Description: The idea of a nuclear-powered car seems like a pipedream for the future. Well, according to scientists at the Massachusetts R&D firm Laser Power Systems, a thorium-powered nuclear reactor under th...
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Erin Johnston Oct 24, 2013
thorium has an extremely long half life and low radioactivity, if you hovered it with a layer of tin foil the danger is gone, plus, it isn't a reactor, they are shooting a laser through the thorium to super heat steam, it's actually very safe
Ken Madison Sep 19, 2011
Major problem here... Security, the govt does sweeps for radioactive material by air, and even satellite... I wouldn't want this stuff messing that up an allowing a terrorist group to transport/store radioactive material.
Duncan Gibson Sep 07, 2011
Yes these people are insane. Gives new meaning to the term 'car bomb'.
Aye Kim Sep 07, 2011
Now that an electric vehicle.
Daniel Lay Sep 07, 2011
Nuclear power is safe just ask Japan
Colin Boyle Sep 06, 2011
Just imagine a wreck with that car
Jonathan Cheek Sep 06, 2011
I would though! It's no more dangerous than that hybrid turbo boost thing Porsche has in their race cars nowadays. Besides, all of y'all would be jelly of my radioactive superiority lol
Jason Brower Sep 06, 2011
@nick. That's how cars work now
Nick DiFlorio Sep 06, 2011
Blow stuff up to run my car Like a boss
Alexander Mayorga Sep 06, 2011
Los Angeles would be a nuclear site since people are too stupid to drive properly.
Ken Madison Sep 06, 2011
I agree nuclear power is good... But not for cars. You are suppose to call a hazmat team when you break a new lightbulb for christ's sake.
Sebastian Grey Sep 06, 2011
Also miniature nuclear reactors are perfectly stable. The U.S. should have started using more Nuclear power years ago but silly Americans are just scared for no reason.
Jonathan Newcastle Sep 06, 2011
Negative. Thorium spills do require a Hazmat team deployment.
Anthony Noon Sep 06, 2011
Need hazmat for every fender bender.
Description: Thorium was used by the U.S. in the 1960s for breeding nuclear fuel and Russia, India and China plan to use the silvery-white metal for their nuclear power. Though safer than uranium, most are skeptic...
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Adam Sampson Sep 06, 2011
You can't get much more efficient than an electric motor, our problem is we don't have a good way of storing electricity.
Nick Benz Sep 06, 2011
Its sad that humans still dont have a means of collecting energy thats more efficient than the technology based on the electric motor and steam turbine. Those technologies were developed more than a century ago!
Anthony J. Mitchell Sep 07, 2011
That car is uglier than the waste I flushed into the toilet 5 min ago.
Samuel Mendez Sep 06, 2011
i didnt know gillette made cars! :o
Phillip Greene Sep 06, 2011
go caddy that is hot
Description: It will weigh in at 500lbs, lighter than most standard combustion engines, and will fit comfortably under the hood. Stevens completed his MaxFelaser in 1985 and is now integrating it with a modified T...
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Description: Cadillac unveiled their World Thorium Fueled Concept (pictured) at the Illinois show, running on a (at the time hypothetical) thorium fueled nuclear reactor.
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Czezar Csongor Sep 07, 2011
That's the problem. When something new technology comes out, they stuff it into a totally unsellable outfit. Why can't they just put into a regular sedan ????
Luis Daniel Angilello Sep 07, 2011
Haha! Just like the videogame Fallout 3, the cars have a retro design but have the same round air intake
Jason Cotugno Sep 06, 2011
This would be the rear of the vehicle and the circle in the center is where you'll be able to launch the ICBM..
Raphael Jackfile Ajon Sep 06, 2011
I would drive it, IF i was effing crazy!
Jason Dannheim Sep 06, 2011
No offense to Cadillac, but they are the last company I would expect to try this technology.
Jared Palmer Sep 06, 2011
Where's the warhead thingy?
Michael Gallagher Sep 06, 2011
This the motor thing? Lol
Phillip Greene Sep 06, 2011
i honestly don't know what im looking at
Jared Palmer Sep 06, 2011
That's all that comes to mind!
Jesse Ward Sep 06, 2011
Hahaha they couldn't think of anything better than WTF?!
Kasino Johnson Sep 06, 2011
The article says "World Thorium Fueled".
Michael Davidson Sep 06, 2011
What's the W stand for?
Michael Davidson Sep 06, 2011
That looks really similar to the V on Cadillac's