Comments - Acura ILX and RDX Concepts Arrive at Detroit

Published: Jan 10, 2012
Description: For the past few years, Acura has had a hard time in the world of luxury cars. Compared to their main competition, Honda's luxury division simply hasn't been able to grasp a design language ...
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Description: The ILX concept is a luxury compact sedan that will likely replace the TSX. And if you like the concept shown here, then you'll be pleased to know that an almost identical production version will...
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Turbo_geoduck Jun 13, 2012
while i liked the original, the TSX has been getting bigger and softer. also, the styling has been ho-hum.
Luis Abreu Jan 11, 2012
Why replace the TSX?
Dedrick Nathaniel Battle Jan 10, 2012
Should have happened sooo 4 years ago. But thanks for the update anyway.
Darius Glover Jan 10, 2012
Looks better than the current model
Description: he RDX you see here is also supposedly a "prototype," but it too will be reaching showrooms with little changes. It's the second generation of Acura's performance crossover and is ...
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Turbo_geoduck Jun 13, 2012
yeah, I also thought that the ZDX had a turbo 4, and the RDX had a v6. hmmm.. a Turbo 4 would be pretty cool in the ILX.
Micah Lau Jan 11, 2012
Perhaps they mean that the V6 is an upgrade with 2 more cylinders than the turbo I4.
Zaire Wilkins Jan 10, 2012
could have sworn the rdx and zdx shared the same engine 300hp V6
Vince DeMasi Jan 10, 2012
Possibly but wouldn't they say that or that cylinder deactivation thing
Trevor Brown Jan 10, 2012
Most articles on Carbuzz are understandable despite all the typos, but I really have no idea what they're trying to say there.
Vince DeMasi Jan 10, 2012
Am I reading this right or did carbuzz mess up when they said the V6 has two more cylinders which will help with fuel economy.... wouldn't that make it a V8... Correct me if I'm wrong
Description: Stepping inside, the interior features sweeping shapes, matte surface trim, and plenty of leather. Without question, the RDX will soon become a more serious model instead of the more offbeat model it ...
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P.j. Singleton Feb 17, 2012
I remember another hot entry-level Civic based Acura. It's name also started with an "I"...with an "a" at the end and a "ntegr" in the middle. Oh how I miss it.
Josiah Thomas Clements Jan 12, 2012
Besides for the front, I feel like this has a lot of Infiniti M inspiration...
David Rosenberg Jan 10, 2012
ILX cool name looks like the RTL
Dehong Liu Nov 24, 2012
More like a mdx
David Rosenberg Jan 10, 2012
I see land rover in the back
Luis Abreu Jan 10, 2012
Acura plz drop the grill and those scoop openings on the front bumper. It really messed up the MDX when you added those. I know it's your knew design language, but fire the guy that recommended it and fix this now!!!
John Kim Jan 10, 2012
Compared to what other companies are putting out this is very bland
Zaire Wilkins Jan 10, 2012
lol they said they mixed lexus in this design
Dale Schroeder Jan 10, 2012
Yeah, it's nice looking but still gives too much impression that it's a dressed up version of someone else's car.
Darius Glover Jan 10, 2012
I agree but stll it looks pretty nice
Riley Gonzales Jan 10, 2012
Too much lexus is in there.
Chris Urdas Jan 10, 2012
The c-pillar and back reminds me of a Lexus Is
Chris Purfield Jan 10, 2012
Back end reminds me of a 3 series coupe and an infiniti m35
David Rosenberg Jan 10, 2012
This is the old inside
Henz Herrero Jan 10, 2012
Tell me what car's dash u consider lux then.. In this price range..
Michael Horne Jan 10, 2012
I'm sorry, but I don't really see anything luxury about these xD. I see Honda, not luxury. :/