Comments - The Girls of the 2012 Detroit Auto Show

Published: Jan 19, 2012
Description: Yep, it's that time again. The CarBuzz photography crew has completed their assignment of taking plenty of great pictures at this year's Detroit Auto Show. In addition to all of the latest c...
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Bull Dogone Jan 19, 2012
Sorry, if you've been to SEMA every year like I have, these are not beautiful women.
Randy Mark Accardo Jan 19, 2012
Sebastian Gay what the heck is ur problem? Heck withe cars, show me the women!!!!!
Sebastian Grey Jan 19, 2012
Boring. Show me cars.
Description: And with the help of these lovely ladies, we think it's fair to say Detroit still knows how to show the world how things are done in the Motor City.
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MotoRacer 13 Jan 20, 2012
Honey have you seen the trash bags?
Greg Lewis Jan 20, 2012
Guess finding quality girls in Detroit has become tougher since the companies had to start spending money on cars, not T&A
Zachary Sindelar Jan 20, 2012
Terrible outfit, but your face seems to be pretty!
Chris Hellevik Jan 19, 2012
O didn't think it rained in buildings
Paul Pickard Jan 19, 2012
Definitely wearing a body bag
Riley Gonzales Jan 19, 2012
The dart looks better than her in that dress
Patrick Schalk Jan 19, 2012
She looks very uncomfortable
Patrick Schalk Jan 19, 2012
I'll swifter her with my wiener, that sexy dirt.
Chris Hellevik Jan 19, 2012
She looks like dirt in a swiffer commercial
Matt Piccolo Jan 19, 2012
Me likey, a lot beter than the first one
Nick Benz Jan 19, 2012
Shes wearing the same leather they use to upholster the seats
Patrick Schalk Jan 19, 2012
She's looks very classy. I like.
Vince DeMasi Jan 19, 2012
Of course they put a milf type in front of the suv
Fred Anidem Jan 21, 2012
thats no curves. Those are... umm forgot what they were called!
Micah Lau Jan 20, 2012
It is high time that Acura redesign the MDX from the ground up.
Greg Lewis Jan 20, 2012
Sucking it in! Let it out, you'll find out more men like women that are comfortable with themselves rather than a pretty picture...
Mattaius Younger Jan 19, 2012
Yep called curves which all women used to have before fashion mags told the, being a stick was good.
Matt Piccolo Jan 19, 2012
Oooo me likey even more than the second one!!
Johnny Francis Jan 19, 2012
Looks like fergie haha
Darren32 Jan 24, 2016
Anarths are a kind of Fiat. Why have their own brand?
Dean Kaitson Jan 19, 2012
Too bad she's not showing trucks I could Dodge the father and Ram the daughter
Tj Blankenship Jan 19, 2012
Favorite. Right thurrr
Scott Lenahan Jan 19, 2012
if anyone has to criticize a girl who looks like this they have serious issues. she is gorgeous :)
Matt Piccolo Jan 19, 2012
Oooo this is a hard choice, her or the third one...
Jordan Smith Jan 19, 2012
Reminds me of Taylor Swift.
Patrick R. Manuel Jan 20, 2012
That's just awesome. Leather kills me, in a good way
Craig Smith Jan 20, 2012
Out of 10, I'd "give 'er one!"
kolton Jan 20, 2012
me like the catsuit.
Matt Piccolo Jan 19, 2012
I'd buy an abarth if she was the one selling it to me lmao...
Christopher Hart Jan 19, 2012
Wish I knew who this was...
Mason Christopher Thomas Jan 19, 2012
If she was the one selling these cars. Their sales would skyrocket
Matt Piccolo Jan 19, 2012
Ding ding ding we have a winer
Jordan Smith Jan 19, 2012
Wish they had the one from the Abarth commercial, but she's nice too
Knox Ferraro Jan 19, 2012
She's attractive, even with her horn-pincers.
Kevin Rehbock Jan 19, 2012
A hot Italian chick in black leather with the kick ass Abarth logo? Yes please.
Cian Rules Jan 19, 2012
I wish that girl would get out of the way so we could see more of the car :)
Chris Penza Jan 21, 2012
Move I wanna see the car
Skye Sativa Mattfeldt Jan 20, 2012
Even a paper bag wouldnt do the job!
Greg Lewis Jan 20, 2012
Her knee looks a little scuffed, wonder how she got the job...
Zachary Sindelar Jan 20, 2012
Frodo lost his Hobbit G/F' :(
Tomas Franquelli Jan 20, 2012
Haaahaha, almost as ugly as the Porsche...
Majed Ameeri Jan 20, 2012
She's as ugly as the porsche
Patrick Schalk Jan 19, 2012
This is what you get when you buy a Porsche.
Joshua Trillizio Jan 19, 2012
Looks like the girl on that 70's show
Gregory Kean Jan 19, 2012
Wow, the girls were getting progressively hotter until this girl. I have friends that are hotter than this that would work for minimum wage to stand next to a porche Update: She's not a model, she's the house maid that comes free with the Porsche.
Zach Sullivan Jan 19, 2012
This is porsches way of revealing their new color fire crotch red
Nick El-Khoury Jan 19, 2012
Ma'am could you move? I'm trying to look at this beautiful car.
Nick88gm Jan 19, 2012
absolutely worst car show girl ever
Jessica Rivera Jan 19, 2012
Porsche: you can do better than that
Knox Ferraro Jan 19, 2012
And they even made her wear a Porsche shawl. Horrible.
Alanda Burroughs Jan 19, 2012
Tore up, from the floor up.
Nick Sti Jan 19, 2012
Haha no I did too, she looks hungover!
Jack Higgins Jan 19, 2012
Is it bad that I chuckled when I saw her?
Greg Lewis Jan 20, 2012
She has a face? I can't seem to stop wishing the zipper fails on her top...
Cody Jacques Jan 20, 2012
Can we agree not to make this car in yellow. It makes it excessively girly
Nick Sti Jan 20, 2012
Damn you're so critical! I'd take both Abarth girls
Cory Deines Jan 20, 2012
This girl looks like she's slightly mentally disabled.
Vincent Butler Jan 19, 2012
Lmfao she looks like an Alien. Look at her forehead.
Dainius Kuodis Jan 19, 2012
Eh first fiat girl was much hotter.
Igor Natsioks Jan 19, 2012
She does not have a nice face at all...
Luke Walker Jan 19, 2012
Looks like she's gone overboard on collagen.
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Jan 19, 2012
I'm gonna go buy a fiat now, see you guys in a sec..
Dillon Dixon Jan 19, 2012
Go to the gallery, and find the pic of the girl in front of the blue forte. The guy in the background got caught In an awkward time. Haha
Alanda Burroughs Jan 19, 2012
Fiat has some hot chicks.
Jack Higgins Jan 19, 2012
Lol patrick. I see it in her eyes lol
Patrick Schalk Jan 19, 2012
She looks like a catfish.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jan 19, 2012
The guy in the back still can't realize where the car is!