Comments - Carlsson Gives the Mercedes CLS 63 AMG Even More Tuning

Published: Sep 18, 2011
Description: German tuning firm Carlsson made sure to take full advantage of this year's Frankfurt Auto Show. Armed with the assistance of Mercedes-Benz's beautiful four-door coupe, the CLS 63 AMG, Carls...
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Description: There's also a carbon fiber rear spoiler and rear diffuser that ensure downforce and more stability at high speeds. The exterior upgrades are rounded off with a set of 20-inch forged light alloy ...
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Kasino Johnson Sep 19, 2011
Stop replacin' the three pointed star, please. Other than that, quite stellar.
Julian Pilinci Sep 18, 2011
I've seen one in person and it absolutely looked much better than in these pictures.
Description: Also included is the tuner's patented C-Tronic Suspension that can provide even better road handling that's combined with the car's standard Airmatic suspension. All told, this suspensi...
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Description: Carbon inserts in the door panels and center console have also been added in addition to illuminated door sill panels and unique Carlsson floor mats. Official pricing hasn't been announced, but i...
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Chris Clark Sep 18, 2011
Doesn't the new one have square exhausts? This looks WAY better!
Jordan Smith Sep 18, 2011
That's what Carisson named the tuned model. The stock is the CLS.
Ryu Tsuchiya Sep 18, 2011
Its called CK 63 RS?! Not CLS?!
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 18, 2011
Lol. The other prancing horse.
Brendan Kinzler Sep 18, 2011
A lot of carlsson on the car