Comments - A Pontiac Fiero Mates with a Motorcycle

Published: Sep 08, 2011
Description: We came across these pictures recently and we felt obligated to share them with as many people possible. America has long been known for its passion for cars and motorcycles along with its citizens&ap...
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Jarod Forsythe Jun 09, 2012
Actually there where only 5 known cases of them catching on fire without getting in wrecks and such. plus 2 of the 5 caught on fire during testing.
Dayne Kainoa Eastman Sep 09, 2011
>It's a Fiero with a body kit What haven't they done with a Fiero?
Ken Madison Sep 08, 2011
My father had one the first model year... Life lesson, the first model year of any car will have problems. It was an extremely fun little car once we got it going and did some add ons.
Dale Fredriks Sep 08, 2011
Those are quite some defects. "how's you Pontiac?" "it's okay, it just catches fire a lot." That could be a problem
Description: However, it has still remained popular for its chassis and has become a collectible.

But back to these photos, which show one man's creative genius. Or is it simply lunacy? We thought we&...
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Jack Huford Sep 11, 2011
That man is epic. If only we had more of these!
Tyler Chess Sep 10, 2011
Like the GMC ENVOY behind it :)
Etienne Surrette Sep 09, 2011
I saw the same thing, only it was a VW Squareback, I still have several mental scars.
Adrien Sexton Sep 09, 2011
It's a cheap version of a full car
Brahim Gudah Sep 08, 2011
Visionary and or hill billy
Brahim Gudah Sep 08, 2011
Im Truly speechless this is either the greatest idea ever or a crime against humanity... WTF who would think hey that fire would look amazing as some deformed chopper thing
Chris Griswold Sep 08, 2011
Not too original. We have a guy who did the exact same thing with a old Pontiac Grand Prix
Duncan Gibson Sep 08, 2011
Ok great idea but hen made it look like shit
Mike Hawk Sep 08, 2011
It's amazing what you can achieve with just several rolls of duct tape.
Michael Gallagher Sep 08, 2011
Suppose to be a smiley face lol
Ydj Young Sep 08, 2011
I wonder how easy it is to make a turn with this.
Payne Hodges Wilson Sep 08, 2011
That's actually a bike that can be used to haul people not to bad if you ask me
Phillip Greene Sep 08, 2011
nice work bro... this dude is a genius
Patrick Schalk Sep 08, 2011
Hahahah that's awesome
Jack Higgins Sep 08, 2011
It's even crappier than in it's original state. I never knew that was possible.
Jonathan Newcastle Sep 08, 2011
Is that even legal???
Garret Bialczyk Sep 08, 2011
How would you license that thing?
Shane Carroll Sep 08, 2011
To keep the wind out of your face, of course
Phillip Greene Sep 08, 2011
whats with quarter windows?
Mike Conrad Sep 08, 2011
That Fiero's really riding that biker's tail...wait