Description: Most people know the brand OshKosh B'gosh, you know the bratty kids clothing brand from when we were young? Well this Oshkosh doesn't take guff from anyone. Oshkosh Defense (also from Wiscon...
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Gadiel Quinones Karem Michel Sep 21, 2011
This truck is all ready in afghanistan , has been there for quite some time already. So any of this is new :/
Shane Gardner Sep 21, 2011
It isn't a rumor that the Hummer is done, the Department of Defense confirmed that a long time ago.
Duncan Gibson Sep 20, 2011
This reminds me of the marauder on top gear.
Paul Roberts May 06, 2012
@ Anthony it hasn't failed. It's Not the best protection but nothing hummv size is. These vehicles at rout threw hell over there sand get into every thing, it 130 degrees and people shoot at them....
JGL Scuderia Mar 16, 2012
that is pretty awesome
Gadiel Quinones Karem Michel Sep 21, 2011
Yes it can be load in a c-130 , yes it can be air drop, and at the moment its the fastes vehicle that the military offer
Andy Kleschick Sep 21, 2011
Well Adrian, dimensions aren't everything. You also have to think about weight of the L-ATV too
Adrian Roman Yemchuk Sep 21, 2011
True Anthony, but are you just speculating or do you actually have dimensions... I'm fairly certain the C-130 has accommodated larger combat vehicles than this, but prove me wrong!
Anthony J. Mitchell Sep 21, 2011
The military has to be able to transport this thing. It is not going to fit in a C-130 like a hummer can. But the hummer replacement is over due, especially after 2 wars were it has failed to adequately protect troops.
Greg Lewis Sep 21, 2011
Is it as versatile off road and climbing as the hummer? Looks a bit bulky compared...
Omar Al-Rushaid Sep 21, 2011
Looks like its stuck and trying to get out ...
Dale Fredriks Sep 21, 2011
That thing really is the king of wherever the heck it wants to go.
Brenton Cozby Sep 21, 2011
looks pretty quick. do you think they tested it in a wind tunnel? ...they same it was fuel-efficient, so.....
Robert Lantz Sep 21, 2011
Were all dead if that happens
Dexter Cordero Sep 20, 2011
I can just imagine how many soccer moms would love to have this
Haseeb Choudhary Sep 20, 2011
If u could drive on roads with it
Haseeb Choudhary Sep 20, 2011
How much space would it take up on a road
Luis A Villalpando Sep 20, 2011
Dude that I'd SICK!!!!
Jonathan Graif Sep 20, 2011
That would be awesome! I'm tired of driving around the outdated hmmwvs. They top out at 55. These just look much faster
Nathan Simpson Sep 20, 2011
Nah man, dats Bonecrusher haha Looks wicked!!
Anthony Cordiale Sep 20, 2011
Actually it's a transformer
Eddie Filipovic Sep 20, 2011
Love it. Looks badass.
Description: Capable of running on anything from sand to mud to anything in between, the L-ATV is a versatile and strong vehicle able to handle any country that decides to mess with the people-liberating Americans...
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Shane Gardner Sep 29, 2011
I could of sworn CarBuzz was an American made app, either way there has been a little too much anti-American tone going on lately.
Carl Tirella Sep 21, 2011
@Brandon, agreed You guys are grown adults and act like 10 year olds, and the CARBUZZ guy shouldnt be bias to any sides so I do believe this guy should get fired, it doesn't matter what you believe on here, this place is about cars!
Dexter Cordero Sep 20, 2011
Either that or these are the types that have the worst cases of PTSD and other psychological problems if and when they make it home.
Dexter Cordero Sep 20, 2011
Don't give in to these stuck-up arm chair toughies. Only an arrogant immature fool would go around bragging about his "military" prowess. Theyre the first ones killed in action
Michael Ballard Sep 20, 2011
@Ken, tell that combat story to the marine that got his ass whipped in a bar fight by LSUs starting, well, formerly starting QB lol
Brad Hickey Sep 20, 2011
Not to prod you for anything though, was just a funny moment I saw over the summer. Now I know not all Hispanic people are even remotely like this just as not all Americans fit into stereotypes that people like so much.
Brad Hickey Sep 20, 2011
Ray, I personally have seen so many Hispanic people (I'm assuming Mexican) load into the back of a 90's corolla that it's bumper was scraping as it left the gas station. I applauded their packing skills.
Raymond Reynoso Sep 20, 2011
In fact, what I said was ridiculous, I apologize to all about the "American" comment, it was uncalled for and insensitive and I don't agree with what I said. I do not apologize to Ken, unless of course we end this as adults. As you obviously are
Raymond Reynoso Sep 20, 2011
Right Ken I highly doubt you'd be capable of anything without stressing your back grandpa.
Ken Madison Sep 20, 2011
And Aaron, I clearly know that we are, and I like that, I'm calling this article BS for the tone it was wrote with in mind. This article wasn't about us being #1, it was a chance for this guy to bring up OLD news and make a jab at us.
Ken Madison Sep 20, 2011
Hand combat. So yes, you should be intimidated whenever you see anyone with a military tattoo.
Ken Madison Sep 20, 2011
Raymond is mad that I made a joke about Hispanics crossing the border. I wouldn't even listen to him. And if you knew anything about the military, you would know anyone trained for ground combat would crush you like an empty soda can in hand
No Pistons Sep 20, 2011
Whoah down guys! Just because you don't agree with what he says, he is still entitled to his opinion just as you are to yours along with voicing that opinion. Welcome to mankind, 3 people in a room 6 different opinions. He is doing nothing wrong
Raymond Reynoso Sep 20, 2011
You're right, I dislike Ken Madison due to a racist comment on his part on an older article that is why I said that.
Brad Hickey Sep 20, 2011
Ray, shut up. His point is that CarBuzz used to have unbiased and occasionally funny articles. As of late, an anti-American sentiment can be seen in multiple articles such as the ACR record and this article. The snide jabs are rude and uncalled for.
Raymond Reynoso Sep 20, 2011
As long as it's supporting your bullshit country then it's a fantastic article right Ken? I am literally crapping my pants now thinking about your badass tattoo
Ken Madison Sep 20, 2011
If someone said some snide, sarcastic, joke like that to me, I'd show them my military tattoo, then show them what you get for being a smart ass.
Ken Madison Sep 20, 2011
I'm not liking the anti American tone to this article. They really need to fire the moron that wrote this and the ACR Nurburgring record story.
Jimmy Jose Lopez Sep 20, 2011
This is kinda old haha I'm in the Army and these have been getting used over seas for a while now. Still cool they're getting the recognition they deserve!! They've saved countless troops' lives.
Joseph Flieder Sep 20, 2011
This thing runs on sand, you'll never run out of fuel in the Sahara.
Kevin Rehbock Sep 20, 2011
I wonder when the civilian version will be made available
Nick Benz Sep 20, 2011
Each wheel 20 inches of travel.
Daniel Lay Sep 20, 2011
Sweet now we can invade some more countries! For real though this thing looks badass
Description: A hybrid system is certainly appealing for the U.S. Department of Defense spends roughly $10 billion on oil a year. The heavily armored hybrid could be the answer to cutting down some of the incredibl...
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Shane Gardner Sep 21, 2011
Before people bitch about the defense budget, it is actually unlawful by our own constitution to not have a standing military capable of defending Americans and American interests at home and abroad.
Ryan Patrick Clauson Sep 21, 2011
That means retraining all wheeled vehicle mechanics, and will probably be proven to be less reliable
Ken Madison Sep 20, 2011
Dan has his head on a swivel. Good guy right there.
Shane Carroll Sep 20, 2011
@Andrew there is a thing called "homegrown terrorism". Ft. Hood, That underwear bomber, the guy who was gonna set off the car bomb in Times Square. There's psychos worldwide
Nick Benz Sep 20, 2011
@andrew I dont think the middle east counts as your backyard. Didnt want to, but i just had to get in on all this! Its fun!
Dan Ruth Sep 20, 2011
What is: welfare lol
Ken Madison Sep 20, 2011
We spend 600 billion on the defense budget a year... We spend about 1 TRILLION a year on welfare. Which one is preposterous now???
Andrew Simeone Sep 20, 2011
Okay for those whining about the defense " budget" yeah it's a little insane but idk about you guys but I like living in a world without terrorists in my backyard.
No Pistons Sep 20, 2011
I'll chime in later and how ugly this gets lol
Phillip Greene Sep 20, 2011
They don't have a budget...they just keep spending like the rest of the jackasses incharge of this place
Alex Cameron Sep 20, 2011
Being hybrid won't necessarily make it more efficient, I know city transit buses didn't improve too much with the hybrid. But then again they are stop and go alot
Paul Roberts May 06, 2012
That's a big grill I better it can be blown up easy
James Jay Putnam Sep 21, 2011
Some spinners would make this a perfect ride
Isaiah Anemeje Sep 21, 2011
I could imagine myself driving this...catastrophic!
Brenton Cozby Sep 21, 2011
i think it needs a spoiler
Dale Fredriks Sep 21, 2011
The truck just drive through that wall.
John Umarov Sep 21, 2011
Reminds me of the huge truck top gear blew up ( or tried to) wonder which 1 is better of course this rit?
Robert Lantz Sep 21, 2011
Anyone see those classic cars save them not people
Zack Stotler Sep 20, 2011
It looks much bigger in the other pictures
Josiah De La Torre Sep 20, 2011
Looks like Battle: LA scene haha
Luis A Villalpando Sep 20, 2011
Looks like a truck from Just Cause 2