Too often we're given the impression that it's simply not affordable. No matter how much cash is saved (the kids need shoes, after all), it seems that owning a fast and powerful car will...
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Zain Sheikh Sep 19, 2011
The golf GTI is the best example of a cheap speedy machine
Patrick Schalk Sep 19, 2011
I know Tony I was just saying. When you think about it, gearheads are actually green in a way because we want to restore old stuff and reuse parts instead of buying a new car.
Jorge Martins Sep 19, 2011
I love old cars! Thinking of getting a jdm right hand drive 92 civic next year.
Shane Carroll Sep 19, 2011
@Patrick its because people get the mindset that anything old is junk and if they don't have a new car they're not as good as everyone else. My buddy bought a 92 mustang fox body for 3 grand, put 15K into the motor and he's putting down 600+hp
Patrick Schalk Sep 19, 2011
Ahhhh C5s and Cobras can corner just fine. They have IRS. And put some suspension stuff on f bodies and they'll do just fine too.
Patrick Schalk Sep 19, 2011
Yeah like F bodies, Mustang Cobras, C5 Vettes. THOSE are cheap thrills and a lot of them can run with Lambos, Ferraris, and Porsches.
Description: And unlike my earlier selection of the Top 6 Hottest Sports Cars from the Frankfurt Auto Show, this new list, once again in no specific order, is made up of fast cars that all cost less than $40,000 a...
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Description: 2012 Ford Focus ST This has been a long time coming. Hot hatch fans in the US have been screaming for this car to arrive to our shores for some time. And Ford listened. Set to go on sale in the coming...
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Andy Rogers Sep 19, 2011
Why would it have either? Only the new Focus RS has a chance at having 4WD
Zain Sheikh Sep 19, 2011
I hope it has RWD or AWD
Description: Besides the power boost, the Focus ST has been given a more aggressive and bolder look with a reworked front and rear design to differentiate it from the standard car, such as the reshaped headlights ...
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Tomas Franquelli Sep 20, 2011
Yeah, I would want AWD too. But this is a sweet little car.
Robby Bradford Sep 19, 2011
I'm still gonna go for the impreza wrx sti thanks very much
Brent Bennett Sep 19, 2011
I can't wait to part with my hard earned cash for this car! I've been waiting since 2004, when I purchased my slightly used 2001 focus for this Euro hotness to hit our local dealership!
Description: 2012 Opel Astra GTC Unlike the Ford Focus ST, Opel's Astra GTC is not coming to the US, in its present form at least. This three-door hot hatch will be sold in Europe under GM's Opel and Vau...
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Ken Madison Sep 19, 2011
If you give GM an extra $800, then will put new pulleys on, crank the boost, and reinforce the block, putting 370 ft lbs and 340 HP out from that 2.0.... At least in their American cars.
Simon Trépanier Sep 19, 2011
I tought that Buick had plan to sell it in America? No?
Jorge Martins Sep 19, 2011
Quinn I agree. My 1.6L had 200hp stock and I seen 1.6L with 230hp.
Shane Carroll Sep 19, 2011
I wonder if it'll have that understeer "issue" the old one had on Top Gear
Quinn Conner Sep 19, 2011
It's Forced induction so it's not that great of hp per liter
Robby Bradford Sep 19, 2011
2.0 liter 286 hp? That's some good hp per liter numbers
Alex Sharp Sep 19, 2011
I agree, its nearly as much as the horsepower being pumped from the Evo's 2.0 litre.
Patrick Schalk Sep 19, 2011
286hp? Dang. That's impressive
Description: It also benefits from Opel's fully-adaptive FlexRide chassis control system that enhances driving stability with better cornering behavior and steering response. The low and sleek profile exteri...
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Robby Bradford Sep 19, 2011
Haha this as a Buick :) this is why gm should have kept pontiac
Kyran Kenny Sep 19, 2011
Opels can't corner full stop
Description: 2012 Abarth 695 Competizione By now we're all familiar with Fiat's reborn 500. Although it has just recently hit showrooms across the US, long-time Fiat-exclusive tuning partner Abarth has m...
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Description: The interior is also adorned with Alcantara and carbon fiber pieces on the dashboard and roof. Exterior upgrades will include a rear diffuser, dual exhaust pipes, even more Abarth Scorpion badges, upg...
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Adam Sampson Sep 20, 2011
A fiat built by mexicans. Sounds like a recipe for quality!
Kevin Watson Sep 20, 2011
When four comes out, look me up if you like clean racing. Fellowkilla 
No Pistons Sep 19, 2011
Pat wait till the first week of october, forza 4 comes out and they worked with top gear on the game.
Patrick Schalk Sep 19, 2011
Yeah Forza 3. I played it the other day and I loved driving this thing. Haha that's freakin sweet. I think I actually might go buy it and play it instead of study for my tests and write my papers.
Patrick Kennedy Sep 19, 2011
You can do that in forza? Shiiit i need to get a xbox
Etienne Surrette Sep 19, 2011
@Patrick- forza 3? Why dont you swap the engine in a 350z for a r34 skyline's and twin turbocharge that? Only costs around 100,000 credits and will reward you with a 2.8 0-60 and a 213 mph top speed?
Patrick Schalk Sep 19, 2011
This is one of my favorite cars to drive in Forza. So fun.
Description: 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport For those who remember the old Suzuki Swift sold in the US in 1990s, your recollection of the car most likely doesn't equate it with anything exciting. And you'd be c...
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Description: Powered by a high-revving 1.6-liter four-cylinder rated at 134 horsepower and 118 pound-feet of torque and mated to a six-speed manual, Suzuki also gave the Swift Sport significant chassis and suspens...
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Shane Carroll Sep 19, 2011
The Fiat has more than this, pretty poor
Robby Bradford Sep 19, 2011
Really, that any much power
Description: 2012 Honda Civic Hatchback Hatchbacks have never found the same popularity in the US as they have in Europe. And that's too bad because it scares automakers away from importing some of their best...
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Description: Europeans will have a choice of three engines (one of which is a diesel) and all are available with a six-speed manual. But the best news is that Honda has just confirmed they have begun work on a new...
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القادم بقوة الأمير Sep 20, 2011
ابداع في التصميم لهوندا سيفيك وشكل عصري منافس بقوة وإلى الأمام
Michael Palazzo Sep 19, 2011
@ Nick, but its not a new car
Nick Benz Sep 19, 2011
MINI COOPER S should be in this article. Its less than 40k and could probly beat alot of these cars
Michael Palazzo Sep 19, 2011
I'd drop my old Civic from that high, this one does look quite a bit better.
Buddy Robinson Sep 19, 2011
Let's just say I wouldn't hang my car like that. Neat tho