Porsche Aims At 2015 For Production Of Their New Supercar

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Rumors continue to swirl around Porsche's unpcoming Ferrari fighter.
Porsche announced some time ago that they would be taking aim at Ferrari with a new upcoming supercar, but what form it would take was unclear. At first there was speculation that the 918 technical showcase might be the one to take on the prancing horse, but now Porsche is saying that the 918 will be a separate hypercar project. The upcoming supercar now has the internal designation 960, an estimated €200,000 price tag, and a 2015 production date.
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VW Group is engineering a new mid-engine platform for the 960, called the Mimo. It is likely that this platform will be used by at least one other VW Group brand, best guess being Audi, since the Lamborghini Gallardo replacement is already in the works for 2013. It's a little early to call which engine will end up in the 960, but reports suggest it will be a twin-turbo flat-6.