Comments - Video: Jaguar Reveals C-X16 Production Concept

Published: Sep 07, 2011
Description: Jaguar has just unveiled official photos and details about their upcoming C-X16 Production Concept that's set to debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show next week. But this is more than just a concept&#...
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Todd Randall Sep 10, 2011
Love it!!! 380 hp is plenty especially with the huge extra push for power!
Description: Sounds good so far, but what's under the hood is also vital. Fortunately, Jaguar doesn't disappoint. This compact, rear-wheel drive two-seater is powered by an innovative supercharged 3.0-li...
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Justin Pedoto Sep 07, 2011
I like the boost, just take away the hybrid bit. To see why look up 'Remove Hybrid Cars from the Roads' on Facebook
Patrick Schalk Sep 07, 2011
I just downshift and don't hit any buttons. I'll let my Eaton S/C do the talkin!
No Pistons Sep 07, 2011
@Patrick Or you downshift then hit the KERS button
Biswajyoti Das Sep 07, 2011
Whoa! Electric nitrous!!!! Finally hybrid beginning to make sense!!!!!
Patrick Schalk Sep 07, 2011
We have somethin like that. It's called nitrous. OR we just downshift.
Edgar Borrero Sep 07, 2011
Wow the button is like having a stock ready nitro tank waitng to be used, and is rechargeable!
No Pistons Sep 07, 2011
KERS in street cars FTW
Michael Davidson Sep 07, 2011
That's a pretty big boost
Luke Cottam Sep 07, 2011
"Push to pass", or "push to drift" (while turning, obviously!)
Daniel Suarez Feb 21, 2012
If we have a choice between the CX-16 and the E type design only, please let it be the CX-16!
Francis Edward Ayala Sep 11, 2011
The CX name with that design -are you sure it's not a Mazda?
Joe Consigli Sep 11, 2011
The front end almost looks like an SLS. There are a bunch of similarities, but overall it's looks are unique, and beautiful.
Weston Caloyer Sep 08, 2011
Very nice jaguar very nice
Luis A Villalpando Sep 08, 2011
Props to the designers, very nice car
Andrew Potter Sep 08, 2011
Absolutely cracking. Come on boys deliver :-)
Shane Carroll Sep 07, 2011
@Angel as well as Aston. That partnership needed to end
Duncan Gibson Sep 07, 2011
Beautiful, definitely. Anything like the renderings from earlier, no.
Dale Fredriks Sep 07, 2011
That is about as beautiful a car I've seen in a long time.
Ben 'Jammin Peters Sep 07, 2011
Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful! But it looks too much like a front engine Ferrari.
Biswajyoti Das Sep 07, 2011
@Thomas Jag is currently owned by TATA MOTORS.
Edgar Borrero Sep 07, 2011
This is tho most beutifull concept car i have seen is so perfect.
Joel Hayes Sep 07, 2011
Jaguar have to make this!!
Angel G. Ortega-Valentin Sep 07, 2011
@ Thomas: They used to be, matter of fact so did Land Rover at one point in time.
Scott Lenahan Sep 07, 2011
The back of that car is my favorite part.. Beautiful!
Thomas Trudzinski Sep 07, 2011
Off-topic: Isn't Jag owned by Ford?
Ori Haviv Sep 07, 2011
Finally. A sports car jaguar I like
Vincent Gaglioti Sep 07, 2011
It should come out looking just like this
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Sep 07, 2011
Another lesson from jaguar abaut how to design a car
Tyler Paul Sep 07, 2011
looks like it may have a little Ferrari 599 in it too
Luke Cottam Sep 07, 2011
Reminds me of half Aston, half fisker. Love it!
Description: The battery, which is charged through a brake energy regeneration system, is mounted behind the seats making for that magic 50:50 perfect weight distribution. Performance numbers are also solid, going...
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Description: He has already given us delights such as, well, the entire current Jaguar lineup and the C-X75 concept from the 2010 Paris Motor Show. The C-X16 is undoubtedly a beautiful car and we'd guess it&...
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Rueben J Yslas Sep 08, 2011
Or give it a name like Geoff or hammerhead-i eagle thrust
Paul Affolter Sep 07, 2011
This car is perfect. Even the name. Typhoon? Really? Go buy a Chevy.
Shane Carroll Sep 07, 2011
@Dale agreed, give it a real name. I hate just random letters and numbers. Call it the Typhoon or Spitfire or something like that
Dale Fredriks Sep 07, 2011
The only thing left to do is change the name.
Dustin Isaiah Charles Kingsbury Sep 07, 2011
This looks nothing like a 599...
Christian De Prisco Sep 07, 2011
Look a the front, imagine the car red, close your's a Ferrari 599!!!
Barry Boo Wilson Sep 07, 2011
Great looking car. Interior looks like it will be good also.
Description: The upcoming XE coupe and roadster will look strikingly similar to this concept. But still, we were hoping for a bit more evolution of the Jaguar design language. The Jaguar C-X16 Production Concept w...
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Aaron Cartwright Sep 07, 2011
Best looking jag since the e type, I actually like this more!
Joseph Myers Sep 07, 2011
At this angle it almost looks like an Aston Martin
Ben Arends Sep 08, 2011
Man this car makes me wish I was rich, or ready to retire. Either way- it's the only way I'd get it.
Barry Boo Wilson Sep 07, 2011
No way. The rear is good to go. No bs lines or body lines that just end for no reason.
Aaron Cartwright Sep 07, 2011
And it just keeps getting better! Thought no one would come up with a better rear than Aston but I was wrong.
Khaleel Jiwa Sep 07, 2011
Nice rear end to go with an even nicer v6.
Andrew Blocker Sep 07, 2011
The wide stance and low height make it look so good. Of course awesome styling doesn't hurt either...
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 07, 2011
The lights look like a tsx. Except on a good car.
Thaddeus Wade Sep 07, 2011
The color combination, and the wheels, everything is so perfect...
Jamie Mcpherson Sep 09, 2011
Omg the sexiest car ive seen in a while, jaguar don't change a thing!
Shane Carroll Sep 07, 2011
Looks great. Jag needed this car
Thomas Trudzinski Sep 07, 2011
It's interesting how the integrated the taillights into the rear and sides of the car. You don't see that very often.
No Pistons Sep 07, 2011
Well we found the location that inspired Forza 3 when looking at you car at the main menu lol
Bryce Depperman Sep 07, 2011
Wow usually I hate interiors that bright but this looks sick!
Renan Barreto Sep 07, 2011
Silver exterior, black wheels and red leather/suede.. Doesn't get any better
Tommy Gunn Sep 07, 2011
Thaddeus, I was wondering the same thing....but I couldn't afford it either. lol
Thaddeus Wade Sep 07, 2011
Wow... An interior to back-up the exterior... I need to know the MSRP. Hahaha.... Not that I could afford it... :-(
Nicolas Pons Sep 13, 2011
What if some people are ignorant but want to post? And ithink the interiors nice, but I'd lik a more leathery tone to the car, just me
Braydon Pack Sep 07, 2011
They should switch the suede with black leather then it'd be perfect
Sebastian Grey Sep 07, 2011
You're crazy if you think any of this stuff comes from another car. It's a concept so it's all original.
Alex Sharp Sep 07, 2011
I think it looks great, except Im not a fan of the suede steering wheel, I hate the feeling of suede.
Jason Cook Sep 07, 2011
U can easily see the Evoque influence coming from Tata being shared across all platforms.
Renan Barreto Sep 07, 2011
Im a bit disappointed with the interior, I've seen the same center console on a Murcielago, steering wheel and gauges are definetelly from a camaro. A bit of lack of creativity from Jag, only if they inspired the interior from the XJ
Vincent Gaglioti Sep 07, 2011
This looks like the inside of an aston the center part
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Sep 07, 2011
It's like a mix of gallardo and murcielago interior
Michael Lamas Sep 25, 2011
It looks unconfortable:( i would get this as an everyday car if it didnt look like i'd mess up my back after a week of driving it