Description: KLopez at the Zocalgroup has just sent us the first teaser video of their "What is the World's Fastest Accelerating Full Hybrid?" project. The mission is currently underway, with result...
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Zaire Wilkins Jan 19, 2012
i think the acura NSX 2013 or 14 will be the fastest acclerating hybrid car or the infiniti mid enginie hybrid but for right now the fastest hybrid is a 2 ton infiniti M35H
Justin Santinelli Jan 19, 2012
@peter that toyota is not a production car.... Plus the porsche 918 spyder will be the fastest accelerating "production hybrid car" when it comes out
Jack Nicholas Connor Jan 18, 2012
Why is the guy dressed as the Stig?
Luke Walker Jan 18, 2012
Dumbest movie I've seen here
Riley Gonzales Jan 18, 2012
I'm gonna stick with the m35h but the panamera would be my second guess
Patrick R. Manuel Jan 18, 2012
My Impala is a hybrid. It burns gas and rubber.
Anhkhoa N. Lam Jan 18, 2012
I'm unemployed but I want my future job to be the stig!
Peter Squire Jan 18, 2012
Wrong Toyota le mans hybrid will be faster
FoxRS Jan 18, 2012
someone's gonna be sued. xD
Brandon Anthony Martinez Jan 18, 2012
That's not the Stig. The person has the visor up revealing his face
Louis Valdivia Jan 18, 2012
@ thibualt a hybrid is a combination of two sources So no it cant be just pure electric.. Thats why it would be called an EV?
Cian Rules Jan 18, 2012
Would it not be the old tesla
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 18, 2012
If the 918 spyder is a "full hybrid" then its the obvious winner
Elias Harb Jan 18, 2012
Sry to upset u, but the mclaren mp4-12c is not a hybrid
Zaire Wilkins Jan 18, 2012
its not the panamera
Thibault Leroy Jan 18, 2012
@Kris i think a full hybrid is a 100% electric car
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Jan 18, 2012
Lol yeah the Stig always wears gloves too.
P_R_N_D Jan 18, 2012
That's not the stig. The stig's visor is tinted and he NEVER lifts it up like this guy.
Zaire Wilkins Jan 18, 2012
its supposed to be the infiniti M35h 0-60 in 5.4 secs 360hp 458lb of torque
Kris Scrase Jan 18, 2012
Call me stupid but what is a FULL hybrid??
Description: We don't have confirmation of whether that is the real Stig or not, however if we use the latest trailer for the upcoming season of Top Gear, then it could be one of his cousins. Editor's no...
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Tanton Stoneman Jan 18, 2012
That's totally why he's on Top Gear. Duhh.
Adam Page Jan 18, 2012
The Stig is an urban legend.
Lyomp Jan 18, 2012
Definitley not the stig... Its not even top gear.
Tj Blankenship Jan 18, 2012
It's like a freakin Bigfoot sighting.
Sebastian Grey Jan 18, 2012
Oh my goodness! Anyone who wears a white racing suit is the Stig now?!?!
Jillian Golden Jan 18, 2012
That can't be the real stig. That guy has human hands.
Justin Santinelli Feb 02, 2012
@bob 100% agree...... Clint ur such a red neck u have never seen this in real life
Trevor Brown Jan 19, 2012
@Zaine: the Cajun will be a smaller Cayenne, not a Panamera
Dale Fredriks Jan 19, 2012
It looks nice if black on black with about a ground level view. Other than that, it's almost as bad as that stupid Ferrari FF.
Zaire Wilkins Jan 18, 2012
they have a smaller panamera in the works renamed porche cajun
Vic Orutsahakij Jan 18, 2012
Fat and ugly, I think it so ugly becoz they try to make the back look like 911. 911 is a nice looking car. But this is too ugly for me
Christopher McSween Jan 18, 2012
Rt. I think we all have. It's still ugly. Awkward looking. The design has not been well recd. BMWs 4dr 6series is coming out this spring as it's contender. BMW wins this one in my book for best design.
Clint Edwards Jan 18, 2012
I've seen one in person, still didn't like it
John Serely Jan 18, 2012
@dillon I totally agree. I see it as the driving enthusiast's alternative to the S class or A8. (that is just my opinion so don't hate)
Bob Jones Jan 18, 2012
Top gear says it looks like a "genital wart" I say it is one of the most beautiful cars today
Dillon Dixon Jan 18, 2012
Seeing these in the streets, they look beautiful! Pictures don't do justice for this car. If you haven't seen one then you can't say anything. If you have and still don't like it, well I think you're missing out.
Cian Rules Jan 18, 2012
If they bring out a 4 cylinder engine they should be abolished from making any cars
Christopher McSween Jan 18, 2012
Porsche is reportedly designing a 3 series contender. I hope it looks better than this. This car a awkward proportions. It's like they had to force the fast back look into the design so it could be accepted as a Porsche.
Ghee Buttersnaps Jan 18, 2012
The front's all right, but the back is hideous
Justin Santinelli Feb 02, 2012
@kan i know!!!!! My dad has one and its so beautiful in real life
Michiel Cevaal Jan 19, 2012
Haha you see a normal hand not the stigs hand
Michael Gallagher Jan 18, 2012
Lol, it does look like a crossfire. Tisk tisk tisk
Kan Wes Jan 18, 2012
It looks much better when the spoiler comes out.
Cian Rules Jan 18, 2012
They look mutch better in real life
Tanner Middleton Jan 18, 2012
@ben, never even thought of that! good eye
Ben Bourdon Jan 18, 2012
Looks like a Chrysler Crossfire