Description: Stephane Peterhansel has just achieved an expected but nonetheless a tough victory at the Dakar Rally that ended last Sunday in Lima, Peru. Peterhansel's Mini All4 Racing No. 302 was ahead of Nan...
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Description: Until that stage, Gordon was the last non-Mini driver to resist what could have been the Mini superiority. His team mate, Qatari driver and last year's winner, Nasser Al-Attiya, who was actually ...
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Thibault Leroy Jan 17, 2012
@Mr Philly please learn to spell and write
Mr.philly215 Jan 17, 2012
@Trevor- i kno smells like bull SHIT 2me. And like u said the inspect the trucks before the race. And what illegal mods can be put on a truck that's is a class Thats balls 2the walls/make it any way u want as long as the safty is up 2 par 2 cross a CONTANENT
Trevor Brown Jan 17, 2012
Yeah that's bs, they'd already approved it before the rally started.
Nick Sti Jan 17, 2012
Why can't all cars be this awesome on the road?
Description: However, an appeal was lodged so Gordon could continue his participation until the appeal's verdict will be decided in a few weeks' time. Even now his fifth place finish is not assured. Stil...
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Description: By the end of the day he lost over 14 minutes to Peterhansel and second place to Roma. Less than 20 minutes from the lead, however, Gordon still could harbor victory hopes. But even those have disappe...
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Taylor Greenfield Jan 17, 2012
I saw it arrive at Lima and saw all of the other cars at the finish line!!!
Description: By the end of that day, with over a 22 minute advantage over his teammate, Peterhansel's victory was all but secured. The next day, Gordon gave a big performance to win his second stage of the ev...
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Description: Gordon also won Stage 14, his third in the rally, so he could have left the event with good taste and an appetite for a comeback next year and another shot at the glory of the Dakar.
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Dillon Dixon Jan 17, 2012
Why not! It's just awesome!
Zach Sullivan Jan 17, 2012
I just wanna know who decided that trucks like this need to be in this race and why
Dillon Dixon Jan 17, 2012
That is so freaking awesome! Love Dakar!