Description: Smart and Swedish fashion brand WeSC (We are the Superlative Conspiracy) have just released this video and details of their new Brabus Fortwo special edition that will have its official premiere next ...
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Jason Harbert Sep 08, 2011
I've always had my own name for them, the Oxymoron. Pathetic carrying capacity, mediocre fuel economy (avg 32mpg despite what Smart reports), and nonexistent performance/fun factor... All for over 13K?? The name invokes something it is not. OXYMORON.
Sebastian Grey Sep 08, 2011
This is one of the worst cars in the world. Why do people keep making special additions for it?
Frank Alberto Baez Sep 08, 2011
I have always ask, what is smart on getting this car?
Stephen Ishard Sep 08, 2011
Props to a company who can make one of these look good. It'll be hard ugly is in it's DNA
Brad Wood Sep 08, 2011
My goodness, it looks like a real car just took a poop.
Description: The 102hp Brabus-powered engine remains, allowing the little urban hauler to go from 0 to 60mph in 8.9 seconds with a top speed of 96mph.
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Ydj Young Sep 08, 2011
But not very impressive for a Brabus car.
Michael Wilson Sep 08, 2011
pretty impreasive for a smart car
Description: If you're all excited for this, then try not to be too disappointed by the fact that the gold-plated horse-head shifter knob is unique only for the show car and cannot be ordered. Too bad, becaus...
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Matt Hammett Sep 08, 2011
This thing actually has very good crash test results
Brad Wood Sep 08, 2011
Comes with one well designed coffin at no charge..... Wait, it is a coffin.
Zach Cinkosky Sep 08, 2011
Dig their clothes, but hate that there is no JL audio affiliation here. Make a WeSC Wrangler and I'm in.
Sebastian Grey Sep 08, 2011
It's sort of a neat name, but not for a fashion brand.
Quinn Shannon Sep 08, 2011
That are probably the best thing you get out of this