Comments - Chrysler 700C Concept Minivan Sneaks into Detroit

Published: Jan 10, 2012
Description: While the 2013 Dodge Dart gets all the attention, something a little less in the public eye has been spied at the Chrysler stand, namely the 700C Concept minivan. Nothing official has been said about ...
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Description: Featuring sliding rear doors and three rows of seats the modern design is certainly more attractive than the current competition in the form of the Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan....
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David Rosenberg Jan 11, 2012
Avery Williams Jan 10, 2012
What in the this?
Brad Dill Jan 10, 2012
Make the damn Eco voyager!!
Luke Gordon Jan 11, 2012
I'm a mopar die hard and usually stand behind anything Chrysler makes but ummmm not feeling this one. But also as the story says this was a pure attention getter nothing on that vehicle is set in stone.
Dale Schroeder Jan 11, 2012
Ditch the chrome bumper ducts on the front, redo the window on the sliding door so it lines up better with the belt line and front window, maybe some less blingtastic wheels, and this wouldn't be that bad really.
Freddy Garcia Jan 10, 2012
Looks like a hearse
Kevin Rehbock Jan 10, 2012
When I thought the NV200 was ugly enough, I saw this
stacey sl Jan 10, 2012
this is wrong in every way
Yousef Alhejazein Jan 10, 2012
Lol is this a joke
Jeremy Siebert Jan 10, 2012
Blind spots was my first thought too...but this has more style than an entire Toyota showroom. It would take balls to build this, but the risk could seriously payout. Also, it could fail miserably thanks to those who want an anonymous box-van
Boyd Boudreaux Jan 10, 2012
Besides its looks like two different vehicles, meaning windows, its fairly decent. Seems to have a lot of blind spots.
Jeremy Siebert Jan 10, 2012
That they don't let doors define window edges is pretty sweet