Honda Opens First Hydrogen Refueling Station In The UK

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Honda has taken the first major step in bringing hydrogen cars to the UK.
Honda had recently announced that they would make their FCX Clarity hydrogen car available for lease in the UK. Now, it's one thing to make such an announcement, but in a country with no hydrogen refueling infrastructure, it's quite another thing to actually do it. Honda seems up to the challenge though, and they have now opened the UK's first open access hydrogen vehicle refueling station, at their manufacturing facility in Swindon.
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Convenient as this is for travelers on the M4 between London and Swansea, the country will need more stations to make the FCX Clarity viable. To this end, Honda is looking to the government for support in making sure that carbon-reduction policies include measures to support this kind of infrastructure. Honda certainly seems committed to the project, now to see how well it can be implemented.