Description: With the all-new Lincoln MKZ, Ford is hoping to reinvigorate its luxury arm that has been stagnating for years. Revealed at the Detroit Auto Show, the MKZ concept strongly hints at the production mode...
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Kevin Rehbock Jan 10, 2012
The Continental GT? The GT designation alone makes it much more different than a Lincoln Continental. Bentley has used the Continental name since 1994 when Lincoln was introducing their 9th gen Continentals. Clearly, they were both okay with that.
Kevin Rehbock Jan 10, 2012
And they're still going on with the craptastic MK nomenclature. That isn't helping anyone. Where's our Mark IX flagship? The Continental and the Zephyr?
Taylor Little Apr 01, 2012
The car in person is pretty spectacular. The headlights are a little small but I like it.
Povilas Mikulevicius Jan 16, 2012
This car looks so much better in person then in pictures.
Matt Moeller Jan 14, 2012
Ford, either drop the ugly Lincoln grills or drop the car, i know you think its iconic but it simply doesn't work.
Bobby Junior Jan 11, 2012
I was whistling and now I'm not
David Justice Jan 11, 2012
I agree with all who say this design theme is horrible. Looks like Lincoln is targeting Buick rather than Cadillac as their competition. And by the looks of it, Buicks design theme is better than this POS
Juan Rm Jan 10, 2012
Damn, again Lincoln failed to realize that they mistake is the humongous size of that freaking disgusting grill. Come on the headlights are way to small in proportion with the size of the grill. When will they learn...
Knox Ferraro Jan 10, 2012
The Lincoln RedBull.
Devin Babyn Jan 10, 2012
Love the whole front end it's beautiful
Jv Jan 10, 2012
headlights are way too small
Roger Jones Jan 10, 2012
Grill looks like angel wings
Dylan Bruder Jan 10, 2012
Looks bloated and just because something is luxury does not make it beautiful
Walter Alexander Thomas Jan 10, 2012
How is it ugly??????? This is new luxury.
Joseph Paventi Jan 10, 2012
Stop it with that big ass grille nobody likes it, it looks fkn retarded
stacey sl Jan 10, 2012
i think its better looking then the 2013dart
Vincent Chong Jan 10, 2012
Ugliest thing I've ever seen
Description: "Our movement as a brand is toward something we call elegant simplicity. It's something warmer and more restrained, which is moving away from complex designs and traditional luxury." A...
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Kevin Rehbock Jan 10, 2012
If Lincoln is a luxury brand, apparently it's the luxury brand for people who get drunk off blood orange mimosas at 8 AM and listen to rock-classical fusion. Maybe that explains why no one buys their cars.
Description: This is accentuated further by a panoramic glass roof integrated into the body spanning uninterrupted from the windshield to the top of the backlight. At the rear, LED technology permitted a thin full...
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Bobby Junior Jan 11, 2012
Those rims are even worse than the Bentley rims
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
Anthony if by good looking you mean all the same then yes.
Luis Enrique Lara Jan 10, 2012
The future speaks whale i libe it hope shamu agrees lincoln using its figure without giving credit
Description: A comfortable, functional interior features wood, aluminum and satin finishes with Champagne-colored leather seats, and a host of innovative technology such as a 10.1-inch TFT LCD operated with the la...
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Description: An all-new Lincoln Design Studio is in the making in Michigan under Wolff's direction, and when complete will be the first time the brand has had its own space since the seventies. Here, a dedica...
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John Kim Jan 10, 2012
That car has a fat ass.
Tomas Franquelli Jan 10, 2012
That rear is great though.
Dale Schroeder Jan 10, 2012
The front end could be a little more aggressive. Doesn't quite match the attitude the back half is trying to give.
Josh Harvly Jan 15, 2012
I'd say a mix between Aston Martin and dodge challenger
Bobby Junior Jan 11, 2012
Looks like one of those old Honda Accord a$$es
Shane Jansen Jan 10, 2012
I'm seeing a jaguar a$$
Knox Ferraro Jan 10, 2012
It looks like a mix of Audi and McLaren. Can't say I mind it.
Devin Babyn Jan 10, 2012
Hate that ass but love the front. I guess there's a compromise for everything
Garrick Rainey Jan 10, 2012
This is by the far the best looking Lincoln since the LS. Well done, cant wait to see it on the road.
Mr.philly215 Jan 10, 2012
Oh and it looks more like the hips of a bently taillights almost like a new charger.
Mr.philly215 Jan 10, 2012
If they take the rear doors off and make it a coupe change the name 2 mark8 it will sell like hotcakes
Jessica Rivera Jan 10, 2012
Although I see Charger in the back, I like it
Chris Bridgers Jan 10, 2012
Yes bcuz a similiar shape on the same thing=copy cat. Only so many car designs, if its not 1 line curve its another copying. Only so many tasteful options
Timothy Hooker Jan 10, 2012
Attempt at A7 with complete failure
Czezar Csongor Jan 10, 2012
Make it sharp and looong!! We don't need another shorty.... It is a Lincoln after all.
Avery Williams Jan 10, 2012
I knew this car would be looking great, especially how the back was design.
Bobby Junior Jan 11, 2012
How do I avoid sunburn in this
Devin Babyn Jan 10, 2012
Ford has that option on a bunch of cars now
Hank Austin Jan 10, 2012
The new mustang has a glass roof option so technically its not impossible
Barry Boo Wilson Jan 10, 2012
That and the fact the inside looks like a sardine can fit.
Abigail Williams Jan 10, 2012
Besides the glass roof, this car could actually work
Terry Loux Jan 11, 2012
Headrest needs improvement
Avery Williams Jan 10, 2012
Hold up, wait. Only on the center console.
Avery Williams Jan 10, 2012
I see futuristic Maybach on the dashboard and center console.
Joseph Paventi Jan 10, 2012
Love the steering wheel
aaron carter Mar 13, 2012
i own a brand new audi a8l and i appericate it and im 24
Richard Barakat Jan 30, 2012
I'm 18 and love my 740iL. Who wouldn't enjoy luxury?
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jan 11, 2012
Well, I appreciate my S600 and my Escalade. And I'm not old at all.
Devin Babyn Jan 10, 2012
Why would someone young buy a luxury car? They wouldn't appreciate it. It wouldn't be fast enough. And they'd probably ruin the interior. Oh and yes that really does look very happy lol
Frank Dreitlein Jan 10, 2012
it's your steering wheel and instrument cluster..and they're happy to see you!
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jan 10, 2012
Why old men? Do you have to be old to enjoy luxury?
Devin Babyn Jan 10, 2012
Yep the old men will love this good job Lincoln
Hank Austin Jan 10, 2012
It has buttons instead of a shifter which is usually seen on Aston martins or rolls royces... Kinda sets this apart as a luxury car
Thomas Opie Taylor Jan 10, 2012
Build what u feel this is real good
Humza Husain Jan 12, 2012
Mercedes has had an optional add-on for that
Avery Williams Jan 10, 2012
That's awesome, the words lights up when you open the door!