Comments - Ferrari Enzo Bespoke Wheels By ADV.1 Wheels

Published: Sep 29, 2011
Description: Some people just can't leave well enough alone. The owner of the Ferrari Enzo you see here just was not quite satisfied with his hypercar. Nor was he satisfied with any of the wheels currently of...
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Dale Fredriks Sep 29, 2011
Wow, that's the best name since the MP4-12!
Jason Brower Sep 28, 2011
This was on stance nation or stance works yesterday
Nick Zabrecky Sep 28, 2011
This is a pretty delicate piece as far as aftermarket wheels go. I think they did a good job though, the black on red looks pretty sick and the wheel design is compliments the car pretty well.
Description: The set is 20x8.5 inches in the front and 21x13 inches in the back, which is pretty massive. They are finished in matte black with a gunmetal lip, which looks great against the Enzo's red paint. ...
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Duncan Gibson Sep 29, 2011
No he wants them to be blasted off in an explosion so he cancbe leaning against the car when the smoke clears with no-one having seen him get out.
Ryan Cardone Sep 29, 2011
OMG Joe, that's some funny $&@t right there!
Ty Piper Sep 28, 2011
They shoulda made the doors open more flamboyantly on the enzo, other than that it is a sick car
Seth Graham Sep 28, 2011
U obviously did not read the article. The wheels are custom and the ford gt and Enzo look nothing a like.
Axel Cousins Sep 28, 2011
That is fantastic!!! It look like the Ford GT how it has the same color and I think the same rims or close to them. I like the tone of red it looks really nice.
Aj TheDark Artist Sep 29, 2011
Gorgeous wheels on a gorgeous car. Kinda reminds me of the wheels on the F430 Scuderia.
Alejandro Treviño Sep 29, 2011
Im not to sure on this but I thought it was only 250 produced.
Dale Fredriks Sep 29, 2011
That is breathtakingly beautiful. It's impossible to describe what it is about it, because it looks actually really weird. I mean, look at how long the tail and nose are! It's disproportionate, yet it manages to be one of the best looking cars today.
Jason Cotugno Sep 28, 2011
I'm all about american muscle...but this...nothing I can type will do it any justice...does anybody know how many Enzo's were produced?
Brendan Kinzler Sep 28, 2011
Very nice car in every wat
Tanton Stoneman Sep 28, 2011
You know that is a beautiful car despite being like 6 years old!
Jesus Guerra Sep 28, 2011
When they say Ferrari this is what comes to my mind first
Jason Brower Sep 28, 2011
The tow pin is a nice touch
Will Conover Sep 29, 2011
ya jordan i actually just found this out playing forza today
Jordan Smith Sep 29, 2011
@Will, that's because the FXX is basically the race version of the Enzo
Will Conover Sep 29, 2011
Until now I never realized how enzoey the Fxx is
Aj TheDark Artist Sep 29, 2011
And to think Top Gear says Ferrari has never made a beautiful car. Just because it's Ferrari we "assume" it to be beautiful. Bullshit!!! This car is gorgeous!!
Kai Andrew Carlson Sep 28, 2011
That's a smoken red head!
Jonathan Harper Sep 28, 2011
Tanton, sorry but Italians are brunettes
Tanton Stoneman Sep 28, 2011
If this car was a girl it would be the hottest blonde ever!!
Jordan Smith Sep 28, 2011
Very hard to give a single car the title of best car ever, but so far, in my opinion, this is the best car ever.
Jesus Guerra Sep 28, 2011
Haha I just look at the car not do much the rims even though it adds to the beauty
Alex Cougar Hunting Santaspirt Sep 28, 2011
Yes. I would have sex with this car.
Josh Carlisle Sep 28, 2011
I know this isn't the fastest car ever but this is my favorite car ever made. I know this article is about the rims but I can't look past the beauty of this machine.
Jimmy Bush Sep 28, 2011
Nice Joey. That's funny.
Patrick Schalk Sep 28, 2011
I agree. This looks awesome
Brad Wood Sep 28, 2011
One sexy piece of engineering.
Leigh Martin Sep 29, 2011
Actually, this is just like a women. Beautiful on the outside, you really want to be on the inside, and one wrong move and your life is wrecked! Lol
Jesus Guerra Sep 28, 2011
More like ....... Well actually I can't compare this to a woman. This has it's own standards
Kent Sullivan Sep 28, 2011
Ok woah, comparing Monica bellucci to an Enzo is downright sacrilegious. She hardly scratches at a 6 and an Enzo is an 11.
Gary Brown Sep 28, 2011
Did they have to leave the tow hook in, real classy.
Efthimis Deftereos Sep 28, 2011
Monica Belucci on wheels..perfect 10!!!
Michael Palazzo Sep 28, 2011
its almost been 10 years since they've been out and they're still beautiful!
Joel Hayes Sep 28, 2011
Enzo still looks great!
Aj TheDark Artist Sep 29, 2011
Forgive me for being not so observant all these years but I just realized this is where the 430 got it's lights from. Lol
Carlie George Sep 28, 2011
Ok ok it's a wing do you own the Clothes too
Dexter Cordero Sep 28, 2011
I can already hear the complaint of the tuner crowd: "What??? No stretch-and-poke???!!!!???" :p
Tyler Friggen Zdanowicz Sep 28, 2011
First of all its called a wing...and second of all...ive driven an Enzo and they do have a wing that goes up while driving to increase downforce
Carlie George Sep 28, 2011
It doesn't have a spoiler In order to reduce drag ala Evo mr
Axel Cousins Sep 28, 2011
That is so nice!!!! I love the Enzo lights. And I like how it doesn't have a spoiler because that would wreck it. I love the Enzo from this angle.
James Donaldson Oct 02, 2011
Are those alloy rims
Ken Madison Sep 28, 2011
If I had this car I would be running eagle F1s on it... Or some other kind of big fat slick.
Nick Mitchell Sep 28, 2011
You guys are lucky mine wouldn't even make it a mile ;)
Bilal Saeed Sep 28, 2011
12 miles max, Lolz, :-)
Brad Wood Sep 28, 2011
Those would last me about 1,000 miles ;-)