Description: Buick is still currently enjoying a wonderful new era in design and enthusiasm. Ever since their Enclave large CUV debuted a few years back, it was evidently clear the historic automaker was entering ...
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Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
Hey Casey, go take some more pictures of yourself like a middle school girl.
Description: Buick describes it as a "great-looking, smart choice for those who want a luxury crossover amenities in a more maneuverable and agile vehicle." We say it looks like an inflated Chevrolet Son...
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Farshad Broumand Mar 28, 2013
BMW X1 is a Available in US, and now they are very popular.
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
Based on the Sonic? I didn't realize these were going to be so small.
Matthew Jul 05, 2013
Dedrick Nathaniel Battle Jan 10, 2012
Looks like a tall car.
Mason Christopher Thomas Jan 10, 2012
It's like the sonics obese brother
Description: With seating for five, Buick is promising a hush-hush interior along with 48.4 cubic feet of storage space with the rear-seat folded. Along with 10 airbags standard, other features that can be found i...
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Description: Resting on standard 18-inch five-spoke painted aluminum wheels, the overall appearance isn't bad, but we have to admit that it looks smaller than what we first predicted. No word yet on pricing, ...
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Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
Avery that makes no all.
Avery Williams Jan 10, 2012
It's a Kia with a Buick badge on it. Simple as that.
Knox Ferraro Jan 10, 2012
Oh my gosh, the kids are going GL want to drive Buicks. Heaven help us.
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
I can't dig it. I understand it has it's market place. Makes a little more sense I guess.
Carl ed Jan 10, 2013
looks like a minivan that got pushed from the front and back at the same time
Kwayne Bryant Sep 23, 2012
This car looks like it took a butt whippin. Haha
Shane Prasad Aug 31, 2012
It looks like a compact minivan.
Ryan Patrick Clauson Jan 10, 2012
To me it's kind of a copy of what for does, take a larger vehicle and put it on a cars platform, like the explorer, but to me it sounds like it's competing against the Nissan juke by the engine, really hope they offer more powerful drivetrains though
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
Dj that's why the Enclave exists.
D.j. Edgington Jan 10, 2012
You would think that GM would base this vehicle off of the same family, such as the new 2012 Chevy Equinox, and/or the 2012 Cadillac SRX...not a Chevy Sonic. It's not that ugly, but the engineer for this vehicle should be fired, in my opinion.
Henz Herrero Jan 10, 2012
Kinda has a high base price.. Maybe if they take out some std eq they can lower it..
Stephen Cobbs Jan 10, 2012
Nah, if it was based off the SRX it would be an Enclave. This is a good looking car that I think will do well.
Riley Gonzales Jan 10, 2012
So really this is nearly the same size and height of the sx4 crossover. Not very well played buck. Should have been off the srx platform not the sonics
Brian Markowitz May 16, 2013
Matty the Saturn Vue had a huge 250 hp engine made by Honda. This 148 hp engine makes me skeptical. The vue was a good SUV. I liked it. Traded it in for my Aura which is awesome. Looking for AWD now so considering the encore, but 148 hp? Can't I walk faster?
Farshad Broumand Mar 28, 2013
Don't forget Japan, which Buick has a great presence and its one of the top luxury contenders.
Mark Fei Ling Jan 14, 2012
Brent u are damn right. GM keep Buick and killed the Pontiac because of China market needs Buick.
Brent Bennett Jan 11, 2012
My bad: republic Damn auto correct!
Brent Bennett Jan 11, 2012
Gonna sell by the Boat load to the "peoples repubic"
Ryan Patrick Clauson Jan 10, 2012
Looks more like an equinox
D.j. Edgington Jan 10, 2012
Yes, the rear end of this Buick has the 2009 Saturn Vue all over it.
Matty Michaels Jan 10, 2012
Look at the vue, Saturn vue
Kyle McCullough Jul 27, 2013
If you consider a differently sized car with a different platform and different engines and different styling, yes. You don't have a clue what you're talking about DJ
D.j. Edgington Jan 10, 2012
So, I can clearly see that GM is bringing back a refreshed version of the 2009 Saturn Vue, and just sticking another name on it, calling it a Buick right?!...right.
Knox Ferraro Jan 10, 2012
I am so impressed. God bless America.
Nick Brautigan Apr 11, 2013
Saw one of these for the first time today... Really like it now that i see this interior.
Kwayne Bryant Sep 23, 2012
Buick can make done good interiors, despite the ugliness of this car.
D.j. Edgington Jan 10, 2012
Love the interior, great job Buick.
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
I like this interior. Good job Buick.