Comments - Project Kahn Pre-Frankfurt Land Rover DC100 Renderings

Published: Sep 07, 2011
Description: Project Kahn never misses a chance to work on a Land Rover, even if it hasn't even come out yet or isn't in production. If it's a Land Rover, if it even resembles a Land Rover, Project ...
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Description: With an unending desire to tune Land Rovers, the British firm is showing off their Photoshop expertise with four distinct versions of the Land Rover DC100 Concept. The Military Expedition vehicle is d...
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Duncan Gibson Sep 07, 2011
All of them are very nice. Kahn is so good!
Manbir Dhillon Sep 08, 2011
Looks like a mini cooper from the sides....
Derek Hedtke Sep 07, 2011
The black rims don't really go with the brown paint, if you ask me
Forrest Wood Sep 07, 2011
Plus it doesn't have much ride clearance to be a terrain vehicle
Joel Hayes Sep 07, 2011
Those rims would get wrecked off road
Dan Gribben Sep 13, 2011
No visibility and the tire isn't even the same size. Hope those are run flats lol
Duncan Gibson Sep 07, 2011
Yes, but the old defenders had more of a windsheild...
Mike Truman Sep 07, 2011
I assume it's on the hood to pay homage to the original Defenders
Patrick Schalk Sep 07, 2011
Is there a reason the spare is on the hood?
Nick Benz Sep 08, 2011
@dennis, i disagree. The first thing i saw when carbuzz opened was this and i knew it was a land rover. And this is by far the best looking rendering IMO
Dennis A. Glover Sep 07, 2011
They all look like Mini Cooper's. Granted, these are rendering's of an as yet to be released concept. The Defender needs to be less upscale and more hard-core.
Luke Spence Sep 07, 2011
Yeah. This one is sick. Wonder if we will even see these stateside.