Comments - Cargo Truck Mobile Home in Kunming, China

Published: Sep 06, 2011
Description: Desperate times call for desperate measures, and a man in Kunming, China did what he had to do. He moved in with his wife and child, (presumably because of the bike with training wheels tied to the ba...
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Dexter Cordero Sep 07, 2011
Home insurance or auto insurance? Take your pic
Kevin Rehbock Sep 06, 2011
He's still got it made compared to most people in China.
Description: The unconventional and creative cottage was the result of falling on tough times in a country where poverty is the norm.
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Eric Roberts Sep 07, 2011
We won't... Were addicted to cheap labor and debt
Czezar Csongor Sep 07, 2011
Hey! They making it. From the pillow case to the flat screen..... Everything! I just don't know when the rest of the world will wake up and start producing.... Something... At least
Jesus Guerra Sep 06, 2011
I've noticed that people in china who are in poverty always have a flat screen. At least some
Jonathan Holland Sep 06, 2011
A flat screen, a nice fridge and Internet doesn't seem like poverty to me...People have been living in empty shipping containers in Mexico for a while now.
Greg Lewis Sep 07, 2011
Do they have mobile home style parks for them stay at? And where is the bathroom? Bet it smells funky in there!
Kenneth Williams Sep 07, 2011
They got some nice stuff
Dexter Cordero Sep 07, 2011
I wonder how the fridge is opened? Looks like it's pushed in too far for it's door to open
Robby Bradford Sep 06, 2011
Maybe a couch or something to sit down in... Lol this is a actually a really good idea
Peter O'Sullivan Sep 07, 2011
Wait, is she watching the fridge? The tv is to your right, dear.
Greg Lewis Sep 07, 2011
And shower? Water hook up? Should paint siding and windows on the outside!
Raymond Reynoso Sep 07, 2011
His bed seems kind of... stiff though.
Kevin Watson Sep 07, 2011
I will never complain about my apartment being to small ever. My hats off to him! Kudos
Ryan Gutierrez Sep 07, 2011
They shouldve done what jeremy clarkson did and added a couple floors... And maybe a zen garden
Frank Alberto Baez Sep 06, 2011
Very smart. Can you imaging how much you can save if do that in US? BTW, where's the toilet?
Miguel Longoria Sep 06, 2011
Patent it and sell it as a DIY kit to transform old U-Haul trucks into RV's!
Scott Gracey Sep 06, 2011
Possilbly the best story on this app I've ever seen, kudos to this guy haha
No Pistons Sep 06, 2011
I tip my hat to this gentlemen, instead of letting poverty get the best of him and his spirits for that matter he made the best of his situation
Vincent Butler Sep 06, 2011
You have to do anything in your power to survive :0
Michael Davidson Sep 06, 2011
Well then maybe china should get rid of a couple hundred million people then
Daniel Lay Sep 06, 2011
Yah china is the best alright. Oh wait I forgot like 90% of the country lives in poverty.
Alex Sharp Sep 06, 2011
Poverty never looked so good.
Patrick Schalk Sep 07, 2011
No that's a George Foreman.