Comments - Over 100 Cars to be Liquidated from Saab Museum

Published: Jan 17, 2012
Description: The latest in the Saab saga isn't good. For fans of the brand, it's probably the worst news they could have imagined. About a month ago, the Swedish automaker officially filed for bankruptcy...
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Zack Herzer Jan 17, 2012
Saab is saabing (sobbing). Harhar
Nicolas Blake Mullen Jan 17, 2012
Don't worry guys, I'm sure jay Leno will buy them.
Phillip Holbrook Jan 17, 2012
Just think GM and Chrysler would have been walking this path not that long ago.
Theo Hubbard Jan 17, 2012
Saab always made great little cars. I hope the savior deal goes thru
Zac Bernhardt Jan 17, 2012
I would do it for the x aero any day best car they ever made
Peter Squire Jan 17, 2012
I don't like Saab that much but this is terrible
Esam Mohammad Jan 17, 2012
I really love Saab :( I wish I can save it .
Nick88gm Jan 17, 2012
there has to b some saab lover or car lover in general out there that has the money to save this collection.Ik if I had the money,I would.even if i don't like most of them
Zachary Maurer Jan 17, 2012
For people that wanted my auto show comments go to the bottom article, BMW 4 series spotted again
Chris Penza Jan 17, 2012
I never like Saab, but this is still sad news
FoxRS Jan 17, 2012
at least save the classics. =( Since there won't be new ones..
Logan LeMonnier Jan 17, 2012
I agree with Chris too that'd be a perfect fit
Michael Gallagher Jan 17, 2012
Saw this happening actually. Don't see many saabs on the rode and always heard awful reviews for them
James Lynch-Sarasek Jan 17, 2012
Adenis, you were day dreaming at a stop sign, sorry buddy.
mankala Jan 17, 2012
Vw owns all. not the other way around.
Cian Rules Jan 17, 2012
Porsche owns vw not the other way round
Matt Piccolo Jan 17, 2012
Sorry but I won't miss Saab, I know alot of people will though
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 17, 2012
Noooo. Uncle had a 9-3 turbo. Cream leather interior. Sat nav, tv and even mail. Car offered great speed and power even tho it was a 2.0lt. Packed 190hp and even raced against an old M3. Race was neck to neck. Goes to prove Saab offers many nice cars
Vic Orutsahakij Jan 17, 2012
Agree with Christopher and VW now own Porsche.
Kevin Rehbock Jan 17, 2012
I want that 9-3 Viggen convertible.
Adam Page Jan 17, 2012
My first car was a 1990 Saab 900s. The car was ugly and unreliable but I loved it. Very sad story...
Christopher McSween Jan 17, 2012
I would like to see VW own this brand. It just seems to fit. They got Audi, Lamborghini, & Bently. I think Porche also. Could be wrong. I think Saab still has potential. Anyone remember the Vigeon line?
Paul Lissona Jan 17, 2012
I had a 1999 9-3 wasn't reliable but still preserve the few old ones here.
Vince DeMasi Jan 17, 2012
I couldn't care for Saab but at least save the classics!
Bob Thebuilder Jan 17, 2012
Someone better stop this!
Michael Anthony Nascimento Jan 17, 2012
:P, later model convertibles!
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Jan 17, 2012
Never wasa fan of saab but read news like this..... It's horrible
Description: An entire list has been compiled (in Swedish) and interested buyers need to send in their bids by mail or fax to the law firm handling the liquidation no later than January 20th. The collection itsel...
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Description: So could this be the official end of Saab? If their own museum is being sold off, then it's clearly not looking good. Let's hope that whoever ends up buying these cars will properly care for...
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Thibault Leroy Jan 18, 2012
saab sonette II i think
Clayton Colgan Jan 18, 2012
Just three little letters ruin this car...
Josiah Thomas Clements Jan 17, 2012
O I'll take the one in the back. It's got character!
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 17, 2012
Cracked up more than anything at the license plate
Luis A Villalpando Jan 17, 2012
Talk about an interesting choice of lettering
Reese Fenske Jan 17, 2012
lol the license plate
Chris Penza Jan 17, 2012
I couldn't help but crack up when I saw the plate. I'm so immature
Bob Thebuilder Jan 17, 2012
Someone call Leno to but them all!
Submwaru CB Jan 17, 2012
Seriously disappointed.
Tj Blankenship Jan 19, 2012
It even sounds like a lawnmower. I think it tops out at like 60mph. Tiny car.
Tj Blankenship Jan 19, 2012
An old man here in the town I live in(in Missouri) had two old Saabs, like the grey one at the far left. He sold one, but drives a baby blue one as his daily driver. It practically has a lawnmower engine.
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 17, 2012
Check the evolution of that. The first one still resembles the others
Joshua Rutkowski Jan 31, 2012
No. Not the Aero X. ;__;
Tashfeen Masood Qayyum Jan 23, 2012
Not a single serious comment. all bloody jokers.
Chris Penza Jan 17, 2012
@will they do with most concepts, I hate that idea most concepts are great
Robert Murray Byl Jan 17, 2012
Like sponge bob would say ( awwwwwmazing lol I love Saab
Hank Austin Jan 17, 2012
They could've saved themselves if they built this
Matt Piccolo Jan 17, 2012
Wow, never heard of this for some reason, this is sweet, but it is the only Saab I'd miss
Timothy Hooker Jan 17, 2012
Does this have an engine in it or just a shell?
Zac Bernhardt Jan 17, 2012
Best car they ever made
FoxRS Jan 17, 2012
I too saw this one in person. It was really, really cool. I liked Saab but the late ones were just expensive variations of Opel equivalents like the Vectra / 9-3. The new 9-5 was beautiful, it's a shame..
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 17, 2012
Just imagine if Saab went so broke that they sold their company as a share for as little as £100,000. I would break into a bank account and buy that huge fat share of the company. Not for money as they won't get any. BUT TO SAVE ALL THE SAABS. !!!!!!
Luis A Villalpando Jan 17, 2012
That's it, I'm placing my bid as i speak
Dylan Bruder Jan 17, 2012
It's the aero x concept I do believe not positive I did see it in person a few years back and it is gorgeous unfortunately just a concept
Isaac Rezkalla Jan 17, 2012
Ill bid 50,000 for this car no sweat i kinda hope they put them up for auction
Peter Squire Jan 17, 2012
No no NO! Don't destroy Saab!!!!
Logan LeMonnier Jan 17, 2012
Dang that's cool but sad because theyll never make another car again
Paul Lissona Jan 17, 2012
Nice concept for once.
Avery Williams Jan 17, 2012
That's the best looking Saab I've seen yet! What is that?!
Mr.philly215 Jan 17, 2012
1DOLLAR BOB! LOL. But are they really sellin this then let me fire up th fax.
Louie Salenga Jan 17, 2012
Robocop owns this car
Will Revene Jan 17, 2012
I thought they destroyed all of these?
Tj Blankenship Jan 19, 2012
After seeing/hearing that one on the left, this picture is just comical. Haha that is original rice I'm tellin ya.
Kevin Rehbock Jan 17, 2012
They're both replicas...
Chris Penza Jan 17, 2012
That rally car is sweet
Andrew Medeiros Jan 17, 2012
I'm not. Huge Saab fan but his is a shame
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 17, 2012
Terrible looks. But click the "Bankruptcy" link on the next slide (iPhone) and see what search query comes up most. Definitely Saab