Description: The BMW M3 has had a lot of other cars gunning for its spot at the top of that particular market niche, but it is usually agreed that the M3 is still at the top of the heap. The M5's position, on...
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Description: It is said that they are in talks with Brembo to offer carbon ceramic brakes for the 2012 M5. This kind of brake setup is common on racecars or supercars, but it isn't often that a sedan gets a s...
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Rick Ross Oct 07, 2011
@ Ricky, it kind of sounded like Andy was defending the M5, not bashing it. Js.
Ricky Choi Oct 06, 2011
I agree. This car is hidious. They turned it into a 328 previous (basic model sedan) im buying an audi now.
Andy Rogers Sep 28, 2011
@Chris And much worse as a luxury car though. And much uglier
Andy Rogers Sep 27, 2011
Why didn't they have them offered on even the E60?
Michael Palazzo Sep 27, 2011
well they should've already been on, so yes they should put them on.
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Sep 27, 2011
I still can't believe that it starts at 93 k
Andy Rogers Sep 27, 2011
But they also said it's not as fun as the last M5. Which is a worry, but it's at least still fun
Zain Sheikh Sep 27, 2011
Yea they said it was a massive improvement from the legendary E60 M5
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Sep 27, 2011
I love this car .... Did somebody wached the mark that top gear has given to this car?? 17/20
Brandon Lidy Sep 27, 2011
That's the area most people see too. Shame
Brad Wood Sep 27, 2011
A little plain in the rear
Zain Sheikh Sep 27, 2011
What more could you want from this car