Description: It's taken a little while for the next sexy girl in a sexy supercar video to come along, but it was well worth the wait. Here we have Jenni, a top-heavy blonde, being taken for a ride in a specia...
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Description: There's not much to say about the cute blonde with the handsome chest other than she seems to get a real kick from the seriously high Gs the twin-turbo Gallardo is subjecting her seriously hot bo...
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Pratik Parija Jan 26, 2012
Dang the rear window was all wobbling around. I was afraid it was going to fly off. Lol
Geo M Jan 24, 2012
Another boob video yawn , I bet the video is the beginning of an adult movie. Women do not look good with enlarged breast, stay normal man.
Daniel Bellafonte Jan 24, 2012
Wow Gisele the second girl is hot too!
Grant Jan 20, 2012
haha, reading these comments make me gust out laughing!
Nick Mitchell Jan 19, 2012
@ Elijah, I just got on for the first time this week... What did she post to get her banned? At times she gets annoying but there isn't that big of a car community any more so I think all car fans should stick together and forget our differences...
Nick Christensen Jan 19, 2012
If you all look VERY closely, you might see a lamborghini in this video
Chris Scherzer Jan 19, 2012
If you could spend the day with the car or the girl, which would you choose?
Chris Scherzer Jan 19, 2012
I would rather see the car...
Elijah McCord Jan 18, 2012
Ori why would I want porn from her? I'm one of her best friends and I just don't like whats going on between her and carbuzz and yea there are other forums but not one as simple as this one.
Ryan Patrick Clauson Jan 18, 2012
Hot but I like the Hennesy CTS-V video better
Tom Katt Jan 18, 2012
Gisele! Gisele! Can't wait to see Gisele.
Tom Katt Jan 18, 2012
Seat belt needs to be redesigned.
Max Delena Jan 18, 2012
Any one who dosn't like the girl is gay, blind or a girl.
Kasino Johnson Jan 18, 2012
Shorty has a BIG face. Should've used another model. This vid was lame. Oh yeah, I like the car.
Lou Guerrero Jan 18, 2012
I love these videos.
Darren Nardo Jan 18, 2012
That made my day!!!!!!!!!
Elijah McCord Jan 17, 2012
But remember that ur putting a gearhead just about all by herself out there, would u like that? There aren't any car clubs or meets around here.
Elijah McCord Jan 17, 2012
I respect you guys but don't be so mean to her she just wants a car community that understands her passion and is simple to get to, me and Ham&Cheese are all she's got without carbuzz so if u guys want to never let her back on here go ahead...
Elijah McCord Jan 17, 2012
And I just gotta ask, wtf carbuzz? Are u really gonna hold that one comment against her? And she told me to tell you guys to go f*ck yourselves, again her words not mine
Elijah McCord Jan 17, 2012
Carbuzz do u guys hat Chloe? Cuz this is the third time u guys have banned her, I saw what she did the first time and that is understandible but these past 2 times she didn't do anything wrong and u banned her just because u felt like it?
Hamza Hamid Jan 17, 2012
I saw 29 times today
Benjamin Davidson Jan 17, 2012
Just give her a sugar cube and she'll forget all about it.
Daniel Padilla Jan 17, 2012
Wow best video on carbuzz yet!!! However said she isn't pretty/hot show me a pic of your last gf actually if you don't think she's hot then you're gay so cant
RazzleFrazzler Jan 17, 2012
Is this what high Gs can get people? I should drive my GTR more often.
(o")-o Jan 17, 2012
I like how no one comments on the car lol
Scott Gracey Jan 17, 2012
Chloe, I wanna see that video
Aaron Snyder Jan 17, 2012
She looks like she could handle alot more tossing about.
Zach Sullivan Jan 17, 2012
I wish I could get some sway bars that are made out of the same stuff as her boobs them things didn't move at all
Nick Sti Jan 17, 2012
@Evan , was that an auto correct or are you just messed up?
Sunny Tebak Jan 17, 2012
Seriously high Gs !!!! :D
Blaise Stevensen Jan 17, 2012
Lol. I got chewed out yesterday for making a "sexist" comment when I said a girl driver would roll a Lamborghini into a ditch. CarBuzz is way more sexist with this article, IMO. Where's the killjoy that tells people off now?
Emmanuel Irizarry Jan 17, 2012
There is no second girl it's the same one
Dillon Dixon Jan 17, 2012
The girl at the end was the one from the CTS-V video.
Michael Gallagher Jan 17, 2012
She's not unattractive, but she just seems so.. Fake. Idk. Like the whole video she just smiles and giggles. I guess I just don't know what their trying to prove. Fast speed inpresses ladies and makes their Double E's become double D's?
Kevin Rehbock Jan 17, 2012
Hah, the article said "high Gs"
Sam Oglesby Jan 17, 2012
The plexiglas rear window doesn't like that much power
Tyler Bono Jan 17, 2012
All I can think when I see videos like this are "if they get in an accident that seatbelt isn't doing anything for that girl".
Anthony Miller Jan 17, 2012
Did anybody go on the website on the video
Nick Sti Jan 17, 2012
It's amazing how far silicone gets you in life!
SupaDupaMe Jan 17, 2012
I see the Lambo just added 2 new air bags...... Safety first
Patrick Schalk Jan 17, 2012
God bless America. Yousef, who cares if it's fake?! Are you gay? BTW, her boobies almost touched her chin.
Thibault Leroy Jan 17, 2012
she was actualy kinda ugly (face wise)
Scott Gracey Jan 17, 2012
I do the exact same thing with ladies in my solara ;)
Thor Olson Jan 17, 2012
If only it was a 1250 hp supra.
Ricardo Diego Jan 17, 2012
The girl at the end was better looking
Micah Lau Jan 17, 2012
Hey, my brother knows this girl. She is almost finished a Ph.D. in applied engineering physics at M.I.T. (her thesis is on a practically realizable quantum computer). She is a Rhodes Scholar with an undergrad from Cambridge.
Yousef Saad Jan 17, 2012
Is this the new thing now , first the CTS-v they fake it and this is the second time , come on !!!
Matt Piccolo Jan 17, 2012
Now this is a good artical car buzz!!
Wes Stone Jan 19, 2012
Would make a good commercial
Christos Kremantzis Jan 18, 2012
Yes Luke..she "came" with the car!!!
Hamza Hamid Jan 17, 2012
Of course they are.. Lol
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 17, 2012
That's the face she pulls when I thrust my pen onto the paper
Aaron Snyder Jan 17, 2012
Her lungs are collapsing from the g forces on her funbags!
Luke McGuire Jan 17, 2012
Dose she come with the car
Tucker Grimley Jan 17, 2012
She can ride in my ford Taurus any day of the week....
Micah Lau Jan 17, 2012
Yeah, I'm sure that look/expression is not new for her.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jan 17, 2012
Looks like a star of some inappropriate movies!
David Liebe Hart Jun 14, 2012
She's fine as hell, but probably has more miles on her than the Gallardo
Nick Tadych Feb 21, 2012
She's adorable, I wana think she's this super sweet girl but I highly dought it, any women that hot has no reason to be nice
Pratik Parija Jan 26, 2012
She is cute with big fun bags. Lol
Hector Delgado Jan 19, 2012
Buy a lambo get a hot girl free !!
Edmond Gebara Jan 19, 2012
What a wonderful personality.
Zachary Sindelar Jan 17, 2012
Wow! Very cute girl and eh I'll still take the girl even if she's been rode harder than the car.
Russ Sugar Jan 17, 2012
Lol, they both got some job done. Both moded. :) none authentic.
Aaron Snyder Jan 17, 2012
The car is the only thing authentic
Isaac Rezkalla Jan 17, 2012
Two of the hottest things together
Nick Sti Jan 17, 2012
I can't make out the yellow blur in the background cause my eyes are too distracted ;D