Description: Honda is marking their arrival at the 2012 North American International Auto Show with a preview of their 2013 Honda Accord Coupe. The concept on display in Detroit has garnered plenty of attention fr...
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Nick Yekikian Aug 24, 2012
Bonus points for all the alliteration in the title...
Mike Aguilar Jan 14, 2012
Looks like the Kia optima and the Forte Koup Sx had a love child.
Zaire Wilkins Jan 12, 2012
the I4 engine is gonna be CVT like the altima i watched the video on motortrend but i bet the CVT that honda is going to use is outdated
Matt Piccolo Jan 11, 2012
The v6 is said to have 310 hp, look it up on google, it's in a whole bunch of articles, just look up "2013 Honda accord v6 hp" or something close to it
Jorge Martins Jan 11, 2012
They have so many different types of k engines, some have 130hp and some have 240hp.
Nilesh Agrawal Jan 11, 2012
GO HONDA GO!!! finally they have a good looking car after screwing up many
Kyle Bohne Jan 10, 2012
they could have also lost the power for more fuel economy and direct injection is the most fuel efficient way to do it... just my opinion
Maury L. Meredith Jan 10, 2012
Those numbers are wrong. I had a 2008 Accord Coupe. My car had a 4 pot with 190 horses. As usuall, the editor of this story was misinformed.
Juan Ceja Jan 10, 2012
The K20 has more HP but deff' not more Torque... K20=134 lb-ft
Nick88gm Jan 10, 2012
these r horrible numbers for a new 4 banger. GM has had the 2.4 ecotec for like 5 years that puts out 177 HP. and the k24 is not one of the best motors out there.its the base cr-v motor.the k20 is more potent.
Zaire Wilkins Jan 10, 2012
im suprised honda has torque on this 4 cylinder cause honda dosent favor torque mostly nissan does not toyota
Zachary Maurer Jan 10, 2012
Ok kool, I'll post stuff on this article and on the newest ones, January 15th
Jorge Martins Jan 10, 2012
Umm you guys know that its a 4 cylinder right? That's not bad numbers at all. They also have a j32 3.2L V6 300hp motor. There using a K24 motor on this model witch is one of the best 4 cylinder ever made.
Jake Sully Jan 10, 2012
Redesigned??? Geez that looks kinda same to current version
Kyle McCullough Jan 10, 2012
Sounds good zach! Id like to hear opinions from one of us
Raymond Reynoso Jan 10, 2012
They lost some horses
Zachary Maurer Jan 10, 2012
Does anyone want me to post updates and comments about the cars, aftr I get back from the autoshow? It will be actual opinions on the cars up close. Anyone?
Kevin Rehbock Jan 10, 2012
WTF? How do they add direct injection and LOSE power over the previous engine?
Paul Lissona Jan 10, 2012
Very reliable efficient good power easy to work on.
Kyle Nistler Jan 10, 2012
And they are NA so that makes it even better.
Matt Piccolo Jan 14, 2012
@Joey, where are you getting that from, ya it has the same overall shape but their are very noticeable differences in the lights, grill, bumpers
Terry Loux Jan 11, 2012
I'm sorry for the disaster I had no problem donating money to the recovery effort. The civic wound up on the do not recommend list and disappointed faithful customers. The torque is evenly matched bt fusion and accord Can't wait for the reviews
Stephen Pesantez Jan 11, 2012
Are you all blind? Looks like a ford? Put this and the Kia forte koup, the front ends look exactly the same. And the rear looks like a new gen Acura TL. Nevertheless it looks hot! Who ever designed this re design the civic plz LOL
Matt Piccolo Jan 11, 2012
@ Terry idk what ur talking about, this looks a million times beter and mustang and accord... Not same class except the v6 mustang which I would want this over that... But. Think Honda can rebound and the only reason their sales aren't good if from the flood that destroyed millions worth of cars and the disaster in japn, I think they bounce back good, especially with this in the fall!!!!!! IMO, th...
Terry Loux Jan 11, 2012
I don't think Honda can rebound from horrible 2011 products and sales with this redesign. It looks ok but fusion looks better.
Terry Loux Jan 11, 2012
When you compare it to a Nissan or hyundai it could be considered better by some. I think an American made mustang would be a choice considered by many more.
Matt Piccolo Jan 11, 2012
And I bet it will succeed at being the most powerful and most Fuel efficient too... If you look up on google "2013 Honda accord v6 hp" or something close to it they're saying, in multiple articles it's gunna have 310 hp which is incredible for the mid sized market, no other mid sized sedan is even close to 300!!!!!!!!!!!
Matt Piccolo Jan 11, 2012
@terry, I don't know what youre talking about, this looks like it will be the best mid sized sedan on the market for looks!!!!! The last accord was always my fav mis sized sedan but this is incredible, makes the other one look like crap lmao IMO
Terry Loux Jan 11, 2012
Lookin like a Ford. Don't think you are going to gain back any customers. The damage has been done. Back to the design table.
Justin Routh Jan 10, 2012
Why does everyone only say what other car it looks like? Every article people do that
Michael Bichay Jan 10, 2012
Honda is beginning to run out of designs. Eager to kno how their cars will look 10 years from now
Michael Bichay Jan 10, 2012
Okay wtf Chloe? Get TF out
Nick88gm Jan 10, 2012
looks like a optima / Ford Taurus mix to me
Zaire Wilkins Jan 10, 2012
this car looks just like a honda accord
Scott Lenahan Jan 10, 2012
way way freaking better than the current generation
Luis Abreu Jan 10, 2012
Agreed on Kia-esque grill. Sorry Honda, not feeling it :(
Alex Leu Jan 10, 2012
What's up with the squares on the side?
Logan LeMonnier Jan 10, 2012
It looks like a Kia forte mixed with ugly
Jorge Martins Jan 10, 2012
Looks better then most cars in its class .
Timothy Hooker Jan 10, 2012
What is the hold up? This should be production two years ago not a concept today! Honda is so behind the curve
Alex Lê Jan 10, 2012
Hyundai/Kia's doing absolutely great right now but I honestly don't see much influence here..the car looks great but I'm kind of disappointed with how relatively conservative Honda has been with their newest models (new civic and now the accord). But that NSX..
John Kim Jan 10, 2012
How in the world does this look like a kia optima.
Jason Brown Jan 10, 2012
The front looks very similar to KIA forte current models.
Bobby Junior Jan 10, 2012
The front looks like a Volvo
David Rosenberg Jan 10, 2012
Wow looks awesome! Can't wait
Gilson Melo Jan 10, 2012
It looks like a 2 doors Kia optima.
Jason W. Evers Jan 10, 2012
Thought it was a Saab Forte mut from the front end.
Shaylen Kumar Patel Jan 10, 2012
It looks completely different.
Dale Denis Jan 10, 2012
I see A LOT Of Kia influence
Zachary Maurer Jan 10, 2012
Ummm how about the candy red, blacked out headlights, and a few other minor, but sharp changes, Honda us bringing their game to detroit
Shane Jansen Jan 10, 2012
There's almost no difference other than the wheels and minor changes in the front, who's eye is this thing catching?
rockstarTc Jan 10, 2012
I can see a good difference. The front looks all redesigned but i can I still tell its an accord which i think the designers wanted to do.
Description: Power is transferred to the wheels via a continuously variable transmission. Honda has said that they will continue to provide an optional 3.5-liter V6 for the mid-size model, paired to a six-speed tr...
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Matt Piccolo Jan 11, 2012
Awesome, 6-speed finally!!!!!!
Nick88gm Jan 11, 2012
sorry.I forgot it was the 3.0 before that.
Juan Ceja Jan 10, 2012
3.5 V6 has been around since 08 when the 8th gen came out.
Nick88gm Jan 10, 2012
what do u mean adding the 3.5? they've had a 3.5 in the accord for like 10 years
Zaire Wilkins Jan 10, 2012
the smart key like nissan every car is keyless
Jorge Martins Jan 10, 2012
I can't believe there adding the 3.5 and not the 3.2 . Sweet!
Blaise Stevensen Jan 10, 2012
Finally a 6-speed auto! Now they just need to add a smart key type of thing.
Description: The Accord Hybrid was last seen in 2007, and the new model is quite impressive in its hybrid function. In all-electric mode, the concept has a range of 10-15 miles and can reach a top speed of 62mph. ...
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Andrew Grimm Jan 11, 2012
What does the 458 have ANYTHING to do with this car?
Ernesto Dominguez Apr 13, 2012
The rims look like the ones from Kia Optima but this vehicle looks amazing and I want one!
Matt Piccolo Jan 11, 2012
This is amazing, easily the nicest looking mid sized sedan!!!!!!!!!!
Christopher McSween Jan 11, 2012
This is hot. However, I want to see the sedan. I think the current sedan does not look good at all in comparison to it's coupe counterpart.
Dale Denis Jan 10, 2012
I do like the wheels
Scott Lenahan Jan 10, 2012
wish those rims would make production in that size.. never gonna happen though
Logan LeMonnier Jan 10, 2012
Does look good from the side
Patrick Joseph Jan 10, 2012
Looks brilliant. It's very 3series-ish. It's not your usual bland Japanese metal box on wheels. Loving it.
John Kim Jan 10, 2012
Amazing body... The car is good too
Matthew Malyapa Jan 10, 2012
your talking about the car right?
Description: The executive VP of sales for American Honda said this with conviction, and after taking one glance at the concept you can see why. The Accord Coupe Concept also comes complete with all of the company...
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Description: The 2013 Honda Accord will go on sale in fall 2012. This is the ninth-generation Accord and is sure to surpass its predecessors in terms of technology, styling and, in what Honda hopes, sales. The 201...
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Matt Piccolo Jan 11, 2012
I think this is sweet, yea It may look close to the 8th gen but it's freshened up a lot, it looks sportier in every way with all the nice curves and Crome touches, personally I think it's gunna be the best lookin Honda available and the best mid sized sedan
Shane Jansen Jan 10, 2012
@Zack to be honest with you I think id kill myself if I had a Prius. I agree with Patrick here.
Raymond Reynoso Jan 10, 2012
I own the current model, this looks way too similar to it. Except this thing has ugly shiny squares on it.
Bob Thebuilder Jan 10, 2012
The rear looks a bit like that of the genesis
John Kim Jan 10, 2012
Great body but need more power..
stacey sl Jan 10, 2012
i don't care for the rear end, the rest i like
Zachary Sindelar Jan 10, 2012
Really cool! I'll take it!
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
This looks like a big turd. I've already seen one like this in the ghetto. Looks cheap.
Paul Lissona Jan 10, 2012
I heard it was supposed to be a little smaller which would be really good.
Zachary Maurer Jan 10, 2012
Nicer than ur prius... Or dexters yaris
Shane Jansen Jan 10, 2012
WHOA more bends in the side, it's SOOO unique and new
Mike Aguilar Jan 11, 2012
The wheels look like they came off the new style Kia Sportage, the headlights and grille are the same as the 09-10 Kia Optima, and the bottom half of the bumper looks like a Kia Forte Sx. Look them up, you'll see.
Matt Piccolo Jan 11, 2012
I do kind of see a tinny bit of Kia here but not much, great job Honda, I think they've brought this a long way!!!
Wildabeast Jenkins Jan 11, 2012
Looks like a Kia! ....finally
James Mcmahon Jan 10, 2012
Haha that comment hasnt been deleted tho
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2012
Haha dang dude chill. I don't think they like when people say simple things. Use more of your characters and describe what you like and don't like about the car or features.
Jacob Anthony Soto Jan 10, 2012
Yeah those won't make it to production.
Bob Thebuilder Jan 10, 2012
+1 to Patrick - I was thinking the exact same thing
Patrick Joseph Jan 10, 2012
The LED squares in the bumper arent necessary. Fill them in. It looks like an aftermarket kit you'd expect to find at the dollar store
Shaun Conroy Jan 10, 2012
It resembles the European Civic. Quite a bit I might add.
Honda Civic Feb 13, 2012
Im loving that car right now, it looks really cool
Jeremy Siebert Jan 11, 2012
Nice vintage model on the right!
Mono Feo Jul 06, 2012
Don't look nothing close to Kia lets say Kia copied the civic yea the forte sh$&
Mike Aguilar Jan 11, 2012
This car looks like it was built for those who really want a Kia Optima, but are not willing to drive one due to a nameplate. But if you put a Kia logo on the grille, it would fit in perfectly with the Kia design with a slight tweak. Personally I like the Optima better, but it is my opinion.
Jorge Martins Jan 11, 2012
No such thing as a type r only euro r or type s. only type r is civic NSX integra
Zaire Wilkins Jan 11, 2012
next altima is the last GEN and sentra they both are replaced
Michael Bichay Jan 10, 2012
Hopefully the altima looks better
Albert Jaramillo Jan 10, 2012
Don't care for the LEDs. But the rest of the car looks great
Juan Ceja Jan 10, 2012
He's talking about the Euro Accord Type-R.
Hamza Hamid Jan 10, 2012
@Nick88gm do you mean the Acura TSX?
Ning Ge Jan 10, 2012
What happened to the ugly fog light? I smell a little Korean car...
Juan Ceja Jan 10, 2012
The front kinda looks like my 6th Gen coupe. Me gusta! :)
Nick88gm Jan 10, 2012
has anyone seen the version of the accord they sell in Europe? I think its called the Accord Euro R. looks a lot like this and thats been out since around mid 2000's
Zaire Wilkins Jan 10, 2012
the hybrid altima is suppose to have 273hp with a screwcharger on too
Zaire Wilkins Jan 10, 2012
nissan is holding the 2013 altima hostage there is no pics of it yet but expect it to look like the nissan ellure concept
Jorge Martins Jan 10, 2012
For more power just swap engines. Btw this is all coming from a Ford guy.
Jorge Martins Jan 10, 2012
Haha Walter. As a person who works at a shop I can easily say that Honda/Acura are by far the best cars. They last forever, not much to maintain, they cost nothing. Only down side is the body rusts but the newer gens are a lot better. If your looking
Walter Alexander Thomas Jan 10, 2012
Honda is no where near the best choice. Their cars are not even a statement. And quality is getting beat
Vincent Butler Jan 10, 2012
Honda would be the best choice for you!
John Rigano Jan 10, 2012
they screwed up the Camry....I'm eager on seeing the Altima also.
Walter Alexander Thomas Jan 10, 2012
I was waiting to see this????? Now waiting on the Altima. So far 2013 fusion just might be the best in the segment then the optima turbo and sonata.