Comments - Audi R8 LMS Finally Headed To US

Published: Sep 08, 2011
Description: Audi has been building the R8 LMS, a track-ready GT3 race car, since 2009, when in won 23 races in its first season alone, but haven't yet made it available for US customers. Now, just following ...
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Description: This will give privateer GT3-class teams a bit more choice in a field generally dominated by Porsches. The LMS has a roll cage, which has been strengthened for the US version, as well as several aerod...
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Hampton Vaughan Sep 15, 2011
Audi is just f*ing amazing. I wish they designed houses, too.
Josh Vpark Attew Sep 10, 2011
How about shift 2 unleashed?
Christopher Alex Mohamed Sep 09, 2011
The closest I could be to driving this car in my lifetime is maybe Forza 4
Ben Mossing Sep 08, 2011
My friend works for a guy who drove one of these in the 24 hours
Phillip Greene Sep 08, 2011
sick... i love the logo in the wing
Joseph Tomb Sep 08, 2011
It's not about liking it, it's about a "working" design. This spoiler that you don't like provides massive amounts of downforce for better grip, aerodynamics, and cornering.
Daniel Finstad Sep 08, 2011
I don't like the wing too much...
Rodney Rogers Junior Sep 08, 2011
*le wants to talk to pit chief... Le hits abs off... SHARP CORNER!!!... Le dead* ouch right :/
Jack Higgins Sep 08, 2011
Yeah lol, don't hit the one on the right by mistake.
Joseph Myers Sep 08, 2011
Convenient "radio" button lol