Comments - Live Shots of All-New 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL in Detroit

Published: Jan 10, 2012
Description: While the sixth-generation SL may look very similar to the outgoing fifth-generation roadster, there are plenty of subtle tweaks both inside and out, such as the LED daytime running lamps, to distingu...
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Tajul Islam Jan 11, 2012
Magic Sky is sihiiiick!
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
Where's my drag race Carbuzz?!
Ori Haviv Jan 10, 2012
That' glass part is ill
Eddie Ethree Motors Jan 15, 2012
Tajul merc doesn't n didn't have a 6.3 liter even doh it said it on da car itself. They were actually 6.2 liters..
Tajul Islam Jan 11, 2012
Of course they will still be called SL63 but will not have the 6.3L NA engine. Instead a bi-turbo 5.5L, but due to the nature of power, they'll still be called SL63. Same goes for other variants.
Tajul Islam Jan 11, 2012
Becus of Euro 5 Emissions (EU Legislation), most manufactures including Merc are downgrading ther high displacement cars in favour of forced induction low displacement.
Tajul Islam Jan 11, 2012
That damn thing is ugly at the headlights department compared to its predecessor.
El Titi Jan 11, 2012
@Joe I'm sure you and everybody else knows what I meant (stick shift). Could be slower but I promise you it's alot more fun...
Justin Brevik Jan 11, 2012
I like last years SL a lot more
Zac D'Anna Jan 11, 2012
Hate the front lights, it looks like a bug
Alexander Gomez Jan 10, 2012
I like the way Mercedes is going with future cars. They actually LOOK like they belong to be called redesigned.
Juan Ceja Jan 10, 2012
I like the license plate "The New SL" You Don't Say?! -__- lol
Devin Babyn Jan 10, 2012
LaRonn how can you be better then a computer if you're still the one shifting when it's paddle shift
Luke Bailey Jan 10, 2012
its notbad, but I think those headlights are too bug-eyed for me....
Eddie Ethree Motors Jan 10, 2012
I'm not a fan of merc but if I had to buy any it'd be da sl but not these new ones. I love da 2011 sl63 in all white. Looks aggressive. These headlights don't look aggressive at all
Isaac Rezkalla Jan 10, 2012
I think this looks good
Joe Kelly Jan 10, 2012
@ el titi there's no such thing as a proper manual. There's only different types, such as paddle (the most precise and the fastest), sequential( a mix between the two, and the manual stick, which is the slowest (fact), and has a clutch
Zack Herzer Jan 10, 2012
Nice marquee plate. Jk.
Tanton Stoneman Jan 10, 2012
I would take an m3. They don't have like an SL 55 yet, so yeah
Jayden Amir Jan 10, 2012
M3 or SL??? I am looking to buy a convertible or coupe... Any ideas?
Lee Cascio Jan 10, 2012
I'll gladly take a used 05 over this whale any day.
El Titi Jan 10, 2012
@ Avery. Its crazy how so little people know what's a proper manual. And than you have the people that can't drive stick... It's sad
David De Leon Jan 10, 2012
Just dissatisfied over this... M.B. should've never let Chrysler get involved...
Avery Williams Jan 10, 2012
@El Titi That needs to happen. Mercedes needs stick-shifts.
El Titi Jan 10, 2012
@Stephen. I think they are bringing it back, but with a smaller, twin-turbo engine... I could be wrong
Stephen Reed Warren II Jan 10, 2012
Are they going to bring back the SL65?
El Titi Jan 10, 2012
I can only wish for an ///AMG stick-shift version...
Stephen Reed Warren II Jan 10, 2012
Vito have you ever heard of amg? And how is 429hp all about looks? Get real dude
Vito Portanova Jan 10, 2012
Mercedes has always been about looks. They suck!! Never really on any of the the top ten lists.
Adam Wieland Jan 10, 2012
Not a fan of this, Mercedes styling has gone way down hill
Description: With an all-new aluminum structure and other intelligent details comes a 275-pound weight reduction from its predecessor, while power comes from Mercedes' 4.6-liter twin-turbo V8 delivering 429hp...
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Duke Man Feb 10, 2012
Bring back the twin turbo v12!
Joel Christopher Hughes Jan 23, 2012
Just amazing they have to add two turbos to get the power of a N/A V8 of some other car makers. Must be astronomical to maintain.
Juan Ceja Jan 10, 2012
A lot of Torque = :D
Devin Babyn Jan 10, 2012
Torque monster. Now where's the guy that still wants an LS in here
Johnny Hoover Jan 10, 2012
Ok I guess it is just a base model but I think that motor has more in it then 429
Description: Designo crystal leather magno special paint wraps the new SL and the exclusive interior is design classic red/black with black piano lacquer wood trim. The 2013 SL550 will be arriving in US showro...
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Alexander Gomez Jan 11, 2012
@Alex Smith we're all counting on you to beat the Saints!!!
Tanton Stoneman Jan 11, 2012
Cause most SL models look awesome in silver
John Falcone Jan 10, 2012
Definitely a big improvement all around, way better than previous years.
Isaac Rezkalla Jan 10, 2012
The styling looks great
John Serely Jan 10, 2012
I can see why a lot of people don't like it, but i think it looms great
Alex Smith Jan 10, 2012
Very inspired by the SLS. Yet I like better.
Stephen Reed Warren II Jan 10, 2012
Def got away from the SL styling - but I like it
Bala Uncc Jan 10, 2012
It looks like sls, awesome.
Matthew McKernan Jan 10, 2012
Personally, I really like it. It's one of the few mercedes I really like.
Vince DeMasi Jan 10, 2012
I think it's the fact that the lights are way too big
Skye Sativa Mattfeldt Jan 10, 2012
There's something about this car....
Duke Man Feb 10, 2012
The dude in the passengers seat is hilarious. "Yo! Back at ya"
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 11, 2012
Atleast the back looks a lot better than before
Lee Cascio Jan 10, 2012
The rear is very nice but the front doesn't match at all it's like they had 2 different teams working on both ends meet in the middle of the car.
Daniel Bellafonte Jan 10, 2012
The rear looks so much better than the front.
Johnny Hoover Jan 10, 2012
I think it is a bit pinched looking for me
Johnny Francis Jan 10, 2012
I like the front but the back is too long for me.
Greg Kenerly Jan 11, 2012
Thought the same. Been there Mercedes. Show us the future if you're gonna ask $90k for the thing. The new Dart has more balls than this one.
Tanton Stoneman Jan 10, 2012
Looks like the SL before the last ones tail
Tim Belton Jan 10, 2012
Those seats are boss.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 11, 2012
So this is where ur 90 k goes
Vic Orutsahakij Jan 10, 2012
The paddle shift is behind the steering wheel
Chris Penza Jan 10, 2012
Yeah no paddles woo!!! Manual ftw!
El Titi Jan 10, 2012
Love the interior but they should change up the center console a bit....
Bala Uncc Jan 10, 2012
Top notch interior !
David Eslava Jan 10, 2012
It look so SLS-esque, I love it
Cole William Briggs Jan 12, 2012
I say efficient, sport, manual
Ryu Tsuchiya Jan 11, 2012
E= electronic S= sport M= manuel Transmission settings, every Automatic Benz has it
Vic Orutsahakij Jan 10, 2012
Mercedes only have manual in their little car such as A,B,C class
El Titi Jan 10, 2012
I don't think merc makes a manual for the SL
Chris Penza Jan 10, 2012
Automatic? There better be a manual
El Titi Jan 10, 2012
In mine it's called the DTC aka dynamic traction control
Nick Mitchell Jan 11, 2012
@ Aislin I think you are right
Aislin Cooper Jan 10, 2012
I'm pretty sure SL stands for Sport Lightweight
Johnny Hoover Jan 10, 2012
Nice but can they make a lighter car considering sl means super light !!!