Comments - Report: Marussia Sets Up Production in Finland

Published: Sep 19, 2011
Description: We've just heard that Russian supercar builder Marussia has officially begun production at a factory in Finland run by Finnish company Valmet. Headed by Nikolai Fomenko, Marussia is planning an a...
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Kasino Johnson Sep 20, 2011
Well... I don't wanna drive a car named "Mary" either.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Sep 20, 2011
I know the wife of Nikolay Fomenco, Mary. In Russian it's Masha. The old fashioned way to say it is Marusya, in english it's pronounced Marussia.
Mark Suvorov Sep 19, 2011
Russian aren't communists at all Marussia means name of the girl It likes Mary and Russian name Masha
Chris Scherzer Sep 19, 2011
I've been wondering what happened to Marussia
Ken Madison Sep 19, 2011
I cant believe a RUSSIAN super car is made in Finland.... Finland put the hurt on Russia, and Russians see them as sub human. That doesn't seem like it will turn out well for sales in Russia.
Jack Higgins Sep 19, 2011
Well, it is communist.
Nick Smith Sep 19, 2011
Marussia? Can't help but read that as "Mother Russia"
Vinnie Forte Oct 12, 2011
Looks like a rounded Lambo Murcielago haha
Matthew Fenton Oct 08, 2011
It looks like the Gagliardi Vendetta
Knox Ferraro Sep 20, 2011
And maybe a little LFA in the lights?
Description: One is a naturally aspirated 3.5-liter V6 with 300hp and the second is a 2.8-liter turbocharged four with either 360 or 420hp. In addition to these supercars, Marussia is also planning an upcoming SUV...
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Dale Fredriks Sep 20, 2011
Need better names and better engines. But I like the idea of all these small European supercar companies.
Alex Strat Jr Sep 19, 2011
Weird engine configurations and very underpowered
Description: Each is mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive, and comes with a six-speed manual gearbox. A CVT is expected shortly. With their Ferrari Enzo-like styling, it's expected they'll be targeting buyers i...
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James Jefferson Sep 20, 2011
That's a good looking motor!
Dale Fredriks Sep 20, 2011
It's a McLaren F1 until the bak of the rear window, then it's a ford GT.
Dale Denis Sep 19, 2011
The two ton looks great
Duncan Gibson Sep 19, 2011
Very sleek. Looks like a sword or something
Shane Carroll Sep 19, 2011
I kinda like the two-tone
Josh Vpark Attew Sep 19, 2011
I need more vodka... This looks like a car from the future the teleporter has taken me away from 1945!!! I need to find the power button on this car
Taylor J. Blake Sep 19, 2011
The nose screams mclaren f1
Kasino Johnson Sep 20, 2011
From the side view mirror, I don't think this one has an orange exterior. Looks like it's white.
Dale Fredriks Sep 20, 2011
Such a weird shifter..
Miguel Blanco Sep 23, 2011
I like the interior. And I'm glad they used a square steering wheel. It's epic
Kasino Johnson Sep 20, 2011
This is garbage. I want the kush that you guys smoke. I'll make a killing.
Benni Serious Sep 20, 2011
I do like the Interieur - but why they took the steeringwheel from a austin allegro?
John Rosenberg Sep 20, 2011
Those air vents look like they will have the power of a leaf blower
Dale Fredriks Sep 20, 2011
This is a really cool interior. It's getting close to Aventador and LFA levels of niceness. Except for that shifter.
Ken Madison Sep 19, 2011
Doesn't look cheap at all? But the wheel would be odd... If your driving right, Your hands shouldn't move much (if at all) anyways, so it shouldn't matter.
Colin Boyle Sep 19, 2011
Weirdest and cheapest looking interior,A SQUARE STEARING WHEEL!!
Duncan Gibson Sep 19, 2011
Very weird dashboard etc.
Shane Carroll Sep 19, 2011
I dunno about a square wheel. And whats the point of the backup monitor in front of the passenger seat?
Josh Vpark Attew Sep 19, 2011
I think zwe has found the power button. Time for celebration. Now werz my vodka Richtofen? O i tink i set it all alight back in 1945...
Garrett Carpenter Sep 19, 2011
I don't know if I could handle a square steering wheel very well.
Nick Smith Sep 19, 2011
Weird spot for the camera