Description: Hyundai is making their mark on the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, starting with their refreshed 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. The coupe's two powertrain options have been spruced up significantly and add...
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David Grippin Jan 11, 2012
Great power out of a four banger and a V-6. Beats the Camaro, Mustang, and Chanllenger V-6 outputs.
No Pistons Jan 10, 2012
No more power cut off during aggressive shifting!?
Avery Williams Jan 10, 2012
Especially for a Hyundai.
Cory Deines Jan 10, 2012
@Alex - 5 sec 0-60 is pretty fast...
Alex Leu Jan 10, 2012
It still has like a 5 second 0-60..
Theo Hubbard Jan 10, 2012
Whoa! If they keep the weight down it'll beat my 370Z easily! Way to go Hyundai!
Anders Larsen Mar 02, 2012
They should do a convertible version
TimEngland Jan 26, 2012
or delete black bar and have huge grille, as other suggested.
TimEngland Jan 26, 2012
Ok.. I just decided that the new look might work, but they went wrong with the black bar, as a lot of people agree. Take any of the pictures of the red one, color match the black bar red with the rest of the car, then probably go badgeless to be clean. I cant wait to see some good pictures of it in black. I think I like the 1st gen more but cant justify buying on with the direct injection an incre...
Shad Dail Jan 18, 2012
How does this look like a charger? Didn't Hyundai use this style on other cars already? Charger looks like a Hyundai. Now that's amusing.
Matt Piccolo Jan 11, 2012
I mean it's not smialy but it's still a little big for a grill, especially since it's not a "big car"
Emil Kleijsen Jan 11, 2012
Well I think it looks stunning!
Danyaal Farooq Jan 11, 2012
It actually does look like a charger a little
Phillip B Jong Jan 10, 2012
Hahahaha looks like someone with orange slice in mouth with only peel showing
Cearbhall Beggan Jan 10, 2012
Lose the gum shield !!
John Kim Jan 10, 2012
The black bar -.- ... Everything else is great
Colin Sander Jan 10, 2012
"charger copy" WTF? Not even close! Still like the original the most!
No Pistons Jan 10, 2012
Get rid of of black bar and we are good
Matty Michaels Jan 10, 2012
Their turning into Mazda
Lou Guerrero Jan 10, 2012
Aaaaaand they've ruined it. This face lift gross. It's so busy and aggressive that it looks just plain horrible. -1
Vince DeMasi Jan 10, 2012
I'm not fond of how big the front is the rest is ok
Michael Bichay Jan 10, 2012
Design is still not quite up there yet..
Paul Trahan Jan 10, 2012
It's not a pretty car, but it is interesting looking. I dig it.
Elias Harb Jan 10, 2012
Same, not sure about the weird plastic piece on the front, the rear end still looks great though.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Jan 10, 2012
Welldone hyundai!!!!!
Dylan Bruder Jan 10, 2012
Hideous looks in my opinion
Zachary Sindelar Jan 10, 2012
I'm not liking the black piece in the front, it would look way better with the grill going all the way up. IMO
Michael Kozlowski Jan 10, 2012
I'm still trying to determine if I like it already or I'm trying to.
Ryan Roy Jan 10, 2012
Well done, that looks nice
Alex Cameron Jan 10, 2012
That seriously looks good
Description: This gives the coupe a significant boost from its predecessor, which put out a paltry-in-comparison 306hp and 266 lb-ft of torque. Performance for the V6 is said to be a 0-60mph time in just over five...
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Saud Al Masoud Jan 11, 2012
The interior is better than the old one
Jason Brower Jan 10, 2012
Damn, they're finally putting out proper numbers for a 2.0 t. With half the price difference between the 3.8 and the 2.0 you'd make the 2.0 way faster than the v6. And probably have enough left over for coils.
Jonathan Newcastle Jan 10, 2012
V-6 nearly rendered obsolete...
Description: The pairs' previous six-speed manual gearbox is retained as well. In terms of styling and the like, the Genesis Coupe has some aggressive new design lines and seven new choices for coloring the ...
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Patrick Schalk Jan 11, 2012
Ohh I see. What are your plans for it?
Michael Gallagher Jan 11, 2012
70s trans am, white with blue racing stripes. It looks unbelievable. But I could never find a good one. Plus that would be a lot easier to work on then most cars. Like once my warranty is up on the G, modifying that engine. (or I'll get extended war)
Michael Gallagher Jan 11, 2012
Well, my brother has a 04 GTO which sits in the garage 24/7, which I'm fine with. But I wasn't sure of I wanted the same car. And I wanted something no one else has around here (around my age). And I fell in love with the G35 years back. So I got G
Patrick Schalk Jan 11, 2012
Ahhh I would've gone with the Goat! A lot of people don't like them but I think they are gonna become a collectors piece in the future. I love the 6.0 GTOs. Haha that 70s TA is random.
Michael Gallagher Jan 11, 2012
Nope. I know they are fast but didn't want all plastic. I looked at.. Audi tt, G35sx, new camaro, 70-73 trans am, 06 GTO, and a couple of other things. But I fell in love with the G37s in Athens blue with black interior. Fully loaded. I love it
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
I'm not saying it's not nice because they are REALLY nice. I like them. But for some reason I've had so many people that own them try to race me. Did you look at 370Zs too Michael?
Ken Louise Jan 10, 2012
As for the looks, Hyundai ruined the look of the Genesis with that front design. But I think it's still a reasonably good car.
Michael Gallagher Jan 10, 2012
Besides, for the v6 the G has, the performance numbers are awsome.
Michael Gallagher Jan 10, 2012
I would hope you would win with two extra cylinders. And I can't hate on the camaro, because I almost bought one with after intake and exhaust and it sounded awsome. But I wanted something that was also luxury and sporty. not just straight line.
Michael Bichay Jan 10, 2012
LOL at Patrick....American fan boys make me laugh
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
G37s are for wieners who think their car is fast. I've have so many douchebag G37 dudes try to race me it's hilarious. They are nice but nothin special.
Michael Gallagher Jan 10, 2012
G37 is a lot more expensive. Because it also has class to it. And won't break down as much.
Brandon Lidy Jan 10, 2012
Pretty sure the g37 is a bit more expensive than the genesis coupe
Devin Babyn Jan 10, 2012
Always loved this car and with these new engines in it they've only made it better
Matt Piccolo Jan 11, 2012
I agree back is really nice compared to the old one but still not sold on the front
John Kim Jan 10, 2012
The back is wayyy better than the old one..
Peter Jalsaeng Kim Jan 10, 2012
@carlos this new design is wayyy better than the old genesis coupe..they're completely different from the old ones..
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 10, 2012
Back is the same as old one
Devin Babyn Jan 10, 2012
It scares the Camaro
James Patrick Delaney Jan 10, 2012
I don't think mustangs scare anything lol
Zack Hartman Jan 10, 2012
They're ok in person I usually scare them with my mustang though =] haha
Bryan Kent McPeters Jan 10, 2012
Same here Tom. Some cars look great in pictures but awful in person. Hope this one is at least as nice.
Tom Mcleod Jan 10, 2012
Liking this car more and more, but anxiously awaiting the all important first time sighting in real life before I make my decision.
Adam Zarytsky Jan 13, 2012
This easily beats the camaro
Phillip Holbrook Jan 11, 2012
It actually outguns the V6 Camaro by a good margin. If they put the sedans V8 in it Ford and GM both would be put on notice. And I'm a GM fanboy, so it pains me to say this.
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
Haha don't make me laugh H&C.
Devin Babyn Jan 10, 2012
Those tail lights look evil. They'll definitely keep the tailgaters back
Matt Piccolo Jan 11, 2012
@ Dale, that's what I was thinking to big of a grill
Emil Kleijsen Jan 11, 2012
Actually this picture is my wallpaper :P
Dale Denis Jan 10, 2012
Nasty black plastic front!!! Nasty
Phillip Holbrook Jan 19, 2012
Thank you Shad, in 5 years Hyundai's prices and cars will match the best from Germany. I'd guarantee it because everyone is buying the shit out of them. If people bought Chevy's like this we'd be out of this recession cause they'd have to hire more
Shad Dail Jan 18, 2012
Actually, phil did his homework. When I worked for Hyundai the inside scoop in 2005 was a separation of Kia to Hyundai. Kia being for youngsters with little money (soul), Hyundai for people with more money (Equus, genesis sedan). The separations become more apparent when Hyundai introduced the genesis sedan and Equus after.
Luis A Martinez Jan 13, 2012
That's really dumb Phil. Just look at the price range.
Matt Piccolo Jan 11, 2012
@phillip, I'm pretty sure that's not the case, Hyundai cannot touch BMW or merc with any of their cars, their just no where near the same class!
Phillip Holbrook Jan 11, 2012
It's interesting everyone thinks Hyundai's are supposed to be affordable. In the mind of the business people behind Hyundai/Kia, Kia is the affordable one and Hyundai is supposed to be the BMW/Lexus competitor.
Emil Kleijsen Jan 11, 2012
@James damn I forgot about the BRZ/GT 86/FR-S, now I gave to choose D:
James Patrick Delaney Jan 11, 2012
How would this car compare to the BRz?
Devin Babyn Jan 10, 2012
I'd take this Genesis over any Infinity there so boring
Michael Gallagher Jan 10, 2012
They would laugh because he drives a Hyundai. This is where you get into "who has a nicer car". G37 is a lot nice
Abigail Williams Jan 10, 2012
It's a Hyundai for a reason. It's supposed to be affordable...
Arevalo23 Jan 10, 2012
Why does everyone complain bout cars that they can't even afford? Stop hating
Allen Beattie Jan 10, 2012
Yeah, what are you talking about, why would people laugh?
Michael Page Jan 10, 2012
I wouldn't laugh at him, it's a nice car
Michael Bichay Jan 10, 2012
Go ahead. Gives more reason for people to laugh wen they see you in this wannabe Infiniti
Peter Jalsaeng Kim Jan 10, 2012
i especially love the rear of the genesis coupe, id pick this car over G37 anyday..
Matt Piccolo Jan 11, 2012
No, just no!!!!! Not feelin it at all!!!
Trevor Brown Jan 10, 2012
I love the torquemeter in the middle of the center console.