Description: Toyota has just unveiled their all-new NS4 concept at the Detroit Auto Show. With the stated "vision of future mobility, with a focus on next generation connectivity and safety," the NS4 is ...
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Greg Kenerly Jan 11, 2012
Crap. They took a 2010 and threw some plastic on the ends. Crap.
Borphan Limthong Jan 10, 2012
Yes I know the 86 is coming, but in my opinion it is ugly and looks like it would not age very well. The concept was sexy and looked aggressive.
Chris Penza Jan 10, 2012
@borphan the ft-86 is coming
Juan Ceja Jan 10, 2012
I bet that car is like "Kill Me!... Kill Me!!" put it out of its misery... Lol
Borphan Limthong Jan 10, 2012
If we can just smack the people at Toyota for giving us this joke and also not staying with concept designs with the ft86
Abdel Idoubiya Jan 10, 2012
This looks like a car Ghadaffi had made for himself , this is a joke and a sign Toyota is headed south.
Matthew McKernan Jan 10, 2012
I'm sorry, but this just looks horrible, I literally laughed when I saw this.
Heath Clayton Cudiamat Jan 10, 2012
@Nick If the designer had gotten ahold of Alfa Romeo blueprints, it would be beautiful. This car is anything but.
John Kim Jan 10, 2012
Looks pissed off lol i would be too if i was a hybrid -.-
Aaron Stein Jan 10, 2012
Can anybody say 'Tucker torpedo'?
Nick Benz Jan 10, 2012
This car's designer must've gotten hold of a couple of alfa blueprints.
Avery Williams Jan 10, 2012
Oh my gosh. This car looks scary; imagine seeing this at night.
Ben Shrivers Jan 10, 2012
...and taking arrows to the knee...
Chris Penza Jan 10, 2012
Warning: buying this car increases your risk of - being murdered - losing friends - looking like a tool in public - herpes - super herpes
Heath Clayton Cudiamat Jan 10, 2012
Horrendous from every angle.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Jan 10, 2012
I'm getting fed up of: " Toyota reveals a new hybrid/plug in!!! Stop now.... Millions of new hybrids but the only one you see in the street it's the prius. At least in Europe
Dale Schroeder Jan 10, 2012
The headlights and that bit in the middle make it look like a barn owl's face to me.
Jeff Daniels Jan 10, 2012
Those are some tiny ass mirrors
David Munasinghe Jan 10, 2012
I think it looks mean for a hybrid
Description: Yeah, ok. Anyhoo...the NS4 features an advanced powertrain that has a hybrid plug-in system that's smaller and weighs less than previous systems. Because of this, the NS4 has improved acceleratio...
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Rk Ranas Jan 11, 2012
Ugly exterior nice interior
Description: It also comes equipped with Toyota's latest in safety developments such as next generation pre-collision system, adaptive beam headlights, and a blind spot monitoring system. What's clear is...
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Alan Tan Jan 11, 2012
cant they make it look better??
Freddy Garcia Jan 10, 2012
Looks like it's crying
Thomas Opie Taylor Jan 10, 2012
Looks different nothing's wrong with change
Cody Jacques Jan 10, 2012
@Caleb 740hp hp isnt exactly practical unless you just want the car to look fast.
Cody Jacques Jan 10, 2012
this thing is ugly... they need to stop trying so hard to make hybrid cars look better\more sporty, than they actually are
Nick Benz Jan 10, 2012
I see the face of an eagle. Not the piece of shit eagle talon, but the actual bird. From the eyes down to the end of the beak.
Rithhin Jawahar Jan 10, 2012
Lamborghini front vents pushed to the middle :P
Simon Davis Feb 05, 2012
You guys copied Honda with the nsx and u put it as ns4
Mark Jose Jan 10, 2012
Got some looks from the Toyota ft-86 concepts, that's what I think.
Alan Tan Jan 11, 2012
nice parts are the lights... lol.. but that bumper just got to go...
Jonathan Tjandra Jan 14, 2012
How yaoming sit there? Hahaha
Chris Vette Jan 13, 2012
Outside of the car looks HUGE. This car can only fit anorexic girls in the back, or obese girls with no legs.
David Rosenberg Jan 11, 2012
Never will make it into production. Toyota? Really? Duh.
Alan Tan Jan 11, 2012
yeah.. nice roof.. too bad only in concept...
Juan Ceja Jan 10, 2012
Oooo.... Pretty liiights... -__-
Mike Conrad Jan 10, 2012
Zero rear seat leg room. Well done.
Jose Desseno Jan 10, 2012
Seems like some movie spaceship
Hank Austin Jan 10, 2012
Just another ridiculous concept interior that will never make it to production
David Rosenberg Jan 11, 2012
Honda CRZ and insight speedometer.
Alan Tan Jan 11, 2012
yeah.. im liking it... spaceship... FTW..
Nick Benz Jan 10, 2012
Paddle shifters FTLose.