Comments - BMW Releases 3-Series Family Photo

Published: Jan 15, 2012
Description: In celebration of the recent debut of the all-new 2013 3-Series last month, BMW has released this "family tree photo" of previous models dating all the way back to 1975. And since that time,...
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Paul Lissona Jan 15, 2012
After not having a BMW anymore you start to miss it e39, e36, e46 etc.
Kenneth Williams Jan 15, 2012
And BMW knows this and they're still killing in sales
Kenneth Williams Jan 15, 2012
How does it make a difference. People will pay for what they want. Especially with a BMW.
Scott Gracey Jan 15, 2012
Rather get an is350 or G37 over a 3 series
Patrick Schalk Jan 15, 2012
I know. You said optional. But what comes standard is what's important. Not the options.
Kenneth Williams Jan 15, 2012
I never said anything about them being standard and neither did the article. And millions out there don't think it's too much cause they pay for it.
Patrick Schalk Jan 15, 2012
All the options "available" not standard. You can make a platinum toilet "available" but if it's not standard, where am I going to poop if I have a base 3 Series that already costs too much?
Kenneth Williams Jan 15, 2012
One of the few who think that. With all the options available and performance. And on top of that racing pedigree. Nothing's perfect but BMW has been doing an excellent job so far on the 3
Bull Dogone Jan 15, 2012
Because magazine editors have been brainwashing the masses into thinking so. There is a lot to be desired before I would ever dub a BMW 3 series "perfect".
Description: Now that the sixth generation is about to hit the streets, it's worth taking a moment to think just how much the 3-Series has affected the industry. Quite literally, each subsequent generation h...
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Vito Portanova Jan 15, 2012
Best cars in it's class!! And I've driven and owned pretty much all of them from that class!
Zain Sheikh Jan 15, 2012
.. My point is that the reason for the success of the 3 series basically cause it was something out the ordinary
Zain Sheikh Jan 15, 2012
People don't understand that BMW were the people to set the standards . For Ex. Until 1985 nobody ever even thought about making a high performance saloon , they thought it would be massive failure but the M5 was and has been Epic car for 26 years...
Patrick Joseph Jan 15, 2012
The 3 series is considered by many as the car to beat. It isn't Carbuzz biased opinion but everybody's opinion. Everybody that knows a thing or two about automobiles that is. Not every aspect is better about the 3series but overall it is
Patrick Schalk Jan 15, 2012
Hahahahaha someone has been reading my comments! Awesome!!
Kris Scrase Jan 15, 2012
It should read " in our biased opinion the 3 series has been the segment benchmark"
NalaKing Mar 03, 2012
Did you notice the iconic BMW kidney grill is getting wider and wider each generation?
Serj Bouchanian Jan 18, 2012
I like how people always try to bag on BMWs. I own a 1988 325is and I bet it's one of the cleanest cars out there. That's because I take care of it. My 1988 BMW has more electronics than a brand new Toyota Camry or a Honda civic. Haters gonna hate!
Patrick Schalk Jan 15, 2012
That goes for any decent car.
Logan LeMonnier Jan 15, 2012
Yeah I see old bmws all the time. My jetta has 120k and runs almost like new. If you take care of bmws and all other german cars they last a long time
Barry Stewart Jan 15, 2012
5th gen taillights were in need of an upgrade... Good job BMW.
Jacob Anthony Soto Jan 15, 2012
My 89 535i is at 216,000 miles. My 86 325i is at 190,000 miles. I won't say they are more reliable than our Toyotas and Subarus but they certainly aren't repaired frequently.
Nick El-Khoury Jan 15, 2012
The E46<3 soon to be the proud owner of an E46 M3
Kevin Rehbock Jan 15, 2012
Jeez, look at the model bloat. I've only driven the E46 and it was fantastic.
Zain Sheikh Jan 15, 2012
49K is alot considering that it does 1/4 mile runs and lap times the whole day ever saturday and it's also his DD in upstate NY where weather condition are very rough
Bobby Deslis Jan 15, 2012
I like the 5th gen better than the new model
Patrick Joseph Jan 15, 2012
I see lots of e30s,e34s,e32s,e38s. I don't see many mercs or audis from those years. Old bimmers are timeless classics. Beautiful and fun to drive. They have got history to be proud of. I don't know where u live but I don't see 20years old Hondas
Kenneth Williams Jan 15, 2012
Fun of any car I've owned or driven. And it's still stock. I'm on my second one. First one got rear ended and totaled. Don't know what you've heard but there are plenty Bmw's running around over 200k without issues
Kenneth Williams Jan 15, 2012
And frequent repairs? I'm a firm believer in If you take care of any car it will take care of you. With a few exceptions out there. I've owned Acura, Chevy, infinity, and DD Nissan, and also Chrysler. My E30 is by far the best driving experience and
Kenneth Williams Jan 15, 2012
Wat the heck are you talking about not see that many on the road. I see tons. Don't know we're you live.
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 15, 2012
We're M series even introduced in 88'
Zaire Wilkins Jan 15, 2012
proud owner of the 1988 M5 , 2003 M5 , 2009 M5 and 2012 M5 but the 2003 M5 sounds the best
Bull Dogone Jan 15, 2012
Then why do you see so few "classic" BMW's on the road? Millions of Japanese cars out there racking up miles with affordable parts, legendary reliability. German cars are famous for expensive and frequent repairs in their older years. Sorry, no sale
Logan LeMonnier Jan 15, 2012
Yeah a car should run perfectly at 49k. When it reaches 150k is the real test
Zain Sheikh Jan 15, 2012
My cousin is a proud owner of a 08 E92 M3 . Ever since he got it we went to the almost ever Saturday . And it's Also his DD . The key to having a Bimmer is that if take care of it , it'll always perform without compromise . 49,000 miles and running
Jacob Anthony Soto Jan 15, 2012
Proud owner of an 86 325i <3
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jan 15, 2012
I still prefer the 5th gen, had the 4th, the 3rd was pretty awful, 1st and 2nd... Classics :D
Rudolf Dassler Jan 15, 2012
I'll take all of them! Plus a 2002 turbo!
FoxRS Jan 15, 2012
My dad had a 325i (E30) and he says it was the best car he had. It was pure fun, really. I don't like the recent ones although i must give credit for what they represent to the industry..
Matthew Crighton Jan 15, 2012
The back end looks like a toyota
Erik Olsen Jan 15, 2012
F30 looks just like the E90
Kenneth Williams Jan 15, 2012
They put the wrong E30 in the pic. Where are the basket weaves and m-tech 2 goodness.
Patrick Joseph Jan 15, 2012
To me all BMWs especially the 3series have souls. They speak to me. They all have different characters. I know it's just metal and plastic. But that's exactly why it's so amazing.
Patrick Joseph Jan 15, 2012
It is true that they dont offer much as standard. I admit it. But essentially what they deliver is the ultimate driving experience. Good quality rwd cars. Tons of fun. You just never get tired of driving them.
Kenneth Williams Jan 15, 2012
The money is in the maintenance in newer models. Especially the M3. And it really isn't that bad. It's just more than most people are accustomed to paying.
Bull Dogone Jan 15, 2012
Vanilla design, in any color. Pleather? 16 inch wheels? Pay extra for USB/iPod connectivity? Like a suited, veteran salesman admitted to me once test driving an M3: "BMW simply stands for 'Bring Money With'." His words, not mine.
Logan LeMonnier Jan 15, 2012
Never a big fan of the coupes but I still love them all