Description: The New Jersey National Guard was on high alert during Hurricane Irene. Predictably, as some of the worst flooding in a century hit parts of New York, New Jersey, Vermont and other parts of the East C...
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Description: The LMTV's have a 46-inch fording depth (meaning just under 4 feet!) yet they still barreled into the town nonetheless. They became stuck and needed a rescuing of their own and we have a video sh...
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Luis A Villalpando Sep 06, 2011
They need bigger trucks and maybe a couple boats.
Alex Natale Sep 03, 2011
It's national guard this would of never happend with active duty. They wouldnof brought boats. Although I've swam in a combat uniform with boots it's not easy! Props to do the dude that swam for the other guy.
Trevor Taylor Sep 03, 2011
FYI car buzz, these guys got trapped when a levy suddenly gave way.
Keenan Casteel Sep 02, 2011
The guy behind the camera is a waste of flesh...
Gadiel Quinones Karem Michel Sep 02, 2011
And thrust me, thouse trucks can take 8+ ft. of water they just went to far hahahah
Gadiel Quinones Karem Michel Sep 02, 2011
Well sometimes you find your self ina situation that you just can't back off lol it's just keep on goin or get stuck any ways
Nolan Shinn Sep 02, 2011
Hahaha that was kinda cool that the trucks could go that deep. But that was the most counter productive thing in the world. Now both the rescue party and the people originally being rescued need help. being brave is different than being stupid.
Shane Carroll Sep 02, 2011
I repect the men and women serving to defend this nation and I owe them a great many thanks, but this is still a funny video nonetheless. Props to these guys for getting out there though
Christian Billman Sep 02, 2011
Give them props for trying, making it that far, dealing with it and for being there to help in the first place.
Phillip Greene Sep 02, 2011
you haven't fought any Americans rights so get off ur high horse... dont get me wrong i respect what u do just like i respect anyone who actually earns there living these days my dad step mom and both my grandads served and i know how hard it is and what u might have gone through if u were half as active as any one i know... but your just an employee of the us gov. and m sorry i know they don't T...
Peter O'Sullivan Sep 02, 2011
@Ian, I think the National Guard is like the TA. But I'm not sure. On a related note, the US attitude towards the military has always perplexed me. Not saying it's wrong per se, but it seems that the military are considered a higher class of citizen.
Nate Schwaner Sep 02, 2011
Not to mention they most likely didn't just say hey there's water let's drive through with our big trucks. I'd assume they were following orders from a higher rank who slightly miscalculated. Either way they did more than the moron with the camera.
Nate Schwaner Sep 02, 2011
I agree with Ken. These guys put more on the line and to help those in need. You can't judge them because they didn't succeed, you judge them by the fact that they fight to secure our rights as American citizens.
Ken Madison Sep 02, 2011
My point is, unless you were in, don't mom our military. That's common courtesy to not rip on the people who give you your freedoms...
Ken Madison Sep 02, 2011
I don't think civilians shouldn't have the same rights, I just think they didn't EARN them. Fighting to ensure WE ALL have our constitution is a.... Higher(not better) level of citizen.
Zach Sullivan Sep 02, 2011
No disrespect but who really thought that would work? And how could they see?
Phillip Greene Sep 02, 2011
no its a separate branch that operates kinda like the army reserves but they also handle the state side issues like natural disasters and what not... Texas has the best one.... no disrespect its just a fact
Phillip Greene Sep 02, 2011
its just plain funny.... and what exactly did you do? cuz im pretty sure you had the same rights before and after you served maybe now you can pull that out in a job interview or impress some stranger who's pretty easily impressed i guess
Trevor Deere Sep 02, 2011
The military who is sent in to help these idiots and try to get supplies and help stranded people and you call them stupid...while holding a video camera doing nothing. Liberals.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Sep 02, 2011
And 1 more thing. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Chuck Norris.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Sep 02, 2011
Actually, Ken has a point. A big point. Though some people in the military might just laugh and shrug it off, some others could have their pride hurt. And I don't think it's nice to laugh if someone fails and the one jeering can't succeed.
Jesse Weis Sep 02, 2011
When it watched this the Indiana Jones theme song came to mind
Ken Madison Sep 02, 2011
Really Joe? I actually did my time, wore the uniform, and earned my rights while protecting the ones you were born with and too lazy to defend. I think I have the right to get upset over mocking the military.
Josh Rexwinkle Sep 02, 2011
Wow... Just wow. That's the national guard for you I guess.
Kevin Callejas Sep 02, 2011
Its actually pretty cool that I made it through that far
Stephen Ishard Sep 02, 2011
They are stupid you can't do that in that vehicle (obviously) kudos for trying
Dayne Kainoa Eastman Sep 02, 2011
I enjoy the commentary. "how is that possible?" "you guys are stupid.." "why would you take a guy that can't swim-...?" Lawl
Ken Madison Sep 02, 2011
Nothing is funny about that. If you've never had the Gaul to join the military you don't have the right to laugh at anyone who has ever put on the uniform.
Adam Lopinsky Sep 02, 2011
Well there's your problem...
Jesus Kryst Sep 02, 2011
thats why we call them nasty girls...