Description: The Japanese 'ricing' culture is as strong as ever, and as hybrids become more popular we are bound to start seeing more and more modified hybrids roaming the streets of Tokyo and beyond. At...
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No Pistons Jan 17, 2012
Putting body kits and glitter on your exhaust is NOT tuning, which is all these guys did, body kits and no drop and rims does not count either
Jose Hernandez Jan 17, 2012
Thomas well said! I am also a tuner and before using words you don't comprehend do your research!
Tomas Franquelli Jan 17, 2012
The Japanese don't call it ricing, and please don't confuse tuners with ricers, because I am a tuner guy. :(
Description: In between there were a smattering of conventional Prius models taken on by aftermarket specialists such as the Avant Prius, Tommy Kaira Prius and the Prius by Euro Labs Design, as well as the Prius c...
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Jim Nguyen Jan 23, 2012
Any customization to the Prius makes a dent it's MPG. Waste of money.
Taggart Wilber Jan 19, 2012
I like the bedazzled rims with 1/2" tire. . . This car is a waste of time
Andrew Palmer Jan 19, 2012
The car itself doesn't "look" bad aside from the wheels...but knowing what it is makes it ugly for me.
Ryan Delano Thomas Jan 18, 2012
Nothing will ever make this ok
Cian Rules Jan 17, 2012
Y would you make a terrible car evan worse
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jan 17, 2012
Why would they spend money on Priuses?
Hank Austin Jan 17, 2012
Yeah that front bumper is better than stock but the entire car is still s***
Jose Hernandez Jan 17, 2012
I think that front bumper is banging!
Darian Vorlick Jan 17, 2012
I'm so proud of my people.
Rudolf Dassler Jan 17, 2012
Need for speed gone totally wrong...
Nick Sti Jan 17, 2012
The wheels must be extra horsepower
Diaz Danny Mar 12, 2012
Every car needs downforce, so that why there wings on fwd cars.
Josiah Thomas Clements Jan 21, 2012
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X to the right
Chris Scherzer Jan 19, 2012
What's the car to the right?
Cham Khiev Jan 18, 2012
Tucker ur so ignorant... Nothing more i can say than that
Tucker Grimley Jan 18, 2012
Excuse the grammar errors.
Tucker Grimley Jan 18, 2012
Because you'll look like a ricer, and if you really have to screw up to fishtail, and if you do a stupid f1 wing isn't going to help you...
Cham Khiev Jan 18, 2012
Okay...... Y is adding a rear wing on a fwd car pointless? They can "fishtale" too bud
Hank Austin Jan 17, 2012
It doesn't look nice
Jamie Chenciner Jan 17, 2012
Imagine if they took all that time and money and put it into performance upgrades of a real car.
No Pistons Jan 17, 2012
Ya this and the rest look horrible
Jose Hernandez Jan 17, 2012
If you're gonna drive a Prius, why not make it look nice!
Logan LeMonnier Jan 17, 2012
Yeah the front is good. That's it.
Jesus Guerra Jan 17, 2012
Dosent look that bad from the front. But still
Jesus Guerra Jan 17, 2012
Toyota is serious with this project. I mean they end up making more and nore
Russ Sugar Jan 17, 2012
Sometimes I forget why we hate Prius. They forcing us to like it! :)
Dale Schroeder Jan 18, 2012
Just imagine how much shame would be heaped on a Ferrari or Lamborghini driver that got seen being pulled over by this. That would be eternal, endless shame right there.
Ivan Rudnitsky Jan 18, 2012
The Prius interceptor is for all the cops who sit in the car, idling the engine all day and doing nothing but eating donuts and creeping on the neighborhood milfs
Matthew Crighton Jan 17, 2012
Lol, what hapens when u try to ram the guy? Ur poor prius is now one foot long.
Avery Williams Jan 17, 2012
They can catch criminals riding on bikes or just plain running while also saving gas.
Cian Rules Jan 17, 2012
Britain have good poilce cars in ireland we have toyota avensises and are fastest poilce cars are old v6 modeos
Michael Pina Jan 17, 2012
Busy new York it makes sense that they would use hybrid interceptors.
Hank Austin Jan 17, 2012
Police departments everywhere need to take notes on this fine example of an interceptor
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 17, 2012
I would run and this thing will drain out
Luis A Villalpando Jan 17, 2012
I doubt this will ever catch even an old car, that is not gonna happen anywhere on this planet haha
Peter Squire Jan 17, 2012
U ain't gona catch any crooks in tht
Logan LeMonnier Jan 17, 2012
Don't think I'd be scared if that was in my mirror...
Matthew Malyapa Jan 17, 2012
They totally got this from The Other Guys
Will Trefiak Jan 17, 2012
-.- people will never understand what the prius should be used for and making it a police car is stupid
Kevin Rehbock Jan 17, 2012
Straight from the Auto Salon parking lot?
Mario Callirgos Jan 17, 2012
Hybrid interceptor? That's great good luck catching anyone with a car, scooter or skate board. On the bright side, the most pathetic police cars would not be british any more
Natalino Monastra Jan 17, 2012
Nice, a police car to catch those crazy out of control Segways
Jesus Guerra Jan 17, 2012
Wouldn't it be great if thaws were actual police cars. They eod never catch up
Hank Austin Jan 17, 2012
Well mo it looks like you can see straight through me... I would definitely have this over a Lamborghini every day... Lol
Hank Austin Jan 17, 2012
The angel eyes are out on the left headlight... FAIL
Luis A Villalpando Jan 17, 2012
@ Jose, yeah and a real engine that can be taken seriously
Jose Hernandez Jan 17, 2012
All it's missing is a nice intercooler!
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 17, 2012
He could be taking photos of NSX, GTR and R8 but he has his love on the Prius. FAIL
No Pistons Jan 17, 2012
The fronts are nice it's once you see it as a whole does it look horrible
Sean Williams Jan 17, 2012
Not bad, but I rather have that NSX
Ng Li Ching Jan 19, 2012
I wish this design can apply to vios
Dale Schroeder Jan 18, 2012
I'm not surprised Tommykaira did a good job on this, they do some fantastic things with even the dullest looking Japanese cars sometimes.
Brad Hickey Jan 18, 2012
Not bad relatively speaking.
Dexter Cordero Jan 17, 2012
The stickers add approx 24.85 hp & 30.60 Lb/ft torque