Description: Friday the 13th: Nightmare on Chrome Street? Ok it's a working title. Japanese tuners must really be into that kind of horror stuff, because why else would they release this chrome Abarth 695 Fer...
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Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 15, 2012
@Evan: Class? Your immature usage of caps lock says otherwise.
Nathan Curtis Jan 14, 2012
Don't pay attention him. He's one of those guys that drives a fwd car with smaller displacement than a can of soda. And is faster than everybody!
Patrick Schalk Jan 14, 2012
Evan you seriously think a chrome wrap is a tune? That answer to that question no matter what you say, is no. No that is NOT a tune. All you need to know is this Hennessey, Lingenfelter, and AMS. There's plenty more.
Christopher Hines Jan 14, 2012
Hey where is j-lo..? Lol
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 14, 2012
Oh, and about the car: Eurgh. I never did like chrome-wraps. It's just too much.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 14, 2012
Personal I think European tuners are the best, but you can't debate over that. It's like trying to say red is better than blue. If you like Japanese tuners, fine but don't force others to think the same.
Patrick Schalk Jan 14, 2012
Evan, no. We all know American tuners are actually the best. They actually make a car better performance AND looks wise.
Brahim Gudah Jan 13, 2012
Looks awesome with or without the chrome... Chrome is more of a shock and awe cool that very quickly wears out
Hank Austin Jan 13, 2012
So true, I don't see why people like this
Garrett Frye Jan 13, 2012
Keep chrome away from all cars, I've never seen a completely chrome car that looks good
Description: It features a 'Record Monza' quad-pipe exhaust, xeneon headlights, carbon-look external pieces and a pair of solid racing buckets. The Ferrari Tributo runs on a 180hp 1.4-liter inline-four e...
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Max Waite Jan 13, 2012
Solid racing buckets! Sweet!
Wes Sager Jan 13, 2012
chrome looks okay from a distance, but up close there is quite a bit of waviness in it. I know it is chrome and not paint, but you think they could have put some more time into it to get that perfect mirror polish. details!
Description: For whatever reason, Office-K chromed out this Italian beauty and forever damaged our retinas with this God-awful mix of chrome wrap and the tackiest of tacky Italian flag racing stripe. Well, if Fred...
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jarjar104 Jan 13, 2012
I personally loved what they did with the 500 turbo. It was a very tasteful variation, but this is just going too far.
Carlton Salmon Jan 13, 2012
I'm guessing OFK stands for 'O F**K' which I'd think alot of people would say upon seeing it! Real shame as there's a nice little car under all that wrap...
SupaDupaMe Jan 15, 2012
Interesting idea.....
Danny Burns Jan 14, 2012
Looks like office k ruined another car. Bad enough they damaged the SLR but a chrome wrap ?? Fiat or Yugo nothing deserves this kind of treatment . Take away their business liscence now !!!!
Miles Drinkwater Jan 14, 2012
It looks like a French firemans helmet, and youd be a helmet to be seen in one
Clarke Hill Jan 13, 2012
They will chrome the car but not the rims? No thank you.
Felix E. Romier Jan 13, 2012
Oh yeah, that's horror on so many levels
Hichard Rammond Jan 13, 2012
This is terrible it will blind anyone else on the road on a sunny day
Fndo Sgd Dtwda Jan 13, 2012
You know how pictures tell a thousand word well... This picture says "this ride sucks"
jarjar104 Jan 13, 2012
anyone else foresee 22" rims in this car's future? this should be interesting...
Ben Ramsey Jan 18, 2012
A little to much chrome but it's kinda cool.
Hank Austin Jan 13, 2012
Only 500 interior that I've kinda liked before... At least something was done right with this
Buddy Robinson Jan 13, 2012
Don't worry guys, it's all vinyl, the chrome too
Judah Lindvall Jan 13, 2012
That seems like a waist of carbon fiber