 19, 2012
nick its in drive san francisco
Paul Trahan Jan 19, 2012
I'm not the biggest Porsche fan out there, but I love the Yellowbird. Such an amazing car.
Nick Sti Jan 19, 2012
This is one of the best RUFs produced. Id love to see it in Forza :P
El Titi Jan 19, 2012
It is the best all-around sports car.
Tanton Stoneman Jan 19, 2012
That thing did 211 mph. WOW!
Michael Harland Jan 20, 2012
holy shit, that's yellow!
Aaron Weslow Jan 20, 2012
Only us old guys'll notice or remember, but RUF moved all the Turbo stuff to the normal width body because it was more aero and offered no handling advantage for the weight the flared fenders cost. RUF's attention to detail at all costs is Legendary
Carlos Eduardo Benitez Jan 19, 2012
My friend has one in white,such a beautiful car
Andrae Jackson Jan 19, 2012
Ruf is a whole different company they own rights to use Porsche body's and ferrari
Jordan Smith Jan 19, 2012
Well Daniel I wasn't aware of that, thanks for the info. I know it's the reason why Forza doesn't have Porsches.
Daniel Bellafonte Jan 19, 2012
@Jordan But Gran Turismo has had RUF models in it since GT2 including this Yellowbird so I don't think EA's recent tact to stop other game developers using Porches really affected Gran Turismo/Polyphony Digital that much if even at all as they've continued to used RUF cars in their games.
Paul Trahan Jan 19, 2012
If you buy a Ruf from their factory it comes with a Ruf vin number and not a Porsche vin, this is because Ruf changes so many components on the Porsche that it nationally recognized as a different car.
El Titi Jan 19, 2012
And mr.smith is right about Porsche and EA games. :)
El Titi Jan 19, 2012
Ruf is a tuning company and car manufacturer. They can tune your Porsche or restore it (if it's an old Porsche). They also build their own independent cars on Porsche unmarked chassis and body...
Judah Lindvall Jan 19, 2012
The overall body style of these things hasn't changed in… well a very long time!!!
Cezary Koral Jan 19, 2012
By far one of the best
Jordan Smith Jan 19, 2012
RUF is basically a tuning company for Porsche. The reason why Porsche isn't in GT5 is because EA won't let anyone have the Porsche liscense for their games. So GT5 uses RUF instead of Porsche.
Matt Piccolo Jan 19, 2012
I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure ruff Is a company like saleen who tunes porsches (saleen tunes fords)and mostly mustangs if u don't know)
Axel Cousins Jan 19, 2012
What is the difference between a Porsche and a RUFF? Because in GT5 they don't have Porsches they have RUFFs, what is the difference if Porsche makes RUFFs?
Submwaru CB Jan 19, 2012
This is the RUF in looking for in gt5!haha
Rudolf Dassler Jan 19, 2012
The monster chicken! Love it!
Heath Clayton Cudiamat Jan 19, 2012
Stylish car with great specs to boot!
Description: In 1977, a small car company called RUF Automobile launched their first model, a tuned version of the Porsche 930, a very early turbocharged 911. And in 1987, their CTR Yellowbird set the world record...
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Description: It was the only CTR Yellowbird built to be imported specifically to the U.S. and has had only one previous owner. It was constructed on an original 1989 911 Carrera chassis that was then modified with...
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Kevin Rehbock Jan 19, 2012
This was when Porsches were proper and AWD was only in the hands of the world's best drivers.
Vince DeMasi Jan 19, 2012
Wow the power to weight ratio is insane!
Cezary Koral Jan 19, 2012
It was one of the fastest, if not the fastest car of that time, still can hold its own nowadays... Would love to own one
Lou Guerrero Jan 20, 2012
Alois Ruf does not cheat Porche. He tunes them until they become something new altogether. The Ruf driver isn't concerned with NVH, practicality etc; the Porsche owner is. This car is made for serious driving and not boulevard cruising.
Luis A Martinez Jan 20, 2012
That's stupid rwd doesn't have half the integrity ruf has. That's a stupid uninformed jdm fan boy comment.
David Koberstein Jan 19, 2012
If only it was a rwb...
Jack Sibley Jan 19, 2012
No they take existing cars (Porsches), tune/improve them and then make money out of it. Much like Kahn/overfinch do with range rovers. Or Aston Martin did with the iq/cygnet...
Rudolf Dassler Jan 19, 2012
The only "cheat" I could think of was that RUF mangled Porsches supercar at that time, the 959.
Garrett Frye Jan 19, 2012
Im interested to hear how RUF cheated Porsche... It's a tuning company, the same as any other tuning company, and I don't see anyone saying they cheat the companies they tune the cars of.
El Titi Jan 19, 2012
Zach, you're wrong bro. Ruf use porsche chassis and body to build their own car. And it's not like ///AMG... AMG is owned by merc. Ruf is an independent manufacturer.
Payne Hodges Wilson Jan 19, 2012
Yeah @Brandon what are you even talking about?
Zach Andres Jan 19, 2012
RUF is authorized to modify all Porsches and even create their own chassis... they are like AMG to Mercedes
Dylan Bruder Jan 19, 2012
How'd they cheat them? Inform us all on a company that actually improves the car instead of restyling it cheated porsche
No Pistons Jan 19, 2012
I've always wanted to own one as well
Lou Guerrero Jan 19, 2012
Classic. I'd love to own it.
Description: Mated to a unique RUF six-speed manual transmission, each gear has its own dedicated sprayer through an internally custom-built oiling rail system. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds and ...
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MotoRacer 13 Jan 20, 2012
Correct me if in wrong but article said "old" nurb ring. Didn't they make changes decade or so ago to slow a part and make it safer?
Rudolf Dassler Jan 20, 2012
Wow, I didn't know that... So u can basically buy a racecar from the showroom? I wish u could do that in europe...
Rhonda Hearn Wilson Jan 19, 2012
Didn't mean to Ruf-fle any feathers! The Viper that set the record at the end of 2011 was straight off the showroom floor. So yes you can one spec'd that way.
Rudolf Dassler Jan 19, 2012
The '92 suspension is bs... They used a new setup which they later put in the production cars... Is it possible to buy the Viper specced like that from a showroom?
Brady Fereday Jan 19, 2012
Rhonda its still a bad comparison no matter what you can't compare a 20 year old car to a 2 year old car that's stupid and when we compare cars on here at least there in the same decade/century lol
Rhonda Hearn Wilson Jan 19, 2012
The Viper suspension is circa '92. Besides I thought using a totally different car to insult another was what you guys do here! The best thing about a Viper is that it is not4n!
Rhonda Hearn Wilson Jan 19, 2012
I was only commenting on the time around Nurburgring. The Viper has the production car track record. It may not be the fastest or the quickest but it does have the best skid pad and them all together better than anybody.
Rudolf Dassler Jan 19, 2012
I totally get that... Idk, the RUF feels more personal, more inviting to put ur foot down =) it'll not grant u any second chances, but it will smile at u while killing u... A friendly widowmaker... =)
El Titi Jan 19, 2012
That's insane!! Very impressive for that's time. Even with a 1000horses.
El Titi Jan 19, 2012
@Rudolf. Don't get me wrong, the F40 Is badass and I always loved it. Also the mclaren F1 was around the sane time frame, and it was great too. But there is something about this yellowbird that makes you love her and want to "feel" her
Rudolf Dassler Jan 19, 2012
One year later, the König Competition Evolution broke the Killerchicken. 0-60 in 3,5 ( ruf 3,7) tops 230 mph... Was a tuned Testarossa packing 1000 hp...
Rudolf Dassler Jan 19, 2012
I just checked supercars from that time. NOTHING could touch it... Fastest topspeed and acceleration...
Rudolf Dassler Jan 19, 2012
Man, tough choice.. Both are raw widowmakers... And the F40 has been my dreamcar for soooooo long. Would take the RUF, bc who would expect an old Porsche to pack a punch like this?
El Titi Jan 19, 2012
Bad comparison @ Rhonda. A better comparison would be the F40. Around the same time frame. I would take this any day over the F40 though. :)
Scott Gracey Jan 19, 2012
Viper has similar hp, considerably bigger engine, alot newer technology yet crappier top speed and the same acceleration pretty much, and is 20 years newer, not that impressed
Rudolf Dassler Jan 19, 2012
Who cares if a '10 Viper is faster? How u come up with such a comparison? Well a Veyron is faster than almost anything... Which proves nothing... Is there a 23 y old car that can beat it? No. This is german muscle!
Luis A Martinez Jan 19, 2012
They don't call it the widow maker for nothing
Rhonda Hearn Wilson Jan 19, 2012
Being a Ruf it is insanely modified. It is still slower than a stock 2010 Viper around Nurburgring. It is really sweet though!
Axel Cousins Jan 19, 2012
That is insanely fast for 1989. Impressive.
Rudolf Dassler Jan 19, 2012
It's freaking 23 years old! That acceleration was insanely fast at that time... 215 wasn't too shabby =)
Scott Gracey Jan 19, 2012
215 is still pretty fast today haha
Scott Gracey Jan 19, 2012
For its hp and year and all that's dirty fast
Description: As expected, it's also been meticulously maintained both mechanically and cosmetically under the care of Porsche experts at the 901 Shop. With a total of 14,866 miles on the odometer, the 'B...
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Ben Mossing Jan 19, 2012
They should be selling this a Barrett Jackson. They might get more there
Rudolf Dassler Jan 19, 2012
Which would make it a silverbird! =) or a silver yellowbird...
Taylor Greenfield Jan 19, 2012
Damn! I just saw it yestarday on Ebay and next day it comes up here!! Theres another Yellowbird on auction and half the price and in same conditions, although its silver
Lou Guerrero Jan 19, 2012
I keep talking about resale value. This is an awesome buy. It'll be worth more later!
Michael Gallagher Jan 19, 2012
I am not a Porsche fan, but even I can appreciate those numbers. Awsome
Payne Hodges Wilson Jan 19, 2012
For that price it really is a deal. I would have thought it would be at least 300,000 minimum and closer to 325,000. Oh the terrible awful things I would do to own this car.
Cian Rules Jan 19, 2012
All porsche 911s are rear engined i knew that when i was 7
Brandon Navidad Jan 19, 2012
"That's where god intended it to be" from a carbuzz article a while back for those who don't get it
Nick El-Khoury Jan 19, 2012
Everyone and their dead grandparents knows its rear-engined. No googling, no confusion, and no PMS.
Ben Mossing Jan 19, 2012
Where'd the engine go?? Haha I kid
Luke Walker Jan 19, 2012
@michael- had an extra serving of PMS today did ya?
Zachary Maurer Jan 19, 2012
I want the green one next to this one
Michael Douglas Jan 19, 2012
@payne. I bet that is what you did. Then you googled the car to find if there is supposed to be an engine mounted up front
Payne Hodges Wilson Jan 19, 2012
Just wait for some kid to comment and ask where the engine is haha
Ryu Tsuchiya Jan 19, 2012
I love that Recaro seat
quadrophine Jan 19, 2012
it still uses a distributor driven ignition. big fan of all things mechanically driven considering, its an awfully good amount of power for a big six boxer engine to generate before 7k