Description: Land Rover has released some new promo videos in recognition of their new DC100 concept. The first video picks up in 1948 and follows the maturation of the Land Rover throughout the last 60 years.
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Jordan Smith Sep 18, 2011
I like the 1990 one the best
Kolton Bullard Sep 17, 2011
I wonder how long it will be before Project Kahn can tune this
Paul Konstek Sep 17, 2011
The internet is for people around the world, not just America, get over yourself
Sam Oglesby Sep 17, 2011
all I can say is I think I will wait to see what bowler does to it
Alfred Cohen Sep 17, 2011
Looks like Howard stern is the driver in the yellow one. Haha
Description: The second video shows the design process of the British company's latest design.
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Nick Benz Sep 18, 2011
I hope they make a 4 door soon!
Description: The third video shows the new DC100 and DC100 sport in action.
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Trent Richard Benham Sep 18, 2011
I saw a tan one in pretty good condition driving down the interstate.
Jordan Smith Sep 18, 2011
I saw one of these in the U.S once. It was white and in someones driveway. I guess they had it shipped over.
Zachary Maurer Sep 17, 2011
I love this one, too bad they were never in America:(
Peter O'Sullivan Sep 18, 2011
Actually, in the UK, more people will take their Land Rovers offroad. Defenders practically live there, and it's quite common to see brand new Range Rovers covered in mud.
Sam Oglesby Sep 17, 2011
perfect for all those soccer mums out the
Joshua Williamson Sep 17, 2011
Lego land rover. The old one was made to go off road. This one is made to look cool. I like it and hate it????
Shane Carroll Sep 17, 2011
They're capable off road, its just 99% of the people that buy one never venture off the pavement
Peter O'Sullivan Sep 17, 2011
Yeah, I'd take you up on that bet if I could. Nice little earner for me.
Michael Bates Sep 17, 2011
You'll be wrong then and you'll lose your money!
Andy Rogers Sep 17, 2011
No it would probably be alright. A Range Rover Evoque can for example. But it wouldn't be anywhere near as good enough as it should be
Jonathan Cheek Sep 17, 2011
I bet money this thing couldn't go in the dirt to save it's life