Description: In one weeks' time Germany's premier auto show will fill our pages, hearts and minds as automakers from all over the world strut their stuff in the showroom. We are expecting many different ...
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Isaac Rezkalla Sep 19, 2011
porsche has bought 51 percent of VW and everything VW owns including lambo bugatti
Ken Madison Sep 09, 2011
So fiat and VW do not own them all. I think some ruskie owns Saab or Volvo now.
Joel Hayes Sep 08, 2011
Dont forget landrover and jag are owned by tata
Joe Consigli Sep 08, 2011
Stephen is correct. Jaguar is owned by Tatar Motors, and Aston Martin is owned by a company called Prodrive. Ford sold them off a few years back.
Rodney Rogers Junior Sep 08, 2011
Opel and Vauxhaul are GM, jag and Aston are ford.
Stephen Ishard Sep 08, 2011
Tata an Indian owns jag
Ken Madison Sep 08, 2011
Except Opel and vauxhal??? I'm pretty sure some indian or Chinese company owns either Aston or jag.
Stephen Cobbs Sep 08, 2011
Ferrari is owned by Fiat hehe.
Jonathan Harper Sep 08, 2011
Fiat owns Ferrari and maserati. Basically every brand in Europe is either a part of fiat or volkswagen
Description: The photo on the front of the guide gives away the whole Maserati SUV Concept and it looks pretty impressive. According to the guide, the new SUV concept could be powered by Maserati's 4.7-liter ...
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Description: The Maserati SUV will debut next week at the aforementioned 2011 Frankfurt International Auto Show and go on sale in 2013. It will be built at the Chrysler Groups's Jefferson North plant in Detro...
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Yancey Hsu Feb 03, 2012
Take my breath away..
Cearbhall Beggan Sep 12, 2011
Looks more like a Chinese knock-off effort. Massively unsmooth
Joshua Ryan Sep 09, 2011
It's too busy up front.
Tom Franquelli Sep 09, 2011
Ugly and pointless, just like the Cayenne and Panamera. Looks like there's a new car for idiots with too much money. Maserati makes such pretty cars, this is an insult to the company.
Nick Christensen Sep 09, 2011
Basically a cayenne....with a maserati grill. Try harder, be original
Ryan Patrick Clauson Sep 08, 2011
Looks like Beamer with a Cayenne
Paul Anthony Garcia Sep 08, 2011
Same class as the .cayenne I think ???
Ben Shrivers Sep 08, 2011
I've always been a HUGE fan of Maserati, boy did they really outdo themselves with this!!! can't wait for the Frankfurt unveiling!!
Dale Fredriks Sep 08, 2011
I'm not sure about this one. There's something about it I really like, but something else I hate. I just can't put my finger on either of them.
Zach Cinkosky Sep 08, 2011
I'll stick with a grand cherokee overland and my dignity.
Lev Levin Sep 08, 2011
Looks like infiniti mixed up with BMW x6. Oh, and with their own symbol, for sure.
Michael Gallagher Sep 08, 2011
I like it a lot. I'll wait a couple of years then buy a used one lol
Marcel Dawson Sep 08, 2011
Its an x6 with a maserati symble
Jonathan Newcastle Sep 08, 2011
I sincerely hope the upper echelon model outperforms the SRT-8 Cherokee...
Duncan Gibson Sep 08, 2011
Not as sleek or futuristic as the renderings. They where scary, but this is boring.
Ben Mossing Sep 08, 2011
This is a Volkswagen q6 or whatever with a maseratti grill and a few little decretive scoops. Nice try
Ydj Young Sep 08, 2011
First I was like nooo! Now I'm like yes, it looks better than a Cayenne.
Sebastian Grey Sep 08, 2011
Looks gorgeous, yet impractical.
Michael Palazzo Sep 08, 2011
they have already decided to make am SUV so they're gonna make the best they can
Michael Palazzo Sep 08, 2011
looks so good, stop hating haters, its good and you know it
Andrew Potter Sep 08, 2011
Do we need another SUV with this power and that cost?
Casper Due Hansen Sep 08, 2011
O.o! That Maserati looks so beast!
Kent Sullivan Sep 08, 2011
3000 times better than the rendering car buzz had a couple months ago
Brad Wood Sep 08, 2011
On first impression I like it. More aggressive than a Cayenne. What a $125k SUV should look like IMO
Jonathan Harper Sep 08, 2011
Paint it orange and I couldn't tell this from a pumpkin
Zachary Maurer Sep 08, 2011
IMO, it looks like a BMW x6 with a masarati front
Tobias Mersinger Sep 08, 2011
Holy crap! This looks awesome!