Comments - Infiniti M35h Enters the Guinness Book of World Records

Published: Sep 21, 2011
Description: Infiniti has just announced that their new M35h has set a Guinness Book of World Record for being the fastest full hybrid vehicle on the European market. Set to go on sale in 21 European markets short...
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Michael Gallagher Sep 21, 2011
Last sentence says "fastest hybrid on the market". So some clarification should be mentioned
Blaise Stevensen Sep 21, 2011
Fastest...and best looking hybrid.
Stephen Ishard Sep 21, 2011
Not complaining but isn't that record kinda specific. Best full hybrid that sells in Europe lol
Andrew Grimm Sep 21, 2011
That's a Concept vehicle isn't it?
Zaire Wilkins Jan 03, 2012
dam thats 360hp and 458 lb of torque i would get this car over the 37 and 56 but switch rims with the 56
Michael Gallagher Sep 22, 2011
I know the 370z is faster. But it's also built cheaper. Mine is fast but also luxurious. Got the best of both worlds
Andrew Grimm Sep 21, 2011
Well the G37 is practically the 370Z, but with back seats and more luxury. Same engine, but with back seats. They are pretty fast cars and great looking, but since its quite a bit heavier than the 370Z, it's just not as fast.
Michael Gallagher Sep 21, 2011
I love my '08 G37s. Feel like it could be a little faster.. But that is what happens when sport and luxury come together :)
Andrew Grimm Sep 21, 2011
Yes shane since Infiniti is "american made" it's sold as Nissan. It's the Nissan skyline coupe V35 and V36. The top V35 (G35) is called the 350GT coupe and the top V36 (G37) is the 370GT coupe.
Riley Di Pol Sep 21, 2011
Yeah the g35 is the Nissan 350gt skyline in Japan cause they dint have Infiniti
Shaylen Kumar Patel Sep 21, 2011
Yeah they are. I have a 03 g35. And you can tell all they did was change the steering wheel over. Cause the spoiler still says skyline.
Vincent Butler Sep 21, 2011
It's a special edition or some like that
Vincent Butler Sep 21, 2011
And here as well. I've seen so many here
Shane Carroll Sep 21, 2011
Isn't one of the Infiniti models being sold as a Skyline in Japan?
Andrew Grimm Sep 21, 2011
Yea I like the G37 and G35 coupes. The sedans are hideous. Big differences between the sedans and coupes
Vincent Gaglioti Sep 21, 2011
It looks nice but I don't know if I would buy it
Description: The record time will be printed in the 2013 edition of the famous record book. Using Infiniti's Direct Response Hybrid Technology, power goes to the rear wheels via a two-clutch system that'...
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Description: Infiniti is claiming they want to boost sales in Europe with a goal to reach 10 percent of the luxury sector by 2016. It won't be easy considering there are plenty of other luxury automakers curr...
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Michael Gallagher Sep 21, 2011
That's right Infiniti. Always doing work and impressing. A luxury sedan, that's a hybrid that's close to a sports car. Damn.
Shane Carroll Sep 21, 2011
@Erik I'd still take that Dart though
Erik Lopez Sep 21, 2011
This car got a better quarter mile then the Dodge cars earlier mentioned on CarBuzz, and the floor looks wet... And it's a "full hybrid" lol. Maybe the future ain't so bad afterall?
Shane Carroll Sep 21, 2011
Not at all, especially for a sedan on a wet track