Description: The Detroit Auto Show has been decidedly light on supercars with no trace of a Ferrari (except for the 458 next to it) or hint of a Lamborghini, so the Falcon Motorsports F7 is a welcome addition. Des...
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Jan Douwe Habraken Jan 12, 2012
@chloe no , it really looks like a rx8
Justin R. Thebodeau Jan 11, 2012
looks like a sports2000 had an illegitimate child with a ferrari
Joe Kelly Jan 11, 2012
@ Chloe, no your not, I see quite a bit of RX-8 in the front
domds28 Jan 11, 2012
the front is ultra futuristic but the back look like an old r�tro ferrari but cheaper...
Pratik Parija Jan 11, 2012
Front end reminds me of Honda S2000
Pratik Parija Jan 11, 2012
Love how it's next to the masters; Ferrari. Lol
domds28 Jan 11, 2012
look like the front end dont fit with the rear ... kind of poor kitcarish design...
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 11, 2012
I don't feel good about that front. No. Not at all. But the rest is great.
El Titi Jan 11, 2012
Does the front remind you of a Mazda, or am I an idiot? -.-
Justin Pedoto Jan 11, 2012
Those aren't on the show floor, well the Falcon is. They were at a special event on the 8th at the MGM Grand Hotel.
Ethan Exavier Finderski Jan 11, 2012
Most ferraris don't even loom that good, I think it looks better then the 458
Jason Colkitt Jan 11, 2012
I bet its not even close, and yeah i must agree. No trace eh? Must be ninja ferrari's.... No wait i can c them. Must be horrible ninjas
Patrick Schalk Jan 11, 2012
I bet this car could beat that 458 next to it.
Roberto Alexander González Nieves Jan 11, 2012
"trace of a Ferrari" Nice!
Description: A unique race-derived lightweight chassis features a fully adjustable and independent suspension, and houses a hand-assembled 7-liter naturally-aspirated all-aluminum V8 modified from the Chevy LS7, ...
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Patrick Schalk Jan 13, 2012
That you Scott. Some people, I swear.
Scott Gracey Jan 12, 2012
Gtr engine is ballin and although I'm not an LS fan you can't compare the two. Ones n/a the other is TT
scottish spotter Jan 12, 2012
Personally i think its a rubbish engine compared to others. The GTR runs a 3.8 v6 and produces similar power to this 7l v8.
Patrick Schalk Jan 12, 2012
I understand that. I'm strictly talking about engines, NOT cars.
Patrick Schalk Jan 11, 2012
I was talking engines Chris. I'm well aware of how awesome the 458 is. Just saw why I think the LS7 is a better engine.
Scott Gracey Jan 11, 2012
I agree, tired of all the super cars using engines and what not from other companies, frankencars
Aaron Porter Jan 11, 2012
I would be more impressed if they would make their own engine instead of farming out a chevy engine
Patrick Schalk Jan 11, 2012
Scottish why don't you look at torque specs. That's why they are such high liters. More bore. More stroke. More torque. Something the 458 doesn't have. And yes, the LS7 is in fact the bees knees.
Aaron Contic Jan 11, 2012
thow the viper crate engine in there and we have true American exotic, tired of seeing these LS engines everywhere
scottish spotter Jan 11, 2012
The LS7 isnt that good really. The 458's V8 is 4.5l and produces 570ish bhp. So for 7l I would want a bit more power sorry.
Vince DeMasi Jan 11, 2012
Love the LS7! Great engine making some great power
David Harris Jan 11, 2012
This car will be really fast
Felcher Bloom Jr. Jan 11, 2012
Sooo gnarlyyy. Some American super car muscle!
Andrew Grimm Jan 11, 2012
So 620hp, in a car that weights less than 3000lbs? That is INSANE!
Andrew Grimm Jan 11, 2012
They are everywhere because they are such great engines and can take tons of power! And pretty easy to maintain.
Devin Mortenson Jan 11, 2012
That's cuz they are great engines
Lou Guerrero Jan 11, 2012
Another LSX lol These engines are everywhere!
Patrick Schalk Jan 11, 2012
Ohhhh baby. Gotta love the LS7. Those are some amazing numbers.
Description: Inside, the car is exceptionally roomy for a supercar with a choice of seats upholstered in hand-sewn leather and an adjustable gauge pod. A host of standard equipment includes a Garmin GPS system and...
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Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 11, 2012
Too much money for an amercican supercar wen u have cars like the ZR1 and the Rossion Q1
Zachary Maurer Jan 11, 2012
For a one off car, that a pritty good price, hope I get to see this sunday
Brandon Lidy Jan 11, 2012
I wonder if they accept payment in souls
James Mcmahon Jan 12, 2012
Am i the only one that thinks theres a little bit of lancer around the lights?
David Grippin Jan 11, 2012
Overall look of the Saleen S7, but the hood of a Ford GT, and an overly aggressive front air intake/lip
Brian Campbell Jan 11, 2012
If they were smart they would sell it with a more conservative design then offer aftermarket body kits for it since that's kind of their thing..
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 11, 2012
Ouch. That is just too sharp and spiky. I like everything about the car except this angle.
Dale Denis Jan 11, 2012
Ya there is alot going on
Tanner Middleton Jan 11, 2012
looks like a granturismo with some serious body mods
Submwaru CB Jan 11, 2012
Has a dodge charger look to it. With the grill facing forward slightly.
Ryan Patrick Clauson Jan 11, 2012
Looks too awkward, all the scopes and lower grilles look like their more for style than function
Andrew Grimm Jan 11, 2012
I meant January 2011 too lol.
Andrew Grimm Jan 11, 2012
Didn't this dubet back in January at the North American International Auto show? I remember the guy on the viper forum talking about how he created this.
Sam Oglesby Jan 11, 2012
Well I think they have overdone it a bit with the aggression not my cup of tea
Tomas Franquelli Jan 11, 2012
Love the aggressive face, but way too busy. It looks like a F&F body kit.
Josh ?hompson Jan 11, 2012
Crap aggressive and damn were thinking alike haha
Josh ?hompson Jan 11, 2012
Damn this thing is agressive
Michael Gallagher Jan 11, 2012
That is one aggressive looking front end. I like it a lot.
Zac D'Anna Jan 12, 2012
Looks like a ferrari 355
Jan Douwe Habraken Jan 12, 2012
Unfortunately they put a v8 in it.
Drew J. Kleyweg Jan 11, 2012
read the article? it says they went for an 80s look. not present day.
Heath Clayton Cudiamat Jan 11, 2012
No, just some Diablo and Saleen S7.
David Tyler Jan 11, 2012
anybody else see a spyker?
Ian Farming Brendle Jan 11, 2012
@paul I agree. I also see a little Diablo in the hood slits.
Mr.philly215 Jan 11, 2012
It's a pontiac Fiero Gt streched out with a wide body kit & a diffrent front end. If u squint REALLY HARD IT'S THERE. JUST LOOK. Oh and I love the look just sayin.
El Titi Jan 11, 2012 does say in the article that the car is inspired by 80's supercars....
Matthew McKernan Jan 11, 2012
@ben ya that's exactly what I was thinking
Paul Pickard Jan 11, 2012
I kinda see a resemblance of the older MR2s from this view.
Ryan Patrick Clauson Jan 11, 2012
No one likes the rear but I do, it reminds me of a little bit older ferraris, to me I wish the front was a little bit more calm like the rear
Ethan Exavier Finderski Jan 11, 2012
I think it looks great haha no complaints here
Alanda Burroughs Jan 11, 2012
That's the point. Take Aston Martins for instance. They are some of the slowest sports cars, yet a DB9 cost almost $300k. People buy them for style...not speed. Same for Spyker and this car I'd imagine. I'd take this or an Aston over a Nissan any day of the year...I don't care how much faster the Nissan may be.
Johnny Hoover Jan 11, 2012
I would buy this angry looking car. But! For almost a quarter of the price I could have an gtr that would beat it everywhere but looks lol
Ben Arends Jan 11, 2012
I'm almost certain the rear is lifted from a Ferrari F355, the boot, the a pillar, the, even the tail lights look like it. Google a F355F1 and take a look
Sam Oglesby Jan 11, 2012
I was thinking the same
Matthew McKernan Jan 11, 2012
Not bad except for the rear end, i'm not liking it. The rims aren't that great either, besides that it looks pretty good overall.
Ryan Tran Jan 11, 2012
That rear profile looks really dated to me
Patrick Schalk Jan 11, 2012
Exactly. While the Juke is controversial I've at least heard good things about it and they seem like they would be fun to drive.
Zachary Maurer Jan 11, 2012
Come on, the element is beast!!! Now the Nissan Pube on the other hand, looks like they took an element, riced it out with a lower ride hight, and add a big ass with that hidious part wrap around rear window, blah
Matt Piccolo Jan 11, 2012
@ Patrick I agree the cube is worse than the element the element had a point and does come with hondas reliability but the cube.... Come on people, it's called a """!!!???cube???!!!"""
Patrick Schalk Jan 11, 2012
BUT the Element at least was offered with 4wd and had space. I'll give a car points for functionality.
Patrick Schalk Jan 11, 2012
No no no. Nissan Cube. And least the others have somewhat of a useful purpose.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 11, 2012
Prius? It's ugly indeed, but it does what it does. It's not the worst of cars.
Thomas Trudzinski Jan 11, 2012
I don't like the use of mesh grills... Didn't those go out with Fast and Furious?
Adam Noble Jan 11, 2012
Looks like a kit car. Enough said.
Francois Joannette Jan 11, 2012
The rear end look like an old GT 40 with 2 light more..
Christian De Prisco Jan 11, 2012
I agree, 10 years ago this car would have been amazing, 5 years ago would have still look good, today looks outdated and by the time we see it on the street it will look like a really good tuning car. I like it but would never buy it...
Tomas Franquelli Jan 11, 2012
A spyker without the style?
Bob Thebuilder Jan 11, 2012
I'm not crazy about the rear
Hank Austin Jan 12, 2012
Supercar so it makes the owner look like a total douche
Hank Austin Jan 12, 2012
I agree with you on the manual but this POS costs and performs the same as the 458 sitting next to it and that car has a beautiful interior... So excuse my "candy a$$" but this car has a race car interior in a car that performs just as well as the average...
Ko Simmel Jan 12, 2012
nope, according to his profile.. Brandon drives a Toyota Tundra Tonka Truck.. i suppose just about as useful as a prius as far as driving pleasure goes..
Ashton Richard Jan 11, 2012
@ Brandon, it doesn't matter what matt drives, because it's still better than your prius.
Matt Robbins Jan 11, 2012
Judging by the number of positive responses to my comment, it's safe to say I'm right. The truth hurts kid.. Word of advice, no one's gonna take you seriously with that kinda grammar. At least form a coherent thought. Now you can call me a douche ;)
Patrick Schalk Jan 11, 2012
Amen Matt! Proud to a have a six speed T56 manual transmission in my Camaro. Booyah!!!
Matt Robbins Jan 11, 2012
Performs the way it does, win, lose or draw. Most new supercars computers just about drive themselves and make hardly any average Joe look like the Stig. Just my opinion.
Matt Robbins Jan 11, 2012
Missing out on so much and they don't even know it. And on the street who the he!! is gonna notice the farctional difference between a real manual and the robots shifting for you? I just maybe old school, but I like knowing I'm the reason the car...
Matt Robbins Jan 11, 2012
.. Maybe slightly slower, not having a "classic" transmission completely changes the feel of the car. So much is lost with out it. Like the feel of a perfectly executed heel-toe downshift, or a perfect launch WITHOUT stupid launch control. People are
Matt Robbins Jan 11, 2012
I'll be more than happy to define a proper manual for road driven sports cars. A true clutch, a 4, 5, 6, whatever speed you want transmission with a shifter such as the one in the pic. Not paddle shifter or slap shift or mind control. While it...
Patrick Schalk Jan 11, 2012
This does have a real manual. See the shift gate?
Zachary Maurer Jan 11, 2012
Hernadezs' "Audi r8"
Zachary Maurer Jan 11, 2012
Cmon u guys, all u peoples are complaining that,ohhh it looks like a Mazda, or it need a "proper Manuel trans,WTF is the differencein manuels?!?! Just appreciate that's it's a one off, and it is more beastly than ur yarises, ricers, pintos, or zach..
Joe Kelly Jan 11, 2012
Um Matt, please define what a "proper" manual is? There's no such thing as a proper manual, there's only different kinds. I understand if you prefer the classic manual but there just plain slower than newer technologies.
Andrew Grimm Jan 11, 2012
Thank you Matt hahah
Matt Robbins Jan 11, 2012
Lol what a bunch of candy a$$es. What happened to real men driving real sports cars that only had seats, a true 6 speed, and a steering wheel as "creature comforts". Some of y'all need your man cards revoked
Mr.philly215 Jan 11, 2012
Hey if u squinted u can make out a pontiac fiero. if 1Gm didn't kill it off and 2if they had some balls.
Patrick Schalk Jan 11, 2012
@Tanner No. This car doesn't need or have a nitrous setup. It's probably just a starter switch. Red switch =/= Nitrous contrary to popular belief because of F&F.
Tanner Middleton Jan 11, 2012
is that a nitrous switich on the dash?
Isaac Rezkalla Jan 11, 2012
Does this car have two seats
Ryan Patrick Clauson Jan 11, 2012
The gauges are too over sized and don't blend in, the interior should've been kept just all black with a few key differences like the roll bars, and the gauges should've been built into the dash, not just kind of put on it. I don't like the shifter
Ethan Exavier Finderski Jan 11, 2012
Hmm I dont like it :p too sparkly.... Supercars should be sleek on the outside and on the insidd
Andrew Grimm Jan 11, 2012
Linton, you mad, bro? How is the interior shitty? It is halfway stripped out to be super light weight, not a long term cruising car.
Francois Joannette Jan 11, 2012
@ Bob in the article they clearly say "Garmin GPS and iPod docking"!!! I don't know if it could be clearer !!! Bob... do u know what's an iPod for??
Matthew McKernan Jan 11, 2012
The center section needs a little rearranging.
Bob Thebuilder Jan 11, 2012
No radio, air con or sat nav? Boo
Hank Austin Jan 11, 2012
The interior is mostly business... Its kinda Zonda-esque but other than that it's not too interesting to me
Ryan Patrick Clauson Jan 11, 2012
Kind of looks like the old Audi 2.7TT intake manifolds