Description: This week's edition of Drag Race Tuesdays features a rolling start showdown between a 2011 Lamborghini LP570-4 Superleggera and a 2003 Dodge Viper. They go at it several times, giving us a clear ...
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Jay Mauran Jan 10, 2012
Looks pretty equal to me, that's good for a 9 year old Viper.
Description: The 2003 Dodge Viper SRT-10 has been enhanced a bit and puts out 555hp at the rear wheels. It runs on an 8.3-liter V10 engine which, at stock, can only put out 500hp and 525 lb-ft of torque. According...
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Brad Hickey Jan 10, 2012
Coolant loss... Read.
Ryan Patrick Clauson Jan 10, 2012
Says something about the viper if it's overheating
Sam Oglesby Jan 10, 2012
Then it wouldn't be a fair race which for once it is
Clint Edwards Jan 10, 2012
He isn't pushing that engine at all, at least supercharge it and get it in the 700's
Description: In any case, this is still a close race between two of the most famous supercars on the road today. Make your picks and choose your sides now. Who ya got, the Italian Raging Bull or the American... sn...
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Bernard Green Jan 12, 2012
The gallardo will always win. Spinning ain't winning
Michael Ioia Jan 12, 2012
#John, that's a stupid comment. Also don't be too quick to call a 1000hp Viper the winner of any race. I'm a Viper hommer as much as the next but when you put 1000hp in a car that has traction problems stock, its means for disaster unless you are an expierence driver. A better race would be the Hennessey TT 1000 Viper against the UnderGround TT 1000 Gallardo. Can someone make this happen???
John Raymond Jan 11, 2012
Let's see it race a venom 1000r that Lamborghini will get spanked
Pavel Kleymenov Jan 11, 2012
Not a big Fan of vipers but this one looked wicked. My bros buddy has 2 lambos in his show room. I think lambos are better built than vipers.
Ben 'Jammin Peters Jan 11, 2012
Of let's not say that Ethan
Rk Ranas Jan 11, 2012
@brandon i like harley their style never got old unlike other sport bike and harleys are so easy to ride,if you ride a bike you'll know the difference specially long rides.but bmws are awesome too.their suspensions are superb just like their cars. And still they are orgasm on wheels.
Patrick Schalk Jan 11, 2012
That's awesome. I want a new SRT8 300 somethin fierce. I think it's one of the best looking cars to come out in awhile.
Axel Cousins Jan 11, 2012
@dan. It was the Video: C6 Corvette vs. GT500 Mustang at Texas World Speedway, that got over 215 comments.
Rk Ranas Jan 11, 2012
For that money i'll buy a viper,ford f-450, and a harley
Rk Ranas Jan 11, 2012
Viper!viper! Lambos are for rich kid that doesn't know anything
Ethan Exavier Finderski Jan 11, 2012
Let's just all say it.... Lamborghini > any other car company
Devin Babyn Jan 11, 2012
Patrick I thought it got to 300. Pretty sure me and Brandon were the cause for that one
Kevin Rehbock Jan 11, 2012
Oh I missed a good conversation. Sucks about the Viper overheating.
Nick Benz Jan 11, 2012
Nucks patrick! hahaha
Patrick Schalk Jan 11, 2012
Haha Alex that Corvette vs Mustang one went over 200 awhile back
Alex Sharp Jan 11, 2012
Highest post count ive ever seen on a carbuzz article. #milestone
Patrick Schalk Jan 11, 2012
I'd be happy with a Z06 Carbon. LS7s are from another planet. Best NA engine you can get IMO.
Patrick Schalk Jan 11, 2012
Haha yeah I was JW. Wasn't trying to be a wiener. So yeah Viper ACR > Any Gallardo.
Kyle Karsemeyer Jan 11, 2012
Hey lets all be cool by using CarBuzz to chat!
Lou Guerrero Jan 11, 2012
Don't worry, Chloe. We're cool.
Jordan Freedman Jan 11, 2012
Apparently I'm dumb to think that people come on here to talk about cars anymore..
Patrick Schalk Jan 11, 2012
Ahh I see. You look a lot younger. I'm 23.
Patrick Schalk Jan 11, 2012
How old are you Chloe?
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
Yes cause that's exactly what I'm implying. Are you one of those homosexuals that freaks out about anyone mentioning anything about homosexuality?
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
You said to H&C that a girl gearhead is better than whatever but that wouldn't really help him out or be valid of you're a lesbian. And no I don't have anything against lesbos. As long as they don't act like dudes and try to fight real dudes. Seen it
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
Haha Chloe aren't you a lesbian?
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
Like a BOSS Brandon!! Those things top out at 174. I watched a special on the SPEED network about the new SRT8 lineup and it's absolutely insane. The Grand Cherokee too.
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
I'd buy a Vette, 03 Cobra, Prowler, do stuff to my Jeep, Power Wagon, and a new 300 SRT8 to cruise around in.
Devin Babyn Jan 10, 2012
Exactly I don't like lambo's but that ones different and I love it
Devin Babyn Jan 10, 2012
Brandon only one I'd have is the sesto elemento that things bad ass. All the other lambo's bore me I don't find anything special about them
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
Not really Chloe. We know you're referring to a penis.
Michael Gallagher Jan 10, 2012
Stick is fun and makes you feel one with the car, yes. But autos are faster at switching through gears. (in super cars and hyper cars, etc). I prefer manuel also, but it's just a fact.
Juan Ceja Jan 10, 2012
The guy in the viper needs to learn how to shift.
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
Oh hell. You guys are so awesome. Anyways, like I said, gotta have big ol nutsack to drive a Viper. Gallardo....meh.
Lou Guerrero Jan 10, 2012
I love the Viper. My dads friend races one and they're not for the feint of heart. Its a mans car. I still like Gallardo. Cool race.
Paul Pickard Jan 10, 2012
Lamborghini is a better performance car off the factory floor. But the viper is for drivers that love rowing threw the gears and replacing tires they shredded. Not having any aids to pilot the car just adds to the fun. Gotta go viper!
Johnny Francis Jan 10, 2012
Yea but ferraris and lambos are a hell of a lot sexier in my opinion.
Jared Palmer Jan 10, 2012
All the haters talking about American cars being junk, in this case the Viper, check service costs for a Viper vs Lambo vs Ferrari! Seen vipers go 100k before rebuilding 30k on Lambo and Ferrari
Ryan Patrick Clauson Jan 10, 2012
How do these cars evenatch up? Your talking about a 8 year and about a 115 HP difference, from a stand still it'd be even worse, rwd with no traction cotrol vs an awd. To me the vipers too barabaric of a car, too big of an engine with no traction
Elijah McCord Jan 10, 2012
And I'm also the one who showed her this app
Elijah McCord Jan 10, 2012
People leave Chloe alone I'm her girlfriends little brother and I've seen it before and she does have a vette.
No Pistons Jan 10, 2012
It's all good, I have a 4x4 dirt bike
Vincent Butler Jan 10, 2012
Chloe = BullShitter, LMAO it's not impossible, nothing is unless you have the ca$h. It will cost me $40k to convert my TL'S to AWD. That's a new car Not worth it. And I don't believe you one Bit. Lol
Michael Gallagher Jan 10, 2012
I like both cars, but I would go with Lamborghini. If I had the money. Well.. If I had the money I wouldn't get either. But anyway!! The lambo was my "childhood poster on wall" car. And I like having luxury with performance. Viper is still sweet tho
No Pistons Jan 10, 2012
Ya I have to call bs on the AWD vette unless someone sold you something else and they did a damn good job of making it look just like a vette.
Patrick Joseph Jan 10, 2012
I'm not a fan nor a hater of the viper. But I'd go for the Lamborghini any day. Performance wise it might be similar but I love the looks better. It's a beauty. An icon. Only I'd rather have a gear stick in it.
Shane Heid Jan 10, 2012
Chloe there is no such thing as an awd vette and it would be next to impossible to turn one into awd and would cost four times more than a vette so I call bs
Devin Babyn Jan 10, 2012
I've been in a 2002 viper. The thing accelerates so hard it pulls the blood out of you're legs. Now that's power I love these cars I'd take one over all but one Lamborghini it's obvious what one
Dillon Dixon Jan 10, 2012
I bet the Viper is a hella lot more fun than a Lambo, I'm gonna stick to my American roots and go with the viper.
Dave Stewart Jan 10, 2012
All in the shift and sriver
Teddy MacDonell Jan 10, 2012
could a 2003 vette keep up with the lamborghini like that?
Sam C-h Jan 10, 2012
I reckon Carbuzz post some of these just to see how controversial they will be.
Paolo Prezioso Jan 10, 2012
I don't get some Americans and their obsession that American cars are best. I'm American, and I can face the fact that a viper is 1/3 the price for a reason.
Mario Callirgos Jan 10, 2012
If I had 250k for one car I would buy a viper over the the Gallardo, take it to hennessy and then embarrass the aventador easily. That's a fact google c/d supercar challenge
Vincent Butler Jan 10, 2012
QQ Patrick? Lol!! Hey hey hey calm down now!! ;)
Christo Savaides Jan 10, 2012
I'm a man, and American, AND I drive manual and I would still take the Lamborghini over the Dodge any day.
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
Thibault must be one of those guys who doesn't have any testicles.
Clint Edwards Jan 10, 2012
Apparently the badge automatically determines if the car is inferior or superior. Good lord some of these people
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 10, 2012
I thought something like Make sure you wear your Seatbelt would show up but turns out to be make you you put the GoPro on tightly hahah
Thibault Leroy Jan 10, 2012
u guys are saying that now but if u had an old ugly ass viper and a nice lamborghini gallardo lp-570-4 supperlegera in front of you, you wouldent give a shit about the paddles and you would be a dumbass to take the dodge
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
Chloe then you have more balls than those wieners flappin their paddles.
Clint Edwards Jan 10, 2012
Viper any day of the week. I want a car that'll scare the living shit out of me
Vincent Butler Jan 10, 2012
Have a pair of balls? You can chop mine off Hmmm living in the city stuck in Traffic everyday. Fuk manuel!!l in traffic for 1-2hours+++. My leg always get numbed!! Power shifters the way to go :0
Zachary Sindelar Jan 10, 2012
Ill take the viper, such a mean sound and no car comes close to its unique look. Woooooo!!!
Tim Neely Jan 10, 2012
@haters; I believe the "ring record" is an Srt prepped acr on competition tires while the super Leggera time is a non caged no slick shod street cars. Just saying. Apples to apples ;-)
Mario Callirgos Jan 10, 2012
@Thomas You know the 2003 Gallardo made 493 comared to 510 from the viper and clocked 4.1 (c/d). The last viper produced in 2010 still holds the records at the ring and seca. All that said it is almost 1/3 the price of the lambo
Shane Heid Jan 10, 2012
@thomas go look at ring times and tell me the viper is weak and that record was still set by a year older model than that Lamborghini
No Pistons Jan 10, 2012
Well then you just admitted to having some balls. Hang them proud! Haha jk
El Titi Jan 10, 2012
I like the lambo more because its faster. Looks better and won't break down as much as the viper. .... But I would still pick the viper if offered both because of that angry 10 cylinder and manual transmission. The Viper is a real mans car :)
Teddy MacDonell Jan 10, 2012
I'd say thats pretty impressive on the vipers part, considering it's 8 years older and a small fraction of the price of the lamborghini. vipers are a true driver's car and I will always love them
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
Haha yeah that's pretty dumb on the Vipers owners part. Gah paddle shifters are freakin boring. I don't get why people like em so much. Whatever happened to having a pair of testicles and shifter like a real man?
rockstarTc Jan 10, 2012
even though I love the viper it doesnt have a chance vs. a lp-570. and the viper owner needs to take better car of his car...such a dumbass!
Dale Schroeder Jan 10, 2012
So the Viper was losing coolant and overheating, but the guy decided to keep racing it anyway. Way to go, genius!
Stephen Cobbs Jan 10, 2012
Viper didnt have a chance from the start.
Anthony Miller Jan 12, 2012
It would look better with black and white stripes
Omar Al-Rushaid Jan 11, 2012
Its gorgeous and i bet its prettier than your scooter.
Isaac Rezkalla Jan 10, 2012
Its not ugly and i bet it will roll faster then your Prius
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jan 10, 2012
How is it ugly? It's so unique and aggressive!
Thibault Leroy Jan 10, 2012
@Anthony i agree its dull and ugly
Clint Edwards Jan 10, 2012
Yeah, looks boring compared to that Ferrari you got huh
Shane Heid Jan 10, 2012
And it's faster than anything you will ever drive in your life that is unless you drive a viper
Omar Al-Rushaid Jan 10, 2012
That color is called taxi yellow, jk, love the viper :)