Description: The 2012 Camaro ZL1 has been spotted hitting the Nurburgring as hard as ever. The supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine bangs out 580hp and 556lbs-ft of torque and makes a terrific roar. Mated to a six-spe...
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Description: It is expected to hit showrooms towards the end of this year. Check out the video of the new Camaro burning up the Nordschleife in Germany.
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Dale Fredriks Sep 25, 2011
If you'll notice, it's understeering a bit.
Derek Hedtke Sep 24, 2011
I competely agree with michael
Michael Palazzo Sep 23, 2011
I can't wait for this car, I don't care if Ford is going to make one with more power, the ZL1 has Corvette ZR1 technology in it, & IMO looks better than any Ford.
Ken Madison Sep 23, 2011
Actually Payne, muscle cars are all about torque, not HP. Why do you think all out old muscle cars had around or over a 4 inch stroke.
Andy Rogers Sep 23, 2011
@Zain The only 2 countries that make muscle cars are America and Australia. Then you can MAYBE argue that the Jensen Interceptor and De Tomaso Pantera are muscle cars too. Although I consider the Interceptor a GT car and the Pantera a supercar
Andy Rogers Sep 23, 2011
Amazing! Now Ford, Dodge. Send the Mustang and Challenger over there too! Especially the Boss 302
Payne Hodges Wilson Sep 23, 2011
Shane not true a muscle car is a car built strictly to have the most hp and muscle it's opponents how ever only in a straight line and Wesley a BMW is bit a rice burner they are track cars a luxury cars
Shane Carroll Sep 23, 2011
@Zain a muscle car is a cheap, no frills weekend road-ripper. AMG doesn't make muscle cars
Morgan Dame Sep 23, 2011
Amgs sound like hot rods... Amgs handle very good just an M is a little better
Zain Sheikh Sep 23, 2011
A BMW is a high performance luxury car company they make track cars and luxury cars to put ricers to shame. Meanwhile AMG is a muscle car company they make engines that scare the hell outta you and they can't turn on a corner. T
Shawn Mareane Sep 23, 2011
That's nice, but I'd still be interested in seeing the race.
Ken Madison Sep 23, 2011
But the ZL1 isn't built just for the track....
Shawn Mareane Sep 23, 2011
Nice sound. I'd rather see it race a Boss 302, personally. Shelbys make tons of power, but they mostly just have the exclusive factor going for them. The Boss 302 is probably better suited to take on the ZL1 as it's built solely for the track.
Miguel Blanco Sep 23, 2011
I totally agree with you patrick. Chevrolet Camaro FTW
Patrick Schalk Sep 23, 2011
Haha this thing is gonna take a dump all over the GT500. Remember I said this
Dennis Rech Sep 23, 2011
I think it's great either way. Whether your a Mustang or a Camaro fan we should all be thankful cars like this exist. A few years ago 250-300 hp was considered huge. This generation is lucky to have a modern version of musclecars.
Wesley Chambers Sep 23, 2011
A BMW muscle car? Please it's called a rice burner.
Shane Carroll Sep 23, 2011
BMW muscle car, 2 completely different ideas.
Morgan Dame Sep 23, 2011
BMW doesn't build a muscle car they aren't a muscle car company because they are German.
Trevor Brown Sep 23, 2011
When Ford updates the GT500 to beat this, Chevy will improve the ZL1 to stay ahead, and they'll both keep getting better. And I'll just ignore Jonathans comment, can't tell if trolling or serious.
Jonathan Harper Sep 23, 2011
BMW will always build the best muscle cars, the mustang and camaro don't even come close
Jason Dannheim Sep 23, 2011
Sure the ZL1 has more power and torque than the GT500, but it's not a big enough difference to pull all that extra weight around. The Camaro is a pig, even with IRS and an active damper system. Plus Ford is making adjustments to match or best the ZL1
Cory Wilhelm Sep 23, 2011
I know you can upgrade pulleys. I have an 08 GT500 with a smaller pulley. I'm just saying that the louder it is the sexier. My quote is "The only whining I like is from my supercharger."
Norman Agustin Sep 23, 2011
It sounds quieter because this one probably has the automatic transmission.
Dennis Rech Sep 23, 2011
I'm a Chevy guy but the truth is that even though the ZL1 will be faster for now, next year Ford will step up the Mustang to match or exceed it.
Patrick Schalk Sep 23, 2011
You can always upgrade pulleys and stuff. And I'd rather watch me' blow by a GT500 in this than compare who's SC is louder.
Cory Wilhelm Sep 23, 2011
Listen to a GT500 and tell me which one you hear more.
Michael Palazzo Sep 23, 2011
then u put it in sport mode and its pure awesome sound!
Michael Palazzo Sep 23, 2011
this car has a similar exhaust SS the Maserati Quattoroporte GTS, its all quiet in touring mode
Phillip Greene Sep 23, 2011
Haha yal are funny.... Why take the mustang? Same argument for the chrysler? "i know its slower but it looks better"
Nathan Curtis Sep 23, 2011
How can you not hear that supercharger? Lol
Patrick Schalk Sep 23, 2011
Philip I'm fairly certain GM owns GM. And if you're trying to imply that Ford "figuratively" owns GM you are mistaken.
Luke Bailey Sep 23, 2011
not bad, id still rather have a super snake....
Richard Rockett Sep 23, 2011
How can you not hear the whine, that's all you hear for the first 6 seconds of the clip...
Cory Wilhelm Sep 23, 2011
I don't like it. If it supercharged (and I know it is) then why can't you hear the whining. That is the best sound. Oh and GT500 over this.
Nathan Simpson Sep 23, 2011
I wish the audio was more engine and less tyre screech!
Phillip Alexander Sep 23, 2011
Unsuspecting?it's all chevy fanboys have talked about on every mustang & camaro post for months! If the zl1 is faster this yr it will be the last.don't forget who owns gm now!
Patrick Schalk Sep 23, 2011
Cue the Jaws theme song and the unsuspecting GT500.
Josh Vpark Attew Sep 23, 2011
Ive seen one just like this in england...
Nick Benz Sep 23, 2011
Hmm i think i saw that on the street the other day.
Jeff Bayura Sep 25, 2011
Like I said all you Chevy haters better get used to the ass end.
Alex Newgard Sep 25, 2011
Jeff, its not spun out or hitting a wall though?
Jeff Bayura Sep 24, 2011
Just get used to this picture because that is all you chevy haters are going to see
Ahmed Hegazy Sep 24, 2011
Shit ! What a sound !
Christopher Alex Mohamed Sep 24, 2011
It being a GM I'm positive there's a few pic that won't be published
Michael Beach Sep 23, 2011
I wonder if they have any pictures of it breaking down?