Comments - Car Tattoo Fails and Wins

Published: Jan 01, 2012
Description: Just like people, tattoos on cars can be either awesome or "ugh." Putting a tattoo on a car is always a risky move, one which you might regret later on. Depending on what you're tattooi...
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Marques Bigboi Johnson Jan 01, 2012
But toucan awalys get it painted over
Description: I can easily see how the Smart ForTwo Ed Hardy Edition seemed like a good idea at the time. Christian Audigier's Ed Hardy line of clothing was all the rage back in 2008, and Smart was trying to g...
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turbo_geoduck Jan 03, 2012
ed Hardy? who's that? ...o. wife says clothes. how about Carhartt? LOL...
Michael Gallagher Jan 02, 2012
For wanna be italians that any spend the money to buy real name brands. (Michael kors, Prada, Marc Jacobs, LV, Gucci). You know. And the at itself is just homo
Colin Dzendolet Jan 01, 2012
Douche comes in small packages too, huh?
Josh Melhorn Jan 01, 2012
Meaning the car 0__o
Josh Melhorn Jan 01, 2012
What a bunch of fags...
Zack Herzer Jan 01, 2012
Why the license plate.
Riley McKelvie Jan 01, 2012
Emo people would never wear Ed hardy. It's for annoying Italian spray tanned douche
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 01, 2012
It looks cheap as f***. Oh wait, f*** ain't cheap. Ah, forget anything I said.
Marques Bigboi Johnson Jan 01, 2012
Looks "ok"... For some emo chick
Shane Heid Jan 01, 2012
Agreed, I just feel like death seeing this
Knox Ferraro Jan 01, 2012
John Gossling must die.
Kristoffer Lopez Jan 01, 2012
I do like what they did to the bumper though
Description: Ford South Africa decided to show the hatchback's wild side by commissioning tattoo artist Milo "Mr. Lucky" Marcel to design a slew of tattoos for the Fiesta. The resulting tattoos adde...
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Nick Mitchell Jan 03, 2012
I will bring my reaper to the party
Garrett Frye Jan 02, 2012
David: yeah, fiestas have been around for a while
Michael Gallagher Jan 02, 2012
Another gay happening. I think I realize something, tattoos are gay and for low confidence people. "hey, I may be ugly, but I got a tattoo! That's cool yea? "
David Rosenberg Jan 01, 2012
Never heard if an old fiesta I thought it came out in 2011!?!?
Vince DeMasi Jan 01, 2012
Wtf is this? That's terrible
Hank Austin Jan 01, 2012
This was designed by a man?
Chris Penza Jan 01, 2012
Has anyone seen my rpg
Adenis AK Ruci Jan 01, 2012
That's sum gangsta shiz
Raymond Reynoso Jan 01, 2012
Lmao wtf. Damn that's so ugly
Description: The Ferrari F430 Calavera is several steps above the Ford Fiesta Tattoo Edition simply because it's a Ferrari and because it takes its tattoos seriously. This custom Ferrari was made by Unique Sp...
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P_R_N_D Jan 02, 2012
ruined an otherwise beautiful car
David Rosenberg Jan 01, 2012
WARNING: Each tattoo adds 100 HP. Lol
Cooper Branham Jan 01, 2012
It's the Novitec Rosso tuned version. That's why 707
Zack Herzer Jan 01, 2012
707 hp!? Regular one didn't have 500hp.
Stephen Cobbs Jan 01, 2012
Skulls and Ferrari's dont mix.
Tin Nguyen Jan 01, 2012
T would some one do this to a Ferrari. The car itself is a piece of art.
Chris Bridgers Jan 01, 2012
Art wise this isnt much better than the fiestas job, atleast it was original.
Carter Sullivan Jan 01, 2012
I like the ones around the wheels... Not sure about the hood
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 01, 2012
This one's not bad... At least better than the other crap.
Eric Michalak Jan 02, 2012
Cool lights in the skirt
Lukas Lebs Jan 02, 2012
Ughh 430 not the sexiest alive
Logan LeMonnier Jan 01, 2012
So cheesy like it should be on a ricer
Weston Caloyer Jan 01, 2012
Yet another example of why artists ruin everything.
Description: Automakers take note: The Ferrari F430 tattooed by French artist Philippe Pasqua is how a tattooed car should look. Pasqua's unique work of art is wrapped from head-to-toe in leather with a wonde...
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Lukas Lebs Jan 02, 2012
Looks like someone has been drawing on an old or recycled paper... Just make it white n not shitty tan
Justin Harris Jan 01, 2012
CarBuzz did this one awhile back. I decided to search this guy and see if he did any other car art and it turns out he made an epic gallardo. I would drive both of them if I was a rich guy in a supercar rally like gumball. You'd get all the attention!
Tajul Islam Jan 01, 2012
Is that a real car hangin off the wall?
Thomas Trudzinski Jan 01, 2012
Proof you have too much money: you wrap a super car in leather and tattoo it.
Bob Thebuilder Jan 01, 2012
Not my style either, but you can tell its done tastefully
Daniel Marino Jan 01, 2012
I sure remember this one
Daniel Mcfarlan Riedmuller Jan 01, 2012
So this car and the next one are not the same.... The skull on the roof is farther forward on the second pic.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 01, 2012
Not my style, but it's art, so I'll appreciate it.
Knox Ferraro Jan 01, 2012
It's leather-wrapped and actually tattooed. Awesome.
Payne Hodges Wilson Jan 01, 2012
@Andrew they are real they did an article on the exact same cars a few weeks back they were attached to the wall to make it easier to tattoo certain angles
Justin Harris Jan 01, 2012
Both F430s are different cars. Look at the eyes on the skull of each one.
Andrew Hossann Jan 01, 2012
They aren't real... It's hanging on a wall u can see by the mirror on the left
Logan LeMonnier Jan 01, 2012
This is the best one
Daniel Mcfarlan Riedmuller Jan 01, 2012
If they are real and the artist made these cars so close in design he or she is not showing much creativity, simple repetition with slight variation.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jan 01, 2012
So we're not allowed to see other angles?
Chris Bridgers Jan 01, 2012
Same car only darker
Jack Higgins Jan 01, 2012
Two different cars obviously. They are two different tattoos.
Daniel Mcfarlan Riedmuller Jan 01, 2012
Yeah so either these are different cars or low quality photoshops.