Comments - Top Gear Season 18 Teaser Video

Published: Jan 18, 2012
Description: The start of an all-new Top Gear season is just a couple of weeks away and to get us in the mood an official preview trailer has just been released. From the 30-second short there's plenty to get...
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Sudip Shrestha Jan 19, 2012
About time... Waited long enough for this...
Description: Starting on 29 January in the UK, for those living elsewhere look for alternative channels the next day. Bring it on.
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Devin Babyn Jan 18, 2012
It would be amazing to even be an intern and just be there bitches. I really hope none of them ever leave. There chemistry together is sublime. They could never replace any of them
Jamie Chenciner Jan 18, 2012
@Devin I agree, Clarkson makes the show. Everything in the world just seems a little bit better when watching Top Gear. What a dream job being one of those presenters is.
Devin Babyn Jan 18, 2012
Wtf is wrong with you Clarkson is the best part of the whole show
Phillip Greene Jan 18, 2012
I start watching when clarkson gets fired hes just fat prick with accent
Benjamin Davidson Jan 18, 2012
Finally I can sit through an actual car show with actual social commentary. Tired of fart jokes and awkward silences.
Adam Page Jan 18, 2012
The jet pack was from the movie special they did...
Kevin Callejas Jan 18, 2012
Anyone hear the aventador at 0:02
mankala Jan 18, 2012
lol. my favorite part was the Morgan 3-wheeler vs. the KTM X-Bow (which by the way, is speller a lot like XBOX) vs. Ariel atom.
Matt Piccolo Jan 18, 2012
Ok never mind that comment, I was thinking the stig was in front of his cousin but the guy was his cousin... Whoops I thought it was the girl behind him
Matt Piccolo Jan 18, 2012
This looks amazing but I can't believe no one commented on the writs cousin!!! She was hot
Colin Dzendolet Jan 18, 2012
and...I just almost sported wood, can't wait!!!
Michael Gallagher Jan 18, 2012
Another season to download! Awsome :) can't wait to watch it. Only show actaully good on tv. None of that reality tv bull
Jairo Garcia Jan 18, 2012
:D the real top gear is coming back for another season
Quinn Conner Jan 18, 2012
I think the previous flying dude vs rally was a squirrel suit
Nick Sti Jan 18, 2012
Love the show but they wreck too many decent cars
Mohamed Munye Jan 18, 2012
Say no more...... Top gear is back
Brandon Anthony Martinez Jan 18, 2012
I can't wait to watch this. The US version sucks. That's why me and my gear head buddies are doing a webseries called Overdrive in tribute to the UK show.
Kevin Callejas Jan 18, 2012
Hammond was Racing nascars
Justin Chavez Jan 18, 2012
At 0:02 sounded like an aventador accelerating and shifting
Leo Ugine Jan 18, 2012
This Show is orgasmic
Matthew McKernan Jan 18, 2012
Can't wait!!!! Best show ever!!!!
Wildabeast Jenkins Jan 18, 2012
I Caint get enough of this damn show!
Tifa Morsi Jan 18, 2012
Love and Mis the Boyz ( Jeremy , Richard , James) can't wait for season 18
Kris Scrase Jan 18, 2012
@hendrick. I'm pretty sure this suit has a bell?? Helicopter Jet engine on it and can actually fly at about 200mph. I recently saw a cool pic of this flying next to 2of the breitling stunt jets flying as slow as they could go (just for the pic)
Paolo Prezioso Jan 18, 2012
I cant wait to see that xbow race
Hendrik Reimer Jan 18, 2012
Isn't this wing suit thing from an earlier series? Vs Hammond in a rally car?
Devin Babyn Jan 18, 2012
Watching Top Gear right now <3 can't get enough of those blokes
Chris Sir-Stig Dagher Jan 18, 2012
Kinda wish I saw more supercars but none the less it's top gear <3 so it'll be good no matter what
Nick Sti Jan 18, 2012
And the jag! In the video, Jeremy clipped the caravan
Ghee Buttersnaps Jan 18, 2012
Haha, destroying caravans!
Alex Kovac Jan 19, 2012
Some say that his genitals are on upside down, and that if he could be bothered, he could crack the Da Vinci Code in 43 seconds, but all we know is, he's called the stig.
Colin Dzendolet Jan 18, 2012
some say he was born by 2 women at the same time, and his native tongue is Whale...all we know is he's called the Stig!
Hichard Rammond Jan 18, 2012
None of the Stigs talk much but obviously they don't have to!
Shaylen Kumar Patel Jan 18, 2012
The original stig was British. Don't know what the current one is
Michael Palazzo Jan 18, 2012
I doubt it bobby, I'd say either German or British.
Brandon Anthony Martinez Jan 18, 2012
I'm assuming the Stig (Italian cousin) is a mob boss.
Zack Hickman Jan 18, 2012
Oh is he bobby? Is he?
Bobby Junior Jan 18, 2012
The Stig is italian, actually
Walter Furrer Jan 18, 2012
I can't help but laugh uncontrollably whenever I look at this.
Cham Khiev Jan 18, 2012
Wear a racing helmet right.. Youll get all the bitches lol
Chris Benson Jan 18, 2012
Stig's Italian cousin is a pimp.