Comments - Here Comes the Fuel Cell Car

Published: Jan 17, 2012
Description: The era of the electric car has begun in 2011 as Nissan and Chevrolet unleashed the Leaf and the Volt, respectively, for a full calendar year. None of them have so far achieved the marked sales target...
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Hank Austin Jan 17, 2012
Good car... If you like spontaneous combustion engines
Description: By 2025, only 15 percent of all cars sold will be e-vehicles in all forms (EVs, fuel cell, hybrid and plug-in hybrid). That does not sound very good and not a very promising return on the high investm...
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Description: In China and Japan, respondents predict better success for full EVs than the global average by 2025; well over 50 percent of respondents from China expect that upwards of 11 to 25 percent (or 4 to 9 m...
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Paul Lissona Jan 18, 2012
Gas or diesel is good.
Cian Rules Jan 17, 2012
Ev are a waste of time when the future is in hydrogen
Adam Zarytsky Jan 17, 2012
@Abel, another govt program? So millions can pay for something they'll never use? I like EVs but the infrastructure is way too underdeveloped to be useful.
David Holder-Defrates Jan 17, 2012
Or some kind of dynamo system that charges from the wheels going round. Or like James May did on Top Gear... Electric motor charged by a very small engine (a backwards hybrid)
Abel Carrera Jan 17, 2012
@matteus, ur right I agree with you. That would be alot more practical unfortunately that's not where the industry is headed towards...
Mattaius Younger Jan 17, 2012
But when it takes 6 hours to fully recharge the Nissan Leaf....or you can use a 30minute fast charge station that seriously diminishes the fuel cell life they are still not practical. Give me an electric car whose paint is effectively a massive solar panel and it recharges as you drive or when it's just parked and then we have something.
Michael Gallagher Jan 17, 2012
I don't want to pay for that. Then again I will never own an EV
Abel Carrera Jan 17, 2012
Would be nice to have a charging station in every gas station in the US. Maybe people would consider buying Ev's. You never know, maybe it should be a government program?
Description: However there is a revival in the belief that fuel-cells will be an important factor in car electrification following improvements in tests results from last year. "The industry faces a tough dec...
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Description: But the relative success of the e-car is still not the end of the road for the internal combustion engine. "Internal combustion engines are not going away any time soon, especially as fuel effici...
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Robby Bradford Jan 17, 2012
The best idea I've heard so far is to use an electronic propulsion for acceleration and an internal combustion engine for maintaining speed, especially above 25-30 mph. That is what a hybrid is, yet we have yet to see it effectively implemented
Tyson Broadbent Jan 17, 2012
Classic ford panel gaps, jk.
Hank Austin Jan 17, 2012
It's the focus EV... It gets released to its test markets in the spring
Abel Carrera Jan 17, 2012
It's actually not a bad looking car considering the Nissan Leif
Tj Blankenship Jan 17, 2012
I didn't know ford made hood ornaments.
Abel Carrera Jan 17, 2012
It looks like there's a battery and a capacitor powering up a tiny audio amplifier lol
Michael Gallagher Jan 17, 2012
Don't need anymore then that. If you go any faster, you will only go 10 miles then need to charge again lol.