Comments - Dodge Aims the New Dart at Main Street

Published: Jan 14, 2012
Description: Sergio Marchionne's efforts to revive the fortunes of Fiat Group brands and those of Chrysler Group brought us so far a mishmash of cars. It started off with badge engineering as Chryslers were r...
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Shane Heid Jan 14, 2012
Ya I noticed cause I wanted to read it and can't now!
Matt Robbins Jan 14, 2012
Speaking of Dodge.. Anybody else notice they removed the news from yesterday about the new Viper? The whole article is just gone lol
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 15, 2012
Yeah, the left one with the white bar thing looks better.
Devin Babyn Jan 15, 2012
I liked it, suited its purpose. Looked decently sporty and had decent performance so it worked
Cham Khiev Jan 15, 2012
Like i said.. Ugly lol not talkn performance or wtvr, i jus hate the design.. Thats my prefrence tho
Devin Babyn Jan 14, 2012
My dad's 91 Cav Z24 was a pretty good car. If it was RWD it would of been pretty damn awesome
Cham Khiev Jan 14, 2012
Calvalier's making a comeback.. Ugly
Ryan Patrick Clauson Jan 14, 2012
Looks like it it has chevy sonic type front end, or new VW golf style headlights
Patrick Schalk Jan 14, 2012
Don't let her do it Vince. I didn't mind the SRT4 though
Vince DeMasi Jan 14, 2012
My girlfriend might get a neon I literally laughed when she told me and when I showed he what the car looked like since her mom was picking it out she freaked out haha
Zachary Sindelar Jan 14, 2012
Srt4 or Srt6 please!
Eric Guillemette Jan 14, 2012
I agree this is a good look for dodge.
Tomas Franquelli Jan 14, 2012
Not gonna lie, in this pic, they look quite good.
Description: Enter the 2013 Dodge Dart, a compact sedan that should bring Chrysler back into the competition in the compact cars segment. That segment accounts for roughly 10 percent of the US market and it's...
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Description: It appeared larger than what it really was and it resembled a crossover, though its target audience was people shopping for a small, simple and cheap car - not a Teutonic masterpiece. In its first two...
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Ben Lambert Jan 15, 2012
We had one as a rental car...hated it...the shifter was placed at a weird angle, bad blind spots, and not very much room behind the seats.
Vince DeMasi Jan 14, 2012
Ive driven a caliber before and they really do look big then you get inside and your like wtf and the engine is trash it has no pick up at all if you need to be somewhere
James Campbell Jan 26, 2013
I think it looks stunning
Josh Willes Jan 15, 2012
They keep the crosshair grill cause if they changed it everyone would complain that thier coping other designs. That grill is thier grill and will forever be that way. Even tho ford owned Aston thier new grill is the same. Kinda lame.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 15, 2012
@Blaise: That's the point. It's still there because it's old.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 15, 2012
It's splendid. It's better than I expected, and I'm not even saying that because I'm a Dodge guy. Decent looks, decent performance.
Brandon Lidy Jan 15, 2012
I hear more Alfa than neon. The cross hair grill doesn't look terrible, but it is a bit dated
Devin Babyn Jan 15, 2012
It basically is the new neon they just didn't want to use the name cause it would hurt sales
Zac D'Anna Jan 15, 2012
Why does dodge keep bringing back classic 2 door musle cars as sedans??
Josiah Thomas Clements Jan 15, 2012
From this angle it screams "neon" to me....
Blaise Stevensen Jan 14, 2012
I don't think many people would mind if Dodge did away with the crosshair grille. It's been 20 years, for crying out loud. Think how much better this would look without the crosshair.
Dominic Losardo Jan 14, 2012
Srt version is a must
Josh Willes Jan 14, 2012
Cause it makes it look a tad bit more aggressive. Also it can distinguish between trims of thier cars. Like the charger has a chrome trim on the grill unless you get an R/T or SRT.
Zachary Sindelar Jan 14, 2012
I will have to check this out! Srt version is needed though.
Lee Cascio Jan 14, 2012
It makes the grill appear bigger for a more agressive look. The all white does look nice though.
Robert Coon Jr Jan 14, 2012
The blacked out front piece I've the grill doesn't look good. Looks better with the solid colol on the white one.
Description: The Caliber was such a poor product that Dodge now claims that for seven years the firm wasn't represented in the compact category. "The compact sedan segment in the United States is the sec...
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Dale Schroeder Jan 14, 2012
Wow, the Caliber was so bad that even Chrysler wants nothing to do with it.
Description: The new Dart's look transmits a sporty feeling with Italian flavor due to its stance (and the bright red paint). The Dodge corporate front-end is prominent with its crosshair design and the famil...
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Aj TheDark Artist Jan 16, 2012
I love it!! Just waiting on the three door hatch so it can have two doors.
Shane Heid Jan 14, 2012
How can you smell it in a picture?
Description: Chrysler claims the Dart possesses plenty of Alfa Romeo DNA (what's bad with Dodge's?) so the three available engines are, as expected, of Italian origin and carry the MultiAir logo, a techn...
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Michael Gallagher Jan 14, 2012
I thought Alfa was notorious for breaking down and having many issues?
Riley Gonzales Jan 14, 2012
The multiair turbo makes the most lb-ft of torque. I think its like 40-50 lb-ft more than the 2.0
Trevor Brown Jan 14, 2012
Yeah that seems unneccesary to have two 160hp engines. It's probably because the 1.4 turbo would need premium fuel, but the 2.0 wouldn't.
Zachary Maurer Jan 14, 2012
Wait, if the 1.4 and 2.0 make the same hp, wouldn't you go for the 1.4 for better fuel econemy?
Lee Cascio Jan 14, 2012
So basically it has a fiat multiair engine in other words it's powered by turds.
Description: Another unique thing that Dodge added is a gearbox lineup that includes a six-speed manual gearbox as the base option, a regular six-speed automatic, and an optional six-speed dual-clutch. All in all,...
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Kevin Rehbock Jan 14, 2012
Six too much for you? This is getting ZF's new 9 speed transaxle soon.
Devin Babyn Jan 14, 2012
Nathan have you never heard of fuel economy?
Nathan Curtis Jan 14, 2012
Why would you need six gears. Holy crap.
Boyd Boudreaux Jan 14, 2012
Still funny Tigershark for a engine name
Tomas Franquelli Jan 14, 2012
Impressive transmission list for a baby subcompact.
Will Trefiak Aug 14, 2012
i think it will do good..but i dont like how they are using the dart name plate to revive the neon..should have used something else else and the neon was a alright car back in the day but down the road we found out it was not well built..but fun little car to rip around in and was not hard to fix
Karter Hob Strickland Feb 07, 2012
The dodge dart stood for power this new doesn't. Running an inline 4 is soo disrespectful to the original dodge dart. I can't believe this car went passed concept and into production.
Joe Marasa Jan 15, 2012
I thought the app got messed up and I was looking at a Honda civic....
Eric Michalak Jan 14, 2012
Where is the big back? I like this car.
Tyler Murphy Jan 14, 2012
Looks like an updated neon to me at this angle. It's not bad but should probably be called a neon and not a dart.
Michael Gallagher Jan 14, 2012
It is rather ugly from the side. There is no nice curve line or anything.. It's a small front and a big back
Zachary Maurer Jan 14, 2012
I mean in a body kited profile
Shane Heid Jan 14, 2012
Not even remotely riced, like at all
Zachary Maurer Jan 14, 2012
I'm sorry, I see a shortend riced out 2008 focus
Ryan Delano Thomas Jan 14, 2012
From the side it's very uninspiring, but I like the front an back
Bull Dogone Jan 14, 2012
Dodge Neon 2013. Own it Dodge. Reviving old nameplates won't mask it.
Borphan Limthong Jan 14, 2012
Re release of mercury cougar
Corey King Feb 23, 2012
The Dodge Neon on steroids. Who they kiddn lol
Karter Hob Strickland Feb 07, 2012
The dodge dart stood for power this new doesn't. Running an inline 4 is soo disrespectful to the original dodge dart. I can't believe this car went passed concept and into production.
Corey Blomquist Jan 16, 2012
@Edward- yeah it came from an Alfa but you'd be surprised how much original, honest Detroit hard work was put into this thing. Keep in mind how far away from regulation european cars are from U.S. safety and emissions standards, not to mention the styling.
Zachary Maurer Jan 14, 2012
Thanks fiat, mb I was thinking fiat, put alpha, and than iPod corrected to afla
Hank Austin Jan 14, 2012
@zach Alfa? You mean fiat?
Zachary Maurer Jan 14, 2012
Chrystler is made in detroit/windser, I can see the imported from Detroit there, I still don't get why people r hating on alfa, the came in, helped chrysler, and most if not all of their cars are made in Detroit, U.S., or windser, don't hate peoples.
Vince DeMasi Jan 14, 2012
Dodge is owned by Chrysler and idk I'm not feeling those tail lights
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Jan 14, 2012
Chrysler's slogan is imported from detroit, dodge doesn't
Edward Rios Jan 14, 2012
It's ironic how Chrysler/Dodge's new slogan is "Imported from Detroit.". This is "imported" all right. Just not from Detroit.
Czezar Csongor Jan 18, 2012
It might look improved, but it has nothing American in it! I was hoping after such a nice car as the Charger they will do a better job on this, but I was wrong....this is a curvy asian-like piece of metal...
Brent Bennett Jan 15, 2012
Have any of you seen the interior of the Caliber? This is waaaay better! Good job Dodge/Fiat!
Joe Marasa Jan 15, 2012
Interior does look nice but it's like they stopped at the passenger, idk maybe the could have stretch the center a bit more and not focus all on the driver, also does the steering wheel control anything??
Devin Babyn Jan 14, 2012
Erik its just black leather with red stitching and black plastic with red accents it's pretty damn average
Zachary Maurer Jan 14, 2012
I like what car compines r doing with navagation in every model of the car, Honda has a nave in every model of the new crv, and now dodge
Matt Robbins Jan 14, 2012
Wow this is an AWESOME interior for it's price range and segment! Well done Dodge!
Russ Sugar Jan 14, 2012
Some may dislike, but for a dodge this is nice.
Brandon Lidy Jan 15, 2012
Anyone else notice their iron cross on the steering wheel?
Hank Austin Jan 14, 2012
Yeah right where they put the a/c controls they went a little cheapo... Whatever it's still a good interior
Ilya Firepuss Jan 14, 2012
I like the console, not below it though