Description: The Tokyo Auto Salon aka Japanese SEMA features a vast array of automaker's in-house tuning companies showing off their wares. Nissan's own tuning firm, Nismo, has just released the first pi...
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Description: The aerodynamic body kit was developed using the firm's racing technology, beginning with a modified front grille and moving down towards its new side mirrors. It ends with a rear lip spoiler. Sp...
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Terrance Parker Jan 14, 2012
I like the Micra to bad we don't get to see it on the streets here in the U.S.
Lyomp Jan 13, 2012
Will this thing even go fast enough to wear aerodynamics actually make a difference?
Sam Oglesby Jan 13, 2012
So a standard 1 litre engine then
Joshua Grant Robinson Jan 14, 2012
I think that's a pretty goodlookin' little car but I like the idea of a little gas doping runabout kinda car! Provided it's cheap.
Danny Burns Jan 14, 2012
Not bad for a tiny little car. Now give it 300 HP and a all wheel drive and I would drive it.
Matt Piccolo Jan 14, 2012
For a little hatch it's nice
Fndo Sgd Dtwda Jan 14, 2012
Too small looks like a small bug. It's probably used to show off
Agustin Abarca Jan 13, 2012
Looks like toyota yaris
James Patrick Delaney Jan 13, 2012
The wheels look freakishly small
Judah Lindvall Jan 13, 2012
I think I'd like it better in a two door version