Comments - Discontinued: Alfa Romeo 159

Published: Sep 04, 2011
Description: Fiat will soon be parting ways with the Alfa Romeo 159. The Italian automaker has reported that the 159 has been discontinued from production at the assembly plant in Naples, Italy. Some last minute 1...
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Sam Biggin Oct 31, 2012
Absolutely gorgeous!
Andy Rogers Sep 04, 2011
Sad. It's a fantastic looking car, especially for a sedan
Peter Bruschi Sep 04, 2011
agreed, but wht does tht have anything to do with alfa?
Tyler James Davis Sep 04, 2011
Discontinue prius plz & ty
Description: And despite the fact that it was built to meet all U.S. regulations, the 159 never made its way to the States. With the absence of the 159, Alfa Romeo and Fiat will have to fill the gap somehow. The F...
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Shane Gardner Sep 06, 2011
159 would of made it to America if they did not push back Alfas return to the States to the TBD date.
Indy Heer Jan 17, 2013
Brilliant car, still have one, very fast and very reliable!! Never had any problems with it!!
Sam Biggin Oct 31, 2012
Yeah it was gorgeous but had ecu problems
Shane Gardner Sep 06, 2011
I honestly see Alfa getting a retooled Charger / 300 for the replacement.
Dexter Cordero Sep 05, 2011
A Hyundai sonata looks a thousand times better...die, car die!
Andrew Potter Sep 05, 2011
Devastated. The 159Ti was my favourite sedan of all time. Might not set the world on fire in performance but i would have loved to had owned one. What's going on at Alfa?
Anders Schrøder Sep 05, 2011
Well it is a great looking cat, but it is breaking down constantly. That is why it isnt popular.
Andy Rogers Sep 04, 2011
@Joseph and Joel Because it sadly hasn't sold well at all. Alfas never do because not enough people like cars
Phillip Greene Sep 04, 2011
because they already the 300 and the charger why bother with this
Joseph Paventi Sep 04, 2011
Such a good looking car why discontinue it ?
Joel Hayes Sep 04, 2011
I know, why not just facelift or change it Alfa?
Brendan Kinzler Sep 04, 2011
I love this car why do they have to discontinue this
Viny Bodhani Sep 04, 2011
One of the best looking saloons built. Shame it's being discontinued
Shane Carroll Sep 04, 2011
Yeah, looks better than most 4 door cars for the price
Michael Palazzo Sep 04, 2011
that's too bad, its a great looking car, lots of cops in Italy drive these.
Tanton Stoneman Sep 16, 2011
That was my favorite alfa ever! Also the best looking in my book.
Dexter Cordero Sep 05, 2011
Take away the fancy wheels, and you really see how it looks like a turd...a red one.
George Lorenzo Cuevas Sep 04, 2011
Backend is sort of similar to a lancer
Scott Lenahan Sep 04, 2011
Id buy one... Sad to see it go