Comments - Eterniti Hemera Official Full-Body Photos Released

Published: Sep 09, 2011
Description: On Monday we brought you the 2nd official teaser of Eterniti's premier SUV concept and now we are bringing you the first full official photos of the brand-new British brand's SUV. Alliterati...
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David Eslava Sep 09, 2011
Eterniti=Infiniti that's the dumbest name rip off they could think of...
Sanyin Banjac Sep 09, 2011
What a british car hahaha. Its a suped up porsche cayenne. New car my ass.
Law Patrickus Sep 09, 2011
Hahaha. F-f-f- b-b-b
Description: It will also feature reclining electric rear seats and some limousine-like interior accoutrements. It runs on the Cayenne Turbo's turbocharged V8 and has been tweaked for an output of 620hp. The ...
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Pierre E Jean Sep 09, 2011
2.5 tons + cayenne turbo's twiked v8 = you'd better take the gas station with you my friend
Eduardo Lopez Sep 09, 2011
Hey mum I'm going to be late to my cricket game!
Taylor Greenfield Sep 10, 2011
Mix of new Cayenne and Audi R8 GT
Riley Gonzales Sep 09, 2011
the exhaust pipes are like in the tires lmao
Kyle Chaquico Sep 09, 2011
The rear looks amazing
Daniel Levy Sep 09, 2011
Back lights are awesome
Don Burch Sep 09, 2011
Is this not a pimped Porsche?
Miguel Longoria Sep 09, 2011
That 3rd brake light reminds me of a uni-brow lol.
Phillip Fitchew Sep 09, 2011
Fitting that it gets it's power from the Cayenne mill as it looks a lot like a Cayenne itself...
Dariusz Hołdys Sep 11, 2011
Tuned previous Cayenne.
Luke Walker Sep 10, 2011
The front..... Hmmm let me guess what it could look like. Lol
Nick Benz Sep 09, 2011
Apparently not garret
Garrett Keller Sep 09, 2011
Does this thing have a front?
Kevin Rehbock Sep 09, 2011
How are these full body shots if we haven't seen the front yet?
Miguel Longoria Sep 09, 2011
Wheels look like an updated version of the Ram SRT-10's.
Jason Hsu Sep 09, 2011
Yes it is, lol! Just slap on a bodykit and badges and a new car brand is made, lol! What's British about it? Cayenne with Lotus suspension?