Comments - The Smallest Ram Truck Ever?

Published: Sep 02, 2011
Description: On the heels of their Caravan Cargo Van rolling off the production line, Ram could hypothetically produce the smallest truck in existence by basing it on new parent company Fiat's Doblo Work-Up. ...
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Phillip Greene Sep 04, 2011
haha yea i mean its stupid how everybody has a truck here and 1/10 people actually use it as a truck but ill still make fun of one with anything less than a 5L v8
Ken Madison Sep 03, 2011
This is America.... We laugh at the I-4s in the S10 and other small trucks.... If I knew anyone who owned a 1.6 liter I would never give them a break.
Renan Barreto Sep 03, 2011
Although I know this won't be RWD, I still kinda like it.
Description: The 1.6-liter version currently sells for £17,065 in the UK. Fiat also claims the little truck can carry over a ton of payload and over 3,190 pounds of maximum load on the rear axle. If the Work-...
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Shane Carroll Sep 04, 2011
@Ulises if you're complaining about gas mileage in a truck, you don't need a truck. You can afford to feed a horse that works
Robby Bradford Sep 03, 2011
That's a lot of money for 105 hp
Bob Jones Nov 02, 2011
U see ram is sooo wimpy dodge kicked them out good they did too
Shane Carroll Sep 04, 2011
Drop in a 6.4 Hemi and then we'll talk
Robby Bradford Sep 04, 2011
Keep the msrp below 15k for 100hp and below 18k for all else. Small diesels with non-European styling will do very well if they're priced low.
Reid Huff Sep 03, 2011
It looks great they will try to change the look and it will look terrible
Ken Madison Sep 03, 2011
It looks far too European to sell here. Change the styling to resemble a colorade, S10, or ranger, drop in at least a turbo 2.0 and it might have limited success.
Ken Madison Sep 03, 2011
Oh man does vortec know how to make an engine.... LS power.
Renan Barreto Sep 03, 2011
Compact, economic, durable and best of all DIESEL! Perhaps one of the best utility cars to come from over seas yet, along with the transit.
Keenan Casteel Sep 03, 2011
Someone mentioned using it at a resort. Grounds crews at colleges all over could use this, golf courses, resorts... It would be great for window cleaners, too. I love little my Sonoma! Wouldn't get this though, I like the Vortec 4.3 liter V6.
Tyler Bono Sep 03, 2011
Give it a manly ram front end an I could see this selling. I would buy one. This is perfect for a small time farm runner.
Zachary Sadler Sep 03, 2011
I live close to Athens, GA and I'm already seeing Fiat 500s all over the place. Anything is possible lol.
Chris Harrison Sep 03, 2011
it looks like mini made a bad truck. your stupid to buy one. for the amount of stuff you could actually for in it you may as well get a flat 500...
Dan Ruth Sep 03, 2011
Yeah no doubt, about 80% if the trucks I see are sparkling new f-150s and have never been used as a truck( aka towing, filling the bed) small trucks are underrated.
Brad Wood Sep 03, 2011
My Chrysler rep (I am a dealer) showed me a pic yesterday. I see a business case an can't wait to get it on my showroom.
Robby Bradford Sep 03, 2011
If you bring back something like the ranger or the colorado (small truck, classic truck-looks) they'll do well, but I'm not so sure about a small euro thing.
Brad Wood Sep 03, 2011
It will sell big time, and when they put the van body on it (al la Ford version) it will be a hit. Don't forget, in this economy small business people don't have $25k to spend on a "light duty" work truck with new warranty. Fills a niche need 4 sure
Braydon Pack Sep 03, 2011
I think it would be a good maintenance vehicle at like a resort but that's about it. It's pretty gay looking for a truck.
Reid Huff Sep 03, 2011
Honestly I live in the south and most of the vehicles I see are trucks but 9/10 times I see a huge f-250 they are pulling nothing and they have nothing in the bed. This truck can do what the average person uses a truck for easily.
Peter O'Sullivan Sep 03, 2011
Surely you'd want a deeper bed, or a cage around it? It's a good size for a pickup, but there's not much you could carry safely in that shallow bed that wouldn't be better in a small van.
Cho Dan Sep 03, 2011
The smallest thing you can buy in the US now is a mid sized truck. Some people just want something to knock around in and don't want something large. I think whoever brings the small truck back to the US will have record sales.
Dan Ruth Sep 03, 2011
This would sell in Canada, you don't need a frigging huge truck all year round to survive here, where I come from most people drive escorts in the winter time lol
Miftah Rasheed Amir Sep 03, 2011
I dunno. This is Fiat, let's see what Ram's got first. But it something was titled "Ram's Smallest Truck", I would never, never, never buy it.
Carl Tirella Sep 03, 2011
The s10 has more power then this lol
Leo Di Leo Sep 03, 2011
This would get destroyed in the u.s/ canada. One thing about us canadians is that we need a truck that can handle our winters while carrying pretty much everything
Phillip Greene Sep 02, 2011
haha the rampage come back... that's lame
Dylan Bruder Sep 02, 2011
Wouldnt make it in the us
Tem Porary Mar 05, 2012
It's so cute! I could put my lunch back there.
Jeriot Dowland Sep 04, 2011
If they want it to sell here they definitely need to change that ugly front end, I can see people excepting everything else about it except that
Cho Dan Sep 03, 2011
I live in North Carolina, for what I use my truck for, the occasional trip to Lowes, taking trash to the dump, taking my mtn. bike to the trail, etc. I'd buy it. I'm not pulling an 18 ft gooseneck hauling heavy equipment.
Robby Bradford Sep 03, 2011
And the name. Nobody in the US would want to buy a fiat for their trucks, nor have a name like "work-up" as their workhorse. Add a slightly bigger engine, and they might do very well.
Robby Bradford Sep 03, 2011
That's true, just change the front end a bit.
Michael Wilson Sep 03, 2011
i would buy this :) great gas mileage and i think it would make a great delivery truck for places like advance auto