Description: This one goes out to all of you show lovers out there. Yeah, who are we kidding? The chances that a majority (or even a minority) of CarBuzz readers likes or even cares about designer women's fas...
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Zachary Sindelar Jan 20, 2012
I can tell why they hid their face and upoer bodies. Because it looks like they haven't ate ever and their face in return looks like a skeleton, with skin. Gross
Michael Gallagher Jan 19, 2012
Shoe lovers you mean?
Description: If you're still reading this (and that's cool if you are), then you'll notice that the high-heeled shoes feature various bits taken directly from that decade's most iconic automoti...
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Serg Tarasyuk Jan 21, 2012
Lamborghini heels look better
Knox Ferraro Jan 20, 2012
I wonder if they light up when you walk. Kinda like LA Gear.
Tim Preisinger Jan 19, 2012
Pretty neat... But I don't know a single women who would wear those!
Michael Terranova Jan 19, 2012
i like the idea of trying to merge two opposite worlds together. they look better than most people would have thought.
Jason Rosas Jan 19, 2012
Yea he clearly said he knows what they are supposed to be.
Chris Bridgers Jan 19, 2012
He said they look like rockets...but stated he knows there lights why jump the gun on him???
Boyd Boudreaux Jan 19, 2012
Jake how old are you not to know where they come from and your on car buzz, Wow!
Jake Knickmeyer Jan 19, 2012
I know those are supposed to be taillights, but they look like rocket thrusters to me.
Boyd Boudreaux Jan 19, 2012
Just way China will make knock offs much cheaper, they should look cool up on a shelf in a man cave.
Jeriot Dowland Jan 21, 2012
I'm a guy so I haven't ever wore heels but dang those look hella uncomfortable
Alanda Burroughs Jan 19, 2012
Next time I take my girl to a hotrod car show, she'll have to sport that flame dress. Nice!
Patrick Schalk Jan 19, 2012
Brunette is sexy!!! Nice.