Posted on: Sep 08, 2011
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Audi R8 LMS Finally Headed To US

For its third year of production, Audi is finally bringing their R8 LMS race car to the US.
Audi has been building the R8 LMS, a track-ready GT3 race car, since 2009, when in won 23 races in its first season alone, but haven't yet made it available for US customers. Now, just following the 100th race win by the 911 hunter, Audi has announced that it will be headed to the US for 2012. The LMS will be competing at the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona in January, and homologated versions will be sold conforming to GRAND-AM regulations.
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This will give privateer GT3-class teams a bit more choice in a field generally dominated by Porsches. The LMS has a roll cage, which has been strengthened for the US version, as well as several aerodynamic improvements. It has also been fitted with an air restrictor in accordance to regulations, and power is now down a bit, although Audi hasn't given an exact number. Audi is expecting the car to be popular with privateers, and they have reportedly already sold 40 units.

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