Comments - RENNtech Creates a Mercedes C63 ‘Russian Missile’

Published: Sep 19, 2011
Description: Florida-based tuning firm RENNtech has just released a wide-body conversion kit for the current Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. And although they didn't touch the already wonderful 6.3-liter V8, the tuner...
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Description: Interesting way to put it, but we have overall mixed feelings about the end results. The kit undoubtedly has bold styling, and RENNtech claims the new rear diffuser with end tips and the front and rea...
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Dale Fredriks Sep 20, 2011
It doesn't look terrible, it just looks sort of...unfinished.
Bryce Depperman Sep 19, 2011
There might still be a Soviet Union if they had thought of this...
Michael Palazzo Sep 19, 2011
its the old C class too, use the new one.
Brad Wood Sep 19, 2011
Like the fenders and skirts, the hood is slightly too much.
Buddy Robinson Sep 19, 2011
If the hood decal lined up with the grill it'd be a perfect car
Brendan Kinzler Sep 19, 2011
If the hood was white it would be awesome
Alan Tan Sep 19, 2011
Im no fan of the vents either
Blaire Quattro Sep 19, 2011
Interesting vents. Can't say I like them though, prolly one of those love em or hate em things.
Hunter Willkie Sep 19, 2011
the contrast of the colors look good if it was al white it would be too much, like walking into a white room. its a tuned car let it stand out a little
Michael Palazzo Sep 19, 2011
@ Nicholas, lots of companies paint over their carbon fiber bodywork such as Corvette & Ferrari.
Patrick Schalk Sep 19, 2011
Those fenders look like balls.
Nicolas Pons Sep 19, 2011
Yes but that means rebuilding the thing with carbon fiber, or painting it black, both good options
Brad Wood Sep 19, 2011
Might look good if it were color matched.
Mark Suvorov Sep 19, 2011
It looks so cheap everything
Eddie Harper Sep 19, 2011
So much carbon fiber!